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Today's Day & Date: Thursday the 24th of November 2022.

Toyota Warns (Again) About Electrifying All Autos. Is Anyone Listening? | ZeroHedge

EVs Cost 1.6 To 2.3 Times More To Service Than Internal Combustion Vehicles, New Study Shows | ZeroHedge

The Top 10 facts about cars , the FASTEST car in the world! - YouTube

Gordon Johnson: NHTSA Autopilot Investigation Covers 765,000 Vehicles, Sentiment Could Turn "Decidedly Downward" | ZeroHedge

Six Children Injured, One Critically, After Tesla Model 3 Crash At UK School Parking Lot | ZeroHedge

The cost of gas the year you were born

The Dominos Are Falling: Two Sentators Urge FTC To Probe Tesla's Potentially "Misleading" Claims Of Full-Self Driving | ZeroHedge

GM expands Chevrolet Bolt EV recall, adding $1 bn in costs

Queensland's first five hydrogen-powered cars snapped up

JLR customers forced to wait over A YEAR for delivery of some models

Tesla On "Autopilot Mode" Strikes Police Car In Florida | ZeroHedge

UK Car Production Just Posted The Worst July Since 1956 | ZeroHedge

Oregon Woman Crashes Tesla, Is Arrested For DUI, After Trying To Use Autopilot To Drive Home | ZeroHedge

Plan to hit motorists with tax per kilometre

Warning as motorists face higher costs over E10 fuel switch

"A Waste Of Money": Edmunds Calls Tesla's $140k Model S Plaid A "Marketing Exercise To Draw Attention To An Aging Car" | ZeroHedge

Battery Electric Vehicles Are Your Best Option For Cutting Emissions In Australia And New Zealand

The Major Problem With EVs No One Is Talking About | ZeroHedge

Ford Is Officially Leaving India After Accumulating $2 Billion In Losses Over 10 Years | ZeroHedge

Ford Motor Co. Accused of Violating Privacy Law – THE NEWS BEYOND DETROIT

After Two Recalls, GM Finally Just Tells Bolt EV Owners: "Don't Park Your Car Within 50 Feet Of Another Car" | ZeroHedge

Four former VW execs go on trial over Dieselgate

Drunk drivers in outback Queensland to foot $2k bill for alcohol interlock devices

Classic Car Restorer Indicted On Fraud Charges

NTSB Urges Tesla: Address Safety Before Furthering "Misleading And Irresponsible" Full-Self Driving | ZeroHedge

Explainer-Why are BMW and Daimler being sued over climate change?

Tesla drivers become 'inattentive' when using Autopilot, study finds

Brand New MIT Study Confirms Tesla's Autopilot As Unsafe | ZeroHedge


Shift to EVs means huge 'reskilling' job for Europe - report

Tesla Found "Fully Engulfed" After "Vehicle Explosion" Leaves 5 Cars Damaged On Long Island | ZeroHedge

Lordstown Motors To Reportedly Sell Ohio Plant To Foxconn | ZeroHedge

Five Texas Cops Sue Tesla For $20 Million Claiming They Were "Badly Injured" By Vehicle On Autopilot | ZeroHedge

Driver in China successfully sues Tesla for fraud | Automotive Industry News | Al Jazeera

BMW invests in lithium technology startup Lilac Solutions

"Gone In Seconds" - British Thieves Use Device Disguised As Game Boy To Steal Cars | ZeroHedge

UK Readying New Law Mandating Home EV Chargers Be Shut Down During Peak Hours | ZeroHedge

Ford Removes Minimum FICO Score Requirements For 84 Month Loans | ZeroHedge

Biden's electric vehicle plan includes expanding charging stations. Is it enough?

China's Magnesium Shortage Could Spell More Trouble For Global Car Industry  | ZeroHedge

TFLnow - YouTube

Chip crunch to hit Renault production more than forecast


Japan Sept output likely fell as supply disruptions hit automakers: Reuters poll

Factbox-Electric-vehicle batteries: major players and their expansion plans

Which is more expensive: charging an electric vehicle or fueling a car with gas?

Hoon busted doing 200km/h in 80 zone gives cops extraordinary response

NTSB Says It Is "Deeply Concerned" About Tesla Failing To Respond To Its Safety Recommendations | ZeroHedge

German Official Warns Risk Of Electric Vehicle Fires Is "Completely Unaddressed"  | ZeroHedge

"Truly Dark Day For Drivers" - UK Petrol Prices Hit Record Highs As Winter Of Discontent Nears  | ZeroHedge

Chip Drought Hits Mexico Hard as Auto-Parts Bonds Take a Beating

Sinking Auto Steel Demand Reveals Cracks in Robust U.S. Market

Evergrande Auto Unit Is Selling Protean to EV Maker Bedeo

Workhorse Shares Drop Sharply After DOJ, SEC Investigations Revealed | ZeroHedge

UK car industry says Brexit rules are denting competitiveness | Automotive industry | The Guardian

All new UK cars to have speed limiters by 2022 under EU plans | Road safety | The Guardian

UPDATE 2-Urea shortage threatens South Korea's transport, energy industries

European Commission Proposes Ban For ICE Cars From 2035 On

GM Brings Back Lordstown’s Auto Industry. The Jobs? Not So Much - Bloomberg

Traffic Deaths Are Surging Despite Less Miles Being Traveled | ZeroHedge

California Gas Prices Reach New Record High | ZeroHedge

Used Car Battery Problems Take Shine Off China's "Green" New Energy Vehicles | ZeroHedge

Consumer Reports: Lexus has most reliable car of 2022, Tesla has 'problems'

Tesla Worker Alleges "Nightmarish" Conditions, "Rampant Sexual Harassment", At Company's Fremont Factory | ZeroHedge

Used Car Prices Explode To New Record High | ZeroHedge

Building An EV Produces 70% More Emissions Than ICE, Says Volvo

Australian competition regulator drops GM Holden investigation over dealer conduct

"You Should Absolutely Not Buy One": CNet Thrashes Tesla's Model Y In Scathing Review | ZeroHedge

PA Home A "Total Loss" After Charging Tesla In Driveway Spontaneously Combusts | ZeroHedge

Mazda Misled Consumers About Their Right to Have Faulty Cars Replaced, Federal Court Finds

Renault expects $1.1 billion revenue from new recycling business

How to drive with a trailer

Biden Infrastructure Bill Includes Passive Monitoring Vehicle "Kill Switch" Mandates For Automakers | ZeroHedge

New Lawsuits Against Tesla Allege "Nightmarish" Conditions, "Rampant" Sexual Harassment  | ZeroHedge

10 things that impact a car’s resale value

EPA announces strictest fuel efficiency standards ever, reversing Trump-era rollback

NAMED AND SHAMED: Diesel price jackers exploiting AdBlue shortage

"No Trust In Tesla Brand" - New Model 3 Delivered To Customer Without Brake Pad | ZeroHedge

Tesla Driver Charged With Felony After Deadly Crash Killing Two

Police introduce new technology to catch Aussie drivers breaking rules

Automakers Want To Become Order Takers

Toyota Targets A Record 11 Million Vehicles Produced For Its Fiscal Year 2022 | ZeroHedge

15 things to know about car insurance

Tesla hit by another lawsuit over racism by ex-worker

Automakers idle production following Russia's invasion, other firms also scramble

Toyota To Halt All Japan Plants As Supplier Hit With Cyberattack | ZeroHedge

How Western Sanctions Affect Volkswagen, Stellantis, And Renault Plants In Russia

Paris taxi driver files lawsuit against Tesla after fatal crash

Driver accused of Armadale hit-run tells court Tesla was ‘on autopilot’

Drink driving survey & statistics 2021 | Budget Direct

Drug driving is overtaking drink driving in Australia

Renault suspends Russian operations following backlash

'Issues around the world' causing demand for vehicles to outstrip supply

Where does our petrol come from and how secure is the supply?

Renault Q1 sales dented by Ukraine conflict, semiconductor crisis

French prosecutors issue international arrest warrant for Ghosn

Report: Renault Might Separate Its EV Business Via IPO

Renault plans on selling Nissan stake

BMW Boss Torches EV Mandates

UK car production down as energy costs rise

European raids over defeat devices in Suzuki diesel engines

Ford to pay U.S. states $19.2 million over false advertising claims

Volkswagen in $242 million UK 'dieselgate' settlement

(1) GM Customer Accounts Hacked; Laid Off Coal Workers to Make Batteries - Autoline Daily 3333 - YouTube

Kias and Hyundais continue to burn after 5.8 million cars and SUVs recalled - YouTube

Rise in vehicle thefts fuelled by parts shortage, police say as cars being stripped ‘in hours’

Toyota faces $2billion class action lawsuit as over 260,000 faulty cars

Ralph Nader urges regulators to recall Tesla’s ‘manslaughtering’ Full Self-Driving vehicles

EPA Hits Two More Diesel Tuners With $10 Million Fine For Defeat Devices

Rolls-Royce executives accused of stealing tech in luxury car row

Renault chief flies to Japan for crunch talks over Nissan alliance - Nikkei Asia

Flooded Tesla EVs From Hurricane Ian Exploding All Over Florida

European Car Manufacturers Brace for Impact as Energy Crisis Takes its Toll - YouTube

Toyota Aus slapped with diesel cheat lawsuit

Noise Cancelling Tyres, Best Quietest Tyres for Smoothest Drive

Fatal accident puts Tesla in spotlight in China - YouTube

Construction workers who helped build Tesla's gigafactory in Austin file complaints claiming unpaid wages and fake workplace safety certifications

Tesla EVs ranked worst in annual reliability survey by Consumer Reports

Tesla Australia’s Former Director Pleads Guilty to Insider Trading

Australian car buyers launch class action against Westpac over alleged secret dealer commissions | Banking royal commission | The Guardian

'Henry Ford FULL DOCUMENTARY | American Experience | PBS America'

Today's Day & Date: Saturday the 5th of November 2022.

Below you will find a link that fully describes a very interesting documentary on the life of the one single man responsible for the success of the automotive industry moving production assembly line mechanism.

Whilst based on the contents of this remarkable documentary, Mr. Henry Ford & I were very similar in our outlook on life & the automotive industry as a whole, but were for sure different in the method to achieve dominance in affordable innovative global automotive vehicle design, manufacturing, expert modern quality control & unparalleled testing due to my exclusive vision of a fully automated robotic vehicle production line versus utilising many people to achieve this aim.

Henry Ford FULL DOCUMENTARY | American Experience | PBS America - YouTube

Production Facility

Mr. Craig E. Whittington.