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Today's Day & Date: Thursday the 20th of January 2022.

Toyota Warns (Again) About Electrifying All Autos. Is Anyone Listening? | ZeroHedge

EVs Cost 1.6 To 2.3 Times More To Service Than Internal Combustion Vehicles, New Study Shows | ZeroHedge

The Top 10 facts about cars , the FASTEST car in the world! - YouTube

Gordon Johnson: NHTSA Autopilot Investigation Covers 765,000 Vehicles, Sentiment Could Turn "Decidedly Downward" | ZeroHedge

Six Children Injured, One Critically, After Tesla Model 3 Crash At UK School Parking Lot | ZeroHedge

The cost of gas the year you were born

The Dominos Are Falling: Two Sentators Urge FTC To Probe Tesla's Potentially "Misleading" Claims Of Full-Self Driving | ZeroHedge

GM expands Chevrolet Bolt EV recall, adding $1 bn in costs

Queensland's first five hydrogen-powered cars snapped up

JLR customers forced to wait over A YEAR for delivery of some models

Tesla On "Autopilot Mode" Strikes Police Car In Florida | ZeroHedge

UK Car Production Just Posted The Worst July Since 1956 | ZeroHedge

Oregon Woman Crashes Tesla, Is Arrested For DUI, After Trying To Use Autopilot To Drive Home | ZeroHedge

Plan to hit motorists with tax per kilometre

Warning as motorists face higher costs over E10 fuel switch

"A Waste Of Money": Edmunds Calls Tesla's $140k Model S Plaid A "Marketing Exercise To Draw Attention To An Aging Car" | ZeroHedge

Battery Electric Vehicles Are Your Best Option For Cutting Emissions In Australia And New Zealand

The Major Problem With EVs No One Is Talking About | ZeroHedge

Ford Is Officially Leaving India After Accumulating $2 Billion In Losses Over 10 Years | ZeroHedge

Ford Motor Co. Accused of Violating Privacy Law – THE NEWS BEYOND DETROIT

After Two Recalls, GM Finally Just Tells Bolt EV Owners: "Don't Park Your Car Within 50 Feet Of Another Car" | ZeroHedge

Four former VW execs go on trial over Dieselgate

Drunk drivers in outback Queensland to foot $2k bill for alcohol interlock devices

Classic Car Restorer Indicted On Fraud Charges

NTSB Urges Tesla: Address Safety Before Furthering "Misleading And Irresponsible" Full-Self Driving | ZeroHedge

Explainer-Why are BMW and Daimler being sued over climate change?

Tesla drivers become 'inattentive' when using Autopilot, study finds

Brand New MIT Study Confirms Tesla's Autopilot As Unsafe | ZeroHedge


Shift to EVs means huge 'reskilling' job for Europe - report

Tesla Found "Fully Engulfed" After "Vehicle Explosion" Leaves 5 Cars Damaged On Long Island | ZeroHedge

Lordstown Motors To Reportedly Sell Ohio Plant To Foxconn | ZeroHedge

Five Texas Cops Sue Tesla For $20 Million Claiming They Were "Badly Injured" By Vehicle On Autopilot | ZeroHedge

Driver in China successfully sues Tesla for fraud | Automotive Industry News | Al Jazeera

BMW invests in lithium technology startup Lilac Solutions

"Gone In Seconds" - British Thieves Use Device Disguised As Game Boy To Steal Cars | ZeroHedge

UK Readying New Law Mandating Home EV Chargers Be Shut Down During Peak Hours | ZeroHedge

Ford Removes Minimum FICO Score Requirements For 84 Month Loans | ZeroHedge

Biden's electric vehicle plan includes expanding charging stations. Is it enough?

China's Magnesium Shortage Could Spell More Trouble For Global Car Industry  | ZeroHedge

TFLnow - YouTube

Chip crunch to hit Renault production more than forecast


Japan Sept output likely fell as supply disruptions hit automakers: Reuters poll

Factbox-Electric-vehicle batteries: major players and their expansion plans

Which is more expensive: charging an electric vehicle or fueling a car with gas?

Hoon busted doing 200km/h in 80 zone gives cops extraordinary response

NTSB Says It Is "Deeply Concerned" About Tesla Failing To Respond To Its Safety Recommendations | ZeroHedge

German Official Warns Risk Of Electric Vehicle Fires Is "Completely Unaddressed"  | ZeroHedge

"Truly Dark Day For Drivers" - UK Petrol Prices Hit Record Highs As Winter Of Discontent Nears  | ZeroHedge

Chip Drought Hits Mexico Hard as Auto-Parts Bonds Take a Beating

Sinking Auto Steel Demand Reveals Cracks in Robust U.S. Market

Evergrande Auto Unit Is Selling Protean to EV Maker Bedeo

Workhorse Shares Drop Sharply After DOJ, SEC Investigations Revealed | ZeroHedge

UK car industry says Brexit rules are denting competitiveness | Automotive industry | The Guardian

All new UK cars to have speed limiters by 2022 under EU plans | Road safety | The Guardian

UPDATE 2-Urea shortage threatens South Korea's transport, energy industries

European Commission Proposes Ban For ICE Cars From 2035 On

GM Brings Back Lordstown’s Auto Industry. The Jobs? Not So Much - Bloomberg

Traffic Deaths Are Surging Despite Less Miles Being Traveled | ZeroHedge

California Gas Prices Reach New Record High | ZeroHedge

Used Car Battery Problems Take Shine Off China's "Green" New Energy Vehicles | ZeroHedge

Consumer Reports: Lexus has most reliable car of 2022, Tesla has 'problems'

Tesla Worker Alleges "Nightmarish" Conditions, "Rampant Sexual Harassment", At Company's Fremont Factory | ZeroHedge

Used Car Prices Explode To New Record High | ZeroHedge

Building An EV Produces 70% More Emissions Than ICE, Says Volvo

Australian competition regulator drops GM Holden investigation over dealer conduct

"You Should Absolutely Not Buy One": CNet Thrashes Tesla's Model Y In Scathing Review | ZeroHedge

PA Home A "Total Loss" After Charging Tesla In Driveway Spontaneously Combusts | ZeroHedge

Mazda Misled Consumers About Their Right to Have Faulty Cars Replaced, Federal Court Finds

Renault expects $1.1 billion revenue from new recycling business

How to drive with a trailer

Biden Infrastructure Bill Includes Passive Monitoring Vehicle "Kill Switch" Mandates For Automakers | ZeroHedge

New Lawsuits Against Tesla Allege "Nightmarish" Conditions, "Rampant" Sexual Harassment  | ZeroHedge

10 things that impact a car’s resale value

EPA announces strictest fuel efficiency standards ever, reversing Trump-era rollback

NAMED AND SHAMED: Diesel price jackers exploiting AdBlue shortage

"No Trust In Tesla Brand" - New Model 3 Delivered To Customer Without Brake Pad | ZeroHedge

Tesla Driver Charged With Felony After Deadly Crash Killing Two