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Today's Day & Date: Wednesday the 30th of November 2022.

UK plan to replace fossil gas with blue hydrogen ‘may backfire’

How French Energy Traders Sold "Carbon Neutral" Natgas To China That Doesn't Exist  | ZeroHedge

Spain launches inquiry after dams drained for profit during drought | Spain | The Guardian

The Gradual Death Of EU Coal Production | ZeroHedge

European carbon border tax is a warning to Australia to clean up or pay the price

BHP to sell oil, gas arm to Australia's Woodside in $28 billion merger

AGL faces big fines over wind farm issues

Woodside-BHP merger paves way for Australia's 'last' major LNG development

Call for crackdown before new solar rules

A Coal-Fired Thermoelectric Power Plant

Australia needs to ‘move faster’ on renewables | Sky News Australia

Germany Schnitzels Itself After Ditching Nuclear, Coal Power For Green Pipe Dreams | ZeroHedge

Are you been greenwashed? The dirty secret behind 'clean' energy deals

China's provinces still planning over 100 GW of new coal projects - Greenpeace

Australia needs to ‘get back to the real world’ on energy: Canavan | Sky News Australia

The four cold calls to watch out for if you have solar panels

Offshore wind farms a step closer as legislation introduced in Parliament

Please tap or click the following link to view a very interesting video on Coal, titled Old King Coal Series 2021 Old King Coal : ABC iview

Matt Kean flip on early coal exit opinion an ‘incredible display of incompetence’ | Sky News Australia

UN’s 10-year deadline to shut down coal comes as a ‘shock to a lot of people’

Australia must leave 95% of its coal reserves untouched in order to hit global climate change targets, a new report warns

Wind farm trial in Supreme Court hears plaintiff slept in car to avoid 'roaring' of turbines

Britain’s last coal power stations to be paid huge sums to keep lights on

Green Energy: The world’s biggest battery has overheated, and Strike moves on green hydrogen

A 'couple of things' have pushed up the price of coal

'Not unusual': No wind causes energy price hike in Europe

Neighbours suing Gippsland wind farm in Supreme Court over 'excessive noise'

BlueScope's climate change boss warns green steel still decades off

Skyrocketing Energy Prices Could Cripple Europe's Economy | ZeroHedge

Fears continue over future of energy firms as minister insists price cap must 'remain in place'

Explainer-Why are BMW and Daimler being sued over climate change?

Government should have moved earlier to low-carbon, say industry experts

China announces it will stop building foreign coal-fired power stations

UK risks ‘industrial collapse’ due to dependency on renewables

South Australia's big Tesla battery sued for not helping during Queensland coal power station failure

Massive NT solar farm a step closer as Sun Cable dramatically increases its capacity

Qld could call in Palmer coal power plant

Coal-fired power to be a thing of the past in NSW by 2040 | Sky News Australia

Renewables Not So Reliable As US Hydropower Plunges 14% | ZeroHedge

Analysis-China's pledge to cut project finance is the 'new normal' for coal

Power Crisis Spreads as Large Dutch Zinc Factory Cuts Production

Net-zero is a ‘completely meaningless concept’ | Sky News Australia

China Power Supply Crunch Hits Toyota Operations: Energy Update

Canavan: ‘If you knew the cost of net-zero emissions you wouldn’t buy it’ | Sky News Australia

Power-Starved U.K. Gets First Undersea Supply From Norway

Gas Crisis Hits Food as Giant Dutch Greenhouses Go Dark

A German Power Plant Just Ran Out of Coal in Latest Energy Shock

Europe’s Power Crisis Is Moving North as Water Shortage Worsens

"Perfect Storm" - Global Energy Crisis Spreads To Brazil And India | ZeroHedge

Electricity Bills In Italy Rise By Almost 30 Percent From Friday | ZeroHedge

Goldman Joins Chorus Calling for Higher Oil Demand for Power Use

Nuclear Gains Ground in Europe’s Plan to Phase Out Gas

India could run out of coal soon. So why is a country with such big reserves facing shortages?

Global Energy Crisis Is the First of Many in the Clean-Power Era

France Threatens U.K. Power Supply as Brexit Tensions Escalate

ACT set to introduce $20 price on carbon

Europe's Energy Crisis Presents A Real Danger | ZeroHedge

Natural gas price spikes 25% on soaring demand

Fortescue buys 60% stake in Dutch-based renewable energy firm

China's Energy Crisis Is Hitting Everything From iPhones to Milk

These Are The Countries With The Most Nuclear Reactors | ZeroHedge

What Governments Got Wrong About The Global Energy Transition | ZeroHedge

Nuclear Energy Could Bridge The Energy Transition Gap | ZeroHedge

China digs in on coal, oil gains as energy crisis deepens

Government to introduce new levies on gas in green energy strategy – report | The Independent

Well Done Greta: Energy Crisis To Send Carbon Emissions To All Time Highs | ZeroHedge

India Faces Rolling Blackouts As Coal Shortage Forces Power Plants To Adopt Emergency Measures | ZeroHedge

No power crunch, says India over blackout fears

Billionaire Forrest Plans Green Energy Factory to Rival China

Oil Surges Past $80 With Global Power Crisis Set to Boost Demand

China Coal Futures Hit Record High As Mines Flood; Worsening Power Shortages Hit Rust Belt  | ZeroHedge

Britain’s last coal power stations to be paid huge sums to keep lights on | Energy industry | The Guardian

Is America Doomed To Replicate Europe's Energy Crisis? | ZeroHedge

UK Readying New Law Mandating Home EV Chargers Be Shut Down During Peak Hours | ZeroHedge

Snow To Blanket UK As Rare Polar Vortex Collapse Could Spell Trouble For Power Grid  | ZeroHedge

Carbon emissions ‘will drop just 40% by 2050 with countries’ current pledges’

‘Disastrous’: The European chill that could cause shockwaves down under

China liberalises coal-fired power pricing to tackle energy crisis

Kemp: Beset By Coal Shortages, India's Power Grid Struggles To Meet Demand | ZeroHedge

China to Slash Fuel Exports as Power Crisis Spurs Domestic Use

Putin says Russia ready to increase gas flows as EU prices soar

Is Decarbonization Threatening Europe's Energy Security? | ZeroHedge

Finland Will Lobby The EU To Give Nuclear Power "Sustainable" Status | ZeroHedge

Brace For Price Shock: Americans' Heating Bills To Soar Up To 50% This Winter | ZeroHedge

India's Energy Crunch Intensifies As Power Supply Deficit Worst Since March 2016 | ZeroHedge

Kent’s burnt out electricity cable will take two more years to get back to full service

Exclusive-China looks to lock in U.S. LNG as energy crunch raises concerns -sources

Interior Secretary Haaland Says Wind Turbines May Soon Line US Coasts | ZeroHedge

US considers carbon tax on Australian exports | Sky News Australia

These Countries Are The Most Reliant On Coal | ZeroHedge

Europe facing ‘energy wreckage’: Mark Latham | Sky News Australia

Winter Is Coming: Russia Signals No Extra Gas For Europe Without Nord Stream 2 | ZeroHedge

The World Is Transitioning To EVs, But Our Nation's Power Grid May Not Be Ready | ZeroHedge

Biggest potential customer of largest renewable energy project exits the market | Sky News Australia

Big fossil fuel producers' plans far exceed climate targets, U.N. says

The Cost Of Going Green Is About To Get More Expensive | ZeroHedge

The Countries That Could Spoil Global Climate Negotiations

Solar farm output overloads national grid, sparking calls for accelerated transmission

Clean energy accounted for close to a third of Australian electricity in the September quarter, as wind and solar investments surge

UPDATE 1-Most OECD countries to end export credits for new coal plants

OECD Glossary of Statistical Terms - Export credits Definition

List of OECD Member countries - Ratification of the Convention on the OECD

China Tears Up the Rule Book in the Race to Fix Its Energy Crisis

Carbon capture, utilisation and storage - Fuels & Technologies - IEA

Saudi Arabia won't reach net zero emissions until 2060

Judith Sloan: hydrogen isn’t the winner it’s cracked up to be! - News

Putin Lays Cards Down: Approve Nord Stream 2 To Get More Gas | ZeroHedge

The Dutch Government Is Gambling Billions On Green Hydrogen | ZeroHedge

Asia Snaps Up American Shale Gas to Keep Boilers, Furnaces Lit

US Coal Stockpiles Slump To Two Decade Low As Power Plant Demand Surges  | ZeroHedge

Australian iron ore baron bets big on global green revolution

Germany Cuts 2021 GDP Forecast By 25% Due To Soaring Energy Costs | ZeroHedge

U.S. Coal Miners Are ‘Sold Out’ for 2022

Coal in Freefall in China as Government Steps Up War on Prices

COP26 aims to banish coal. Asia is building hundreds of power plants to burn it

G-20 Still Deadlocked as China Won’t Budge on Climate Goals

Oil Majors Won’t Come Running to Help World Facing Energy Crunch

Why the Global Methane Pledge Is a Big Deal for the Climate

The biggest investment opportunity since the internet

EU Gas Surges on Disturbance to Russian Shipments

New Yorkers Are In for 24% Heating Bill Increase This Winter

Brazil Says It Will Sign Global Pledge to Cut Methane Emissions

Pemex Pipeline Explodes After Attempted Fuel Theft (yahoo.com)

Biden’s Carbon-Capture Plan Hands Lifeline to Coal Plants

Exxon to Sell Black Sea Gas Stake to Romania for $1 Billion

Gas Leaders Urge More Investment in Supply to Avert Shortages

Three More U.K. Energy Suppliers Collapse After Price Spike

U.K. Gas Firm CNG Closes, Ends Supplies to 41,000 Businesses

Coal Keeps Lights On At COP26 As Low Wind Strikes Again | ZeroHedge

CARBON CREDIT English Definition and Meaning | Lexico.com

The Energy Crisis That Helped Revive Coal Is Easing, for Now

French couple who said windfarm affected health win legal fight | France | The Guardian

Cap and Trade Definition

UPDATE 1-Chevron, partners to fork out for carbon offsets for Gorgon LNG carbon capture shortfall

Coal Mines Seen Belching Worst Australia Methane Cloud This Year

Australia shown to have highest greenhouse gas emissions from coal in world on per capita basis | Climate crisis | The Guardian

China wields political might to cool coal prices, but winter looms

German Regulators Suspend Nord Stream 2 Approval; European Gas Prices Surge | ZeroHedge

Coal Demand Booms Under Biden As Prices Hit 2009 Levels | ZeroHedge

Chevron shuts Australian Gorgon LNG Train 1 after minor gas leak

REC Registry - What is a REC

Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) Definition

GLOBAL LNG-Prices rise on robust demand ahead of peak winter months

3 important renewable energy storage technologies | Popular Science

Charles's dirty secret? Diesel powers winter lights at Sandringham

What Happened to MDC Energy? A Lesson From Permian Basin Oil Company - Bloomberg

Polluters face price pain as global carbon trading system moves forward | Energy industry | The Guardian

Green transport can only succeed with a greener grid | Energy industry | The Guardian

Woodside, BHP approve mega WA gas project

You might be helping to fund the ‘most damaging’ gas project

Moldova To Avert Energy Crisis With Payment To​​​​​​​ Gazprom | ZeroHedge

Australian fertiliser plant to close in 2022

Greenhouse gas | Environment | Department of Environment and Science, Queensland

German Power Prices Soar As Arctic Blast To Bring "Significant Snow"  | ZeroHedge

GLOBAL LNG-Asia prices inch down on COVID concerns; fundamentals remain bullish

Europeans To Save On Energy Bills As Mild Christmas Weather Forecasted | ZeroHedge

Carbon neutrality - Wikipedia

‘Kill the viability’: big batteries to lose out from electricity grid rule change

Emissions report scheme opens for business

Purity or power: India's coal quandary

EU Official Warns Of 'Rolling Blackouts' As Energy Crisis Worsens  | ZeroHedge

Finnish Electricity Prices Jump 5x Amid Unseasonably Cold Weather And Worsening Energy Crisis | ZeroHedge

Japan Is Backing Oil and Gas Even After COP26 Climate Talks

Singapore Power Prices Spike 1,290% As Energy Crisis Emerges  | ZeroHedge

Dark Winter Looms For Pennsylvanians As Power Bills Set To Soar  | ZeroHedge

US Coal Is Making A Transitory Comeback | ZeroHedge

Shell Said to Evacuate Staff From Prelude Plant After Outage

Largest Icelandic Utility Cuts Power To Crypto-Miners Amid Grid Crunch | ZeroHedge

Trafigura plans $540 million hydrogen plant at its Australian lead smelter

"Potential Polar Vortex Event" Could Spark Bullish Reversal In NatGas  | ZeroHedge

Biden's New "Regressive" Methane Tax Will Raise Average American's Gas Bill By 17%: Op-Ed | ZeroHedge

Three people killed in gas explosion in Italy | Sky News Australia

Rise of Solar Rooftops to Accelerate Coal’s Exit in Australia

California Looks To Stab Rooftop Solar Customers In The Back With Massive Incentive Rollback, New Fees | ZeroHedge

Energy poverty: Inside Australia’s growing problem

La Nina’s Threat Extends Beyond Farming to Iron and Coal Fields

China-made wind turbines crack and trigger outrage that they are not made in Australia - News of America

Energy Suppliers Starting To Collapse | ZeroHedge

Germany Won't Approve Nord Stream 2 Until July; EU NatGas Soars To New Record High | ZeroHedge

New York City Bans Natural Gas From New Buildings | ZeroHedge

Europe's Energy Prices Hit New Record Highs As Cold Snap Arrives | ZeroHedge

Europe On Edge Of Energy Disaster As Power Prices Smash All Records | ZeroHedge

From Bad To Worse: Another French Nuclear Reactor Cuts Output Due To Strike | ZeroHedge

U.S. to be world's biggest LNG exporter in 2022

Woodside inks plan for Asian hydrogen run

France Faces Power Blackouts In Next Cold Snap, Grid Operator Warns | ZeroHedge

Gates teams with Japan to build $5.5 billion nuclear reactor

World's Largest Coal Exporter Warns Of Energy Crunch, Imposes Export Ban  | ZeroHedge

Adani Wins Key Coal Tender as India Acts to Avoid Energy Crisis

Coal Prices Forecast to Surge Again if Indonesia Halts Exports

U.S. Became World’s Top LNG Exporter, Spurred by Europe Crisis

One of the World’s Wealthiest Oil Exporters Is Becoming Unlivable

Europe’s Governments Face a Reckoning as Energy Prices Surge

China Coal Production Hits Record To Avoid Energy Crisis | ZeroHedge

Your gas stove is always polluting, even when it’s turned off

Visualizing How Europeans Get Their Electricity | ZeroHedge

Britons to find out scale of energy price hike on Thursday

New England carbon emissions spike as power plants turn to dirtier fuel

Warning about maintaining solar panel batteries after Adelaide house badly damaged in fire - ABC News

Massive Methane Cloud Visible From Space Leaks Above Louisiana | ZeroHedge

Brookfield Spurned in $14 Billion Plan to Close Coal Plants

Renewables are increasing energy prices ‘quite substantially’, says economist | Sky News Australia

5 Commodities That Could Explode As The Ukraine Crisis Escalates | ZeroHedge

LNG Giant Australia Sees 500% Growth Prize in Emerging Asia

Series 2022 Blood Cobalt : ABC iview

South Korea Preparing for Energy Supply Crunch on Russian Attack

Exclusive - U.S. utilities push White House not to sanction Russian uranium

Aussie Coal Prices Surge Almost $100 As Countries Seek Alternatives To Russian Energy | ZeroHedge

Rush to Replace Russian Coal Propels Fuel to Unprecedented Gains

Australia aids allies seeking to replace Russian coal

Russia Energy Chaos Triggers the Biggest Market Shock in Decades

Europe’s Plan to Quit Russian Fuel Starts a Global Fight for Gas

Tata Steel Eyes Other Nations Amid Uncertain Russian Coal Supply

Italy hit by dependence on Russian gas | 7NEWS

Carbon credit price plunges after federal government policy change

Coal Buyers in India Are Paying 300% Premiums to Secure Fuel

Gas shortage problems will ‘boil away’

UPDATE 1-Chesapeake Energy eyes greater role in LNG market -CEO

Bald Hills Wind Farm ordered to stop emitting night-time noise, pay neighbours damages in landmark ruling

Australia’s carbon market in disrepute, attacked from within and without – pv magazine Australia

Gazprom Halts Gas Shipments To Europe Via Critical Pipeline | ZeroHedge

Russian coal to fuel our electricity for rest of year

The world’s first deep geological nuclear vault will store radioactive waste in Finland for 100,000 years

World’s Scramble For Energy Drives Australian Exports to Record

Europe’s Russia Coal Ban Foreshadows Higher Global Energy Prices

EU Proposes Ban on Russian Coal Imports, Ships After Atrocities

Keeping U.K. Coal Plants Open Just Got Harder With Russian Ban

‘Firms will go bust’: Germany prepares for a future without Russian gas

Coal Billionaire Thohir to Use Profit Boom to Begin Green Shift

Modelling says Aussie coal industry under threat as China decarbonises | The Weekly Times

China promotes coal in emissions setback

Rising energy prices push almost half German companies to cut new investments - survey

Woodside Mulls Australia Gas Supply Beyond $12 Billion Project

Russia’s War Is Turbocharging the World’s Addiction to Coal

Households warned of higher power bills | Sky News Australia

They suck your electricity and money while you sleep. What you need to know about vampire appliances

Cap and Trade Definition

Australia found to be world leader in coal power greenhouse emissions

Germany to Bring Back Coal Power Plants If Russia Cuts Gas

Global gas crunch claims first Australian trading casualty

Cost of living: Qatar willing to help UK - but West must also take responsibility, energy minister says

Six million homes could face winter power cuts due to energy shortages - report

Spain's solar energy crisis: 62,000 people bankrupt after investing in solar panels • FRANCE 24 - YouTube

Toyota Launches Home Energy Storage Based On Electrified Vehicle Battery

BP buys into Australian wind, solar, hydrogen mega-project

National electricity market suspended as NSW residents told to conserve power to reduce blackout risk | Energy | The Guardian

Electric vehicles could significantly increase demand on the power grid, trials underway to change behaviour

Asia Coal Prices Hit Record on Hot Global Competition for Fuel

France Sees Nuclear Energy Output Plummet At The Worst Possible Moment | ZeroHedge

Hamburg Official Tells Residents Prepare For Hot Water Rationing Amid Energy Crisis  | ZeroHedge

Fossil fuel - Wikipedia

Germany enters gas crisis as Russian supply plummets

Japan Buys Most Expensive Gas Shipment as Energy Crunch Bites

Dimmed street lights, shorter showers: Germany leads Europe energy savings drive

London Power Prices Spike 5,000%, Relies On Belgium To Thwart Rolling Blackout | ZeroHedge

Rooftop solar panels, costing thousands of dollars, deemed fire hazard

Can’t pay, won’t pay: thousands in Britain vow to ignore energy bills

$265 Billion In Added Value To Evaporate From Germany Economy Amid Energy Crisis, Study Warns | ZeroHedge

Coal Giants Are Making Mega Profits as Climate Crisis Grips the World

Europe's Nuclear & Hydropower Falter With Droughts | ZeroHedge

Europe huddles down for a winter without Russian gas

Zinc, Aluminum Smelters Shuttered In Europe Due To Soaring Power Prices | ZeroHedge

Russian Seaborne Coal Exports Effectively Halted by EU Ban

"This Is Beyond Imagination": Polish Homeowners Line Up For Days To Buy Coal Ahead Of Winter | ZeroHedge

Switzerland facing possible energy crisis | Sky News Australia

Europe Crisis Shows Coal’s Value, South Africa Minister Says

"Exorbitant Rise In Energy Prices" Forces Europe's Top Steelmaker To Close Plants | ZeroHedge

Australia Moves to Allay Japan’s Fear It Will Cut Gas Supply

European Industries Shut Down Even Before Winter Months Set In - YouTube

Hydrogen is unsuitable for home heating, review concludes

Ex-CSIRO chair tempers green hydrogen hype

Palaszczuk’s pumped hydro plan is ‘mad’ | Sky News Australia

Simple answer is we can’t do renewable energy the way it is being 'planned' - YouTube

Germany is securing its new gas delivery, but what about the rest of the EU? | DW News - YouTube

Businesses disappointed at lack of energy price relief in federal budget - video Dailymotion

‘One minute and 15 seconds of batteries’ before we 'run out' globally: Bjorn Lomborg - YouTube

Australians are 'paying the price' for a 'reckless renewable energy push'

A Surprising Threat To The US Power Grid Could Plunge The Country Into Darkness | ZeroHedge

Instead of Phasing Down Coal the World Is Burning More Than Ever

Skyrocketing gas prices sending the price of chips up

Europe's Energy Nightmare Has Only Just Begun - YouTube

Firm goes into administration owing council £655m

‘Great deal of ignorance’ in Australia’s actual emissions: John Anderson | Sky News Australia

Global Demand for Biofuel Offers Opportunity for Australia

UK Citizens Pay The Highest Electricity Bills In The World | ZeroHedge

Coal exporters accused of falsifying data

Family of six 'lost everything' after home was gutted in fire 'started by solar panels'

Australian lawmaker calls for inquiry into coal quality certificates

Karoon Energy eyes acquisitions, dividends

Adelaide homeowner trapped in 18-month Tesla nightmare

Aussies will get energy-relief plan next week

What is Bioenergy? | Canstar Blue

Energy support scheme cash potentially at risk as gas boss warns more suppliers could go bust

'Thomas Edison FULL DOCUMENTARY | American Experience | PBS America'

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Thomas Edison FULL DOCUMENTARY | American Experience | PBS America - YouTube

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