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Today's Day & Date: Tuesday the 5th of July 2022.

Cyber Security In 7 Minutes | What Is Cyber Security: How It Works? | Cyber Security | Simplilearn - Bing video

Cyber attack shuts down JBS meatworks across Australia, US, Canada

FBI names REvil as the group behind meat supplier cyberattack

Cyber attacks on rise as criminals target Australian agricultural supply chains

Crypto prices plunge after FBI seizes 63.7 Bitcoins from DarkSide oil attack

Bitcoin proves double-edged sword for criminals

JBS Foods pays $14.2 million ransom to end cyber attack on its global operations

Major ransomware attack against U.S. tech provider forces Swedish store closures

Many farmers unprepared for cyber attacks

US Charges 4 Chinese Nationals Working With Spy Agency In Global Hacking Campaign | ZeroHedge

FBI: China Is Behind Past Oil & Gas Pipeline Cyberattacks | ZeroHedge

What is Spear Phishing? - Definition from WhatIs.com

Gigabyte is the latest major PC maker to suffer a ransomware attack

How to tell if your computer has been hacked

The Real Likelihood You Are Being Watched Through Your Laptop Camera | Reader's Digest Australia

Over 80 million smart devices at risk from hackers | Sky News Australia

Cyber crims target lockdown homebodies

New Zealand banks, post office hit by outages in apparent cyber attack

Go read this report about the horrifying leaks coming from school ransomware attacks

Cyber crime spreads in Australia as COVID-19 pushes more people online

This hacker wants to stop you losing money online

Deepfake tech making it easier for criminals to hack personal data

This malware pretends to be Amnesty International protection from Pegasus

Millions of Android phones infected with this dangerous new malware

US will bring together 30 countries to tackle ransomware

Some of Verizon’s Visible cell network customers say they’ve been hacked

Two SIM swappers phished a phone company so they could steal $16K in crypto

Largest Candy Corn Producer Hit With Ransomware Attack Before Halloween | ZeroHedge

Tesco website and app working again following suspected hack

Microsoft Blames The Russians For Yet Another "Extensive Cyberattack" Impacting Public & Private Entities | ZeroHedge

Cybercriminals secretly plan to run down entire security teams, here's what businesses can do

Gas Stations Across Iran Crippled After Massive Cyberattack | ZeroHedge

Ransomware Hackers Freeze Millions in Papua New Guinea Aid Cash

Iran Blames Israel & US For Cyberattack That Crippled Nationwide Fuel Network | ZeroHedge

Cyber Official Warns ‘American Way of Life’ at Risk From Hackers

Romanian Authorities Arrest REvil Cyber Gang Hackers Who Infected 5,000 | ZeroHedge

Cheese Prices Crumble After Cyberattack Hits Top Wisconsin Dairy Producer  | ZeroHedge

Robinhood Slides To All-Time Low On Report Hackers Stole Internal Security Tools | ZeroHedge

FBI email servers were hacked to target a security researcher

Payroll cyber attack highlights ‘how vulnerable’ companies are | Sky News Australia

Microsoft seizes 42 websites used by Chinese cyber-spying group

Work habit leading one in three to job warning amid $281 million crisis

Ransomware attack on Australian utility claimed by Russian-speaking criminals

Zero-day (computing) - Wikipedia

Hackers Blamed For Cream Cheese Shortage Currently Afflicting The US | ZeroHedge

Billions of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices vulnerable to password and data theft attacks

Australia ‘more exposed’ to cyber attacks due to AUKUS | Sky News Australia

Coles, Westpac, AMP and Department of Defence caught up in 'significant' data breach of Finite Recruitment - ABC News

Chinese Spies Accused of Using Huawei in Secret Australia Telecom Hack

Meta is trying to find the people who created more than 39,000 phishing sites

This cheeky new malware strain hides in the Windows Registry

Nasty new malware strain creeps quietly past Windows defenses

Sega left a huge database of user information open to hackers

IT workers believe ransomware is as serious as terrorism

Victims of $200 million hack of BitMart crypto exchange still waiting to get their money back

Hackers are exploiting Adobe Creative Cloud to harvest user credentials

Massive Hack Of Ukrainian Government Sites Believed Part Of Russian "Sabotage Operations" | ZeroHedge

Russia Detains REvil Ransomware Hackers at the Request of U.S.

Bunnings issues warning to customers after hacking | Sky News Australia

Half of internet-connected devices in hospitals are vulnerable to hacks, report finds

Crypto.com CEO confirms hundreds of accounts were hacked, hedges on other details

Critical German Oil Network Hit With Cyberattack Amid Rising US-Russian Tensions | ZeroHedge

Japan eyes tighter curbs to counter cyberattacks

$320 Million In Limbo After Second Largest DeFi Hack Ever | ZeroHedge

UPDATE 6-China suspected in hack of journalists at News Corp

Ukraine Banks & Defense Ministry Websites Down Amid Cyberattack Fears | ZeroHedge

Denial-of-service attack - Wikipedia

Stocks Tumble As Ukraine Reports Major Cyberattack, Multiple Ministry Websites Down | ZeroHedge

Nvidia confirms it’s investigating an ‘incident,’ reportedly a cyberattack

Toyota To Halt All Japan Plants As Supplier Hit With Cyberattack | ZeroHedge

Ukrainian mapping tool taken offline by DDoS attack

Hackers threaten to turn every Nvidia GPU into a Bitcoin mining machine

Anonymous hacks Russian state TV with Ukraine footage

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Global Hackers Are Banding Together To Disrupt Russian Military, Banking And Communication Networks | ZeroHedge

Hackers Breached US LNG Producers In Run-Up To Ukraine Invasion | ZeroHedge

Stolen Nvidia code signing certificates used to sign off malware

DDoS attacks could soon be bigger and more dangerous than ever

Cybercriminals have found a cunning new way to evade security protections

Israeli Government Sites Suffer Major Cyberattack In Possible Iranian 'Retaliation' | ZeroHedge

NRA confirms last year’s ransomware attack


Revenge hackers leak more Conti ransomware source code

Microsoft may be the latest victim of Lapsus$

Okta hack puts thousands of businesses on high alert

HubSpot hacked, putting major crypto firms at risk

Cybercriminals are infiltrating our Microsoft Excel spreadsheets now

Vidar spyware is now hidden in Microsoft help files

Ransomware payments hit a new all-time high last year

Search engine listings littered with dangerous malware

Sophos Firewall vulnerability gives hackers the keys to the kingdom

This nasty malware weasels its way into your email threads

Blockchain project Ronin hit by $615 million crypto heist

A hacker stole $625 million from the blockchain behind NFT game Axie Infinity

Cybercriminals are scheduling fake meetings in people's calendars - here's why

World’s biggest cryptocurrency hack sends shockwaves - Digital Journal

Several huge NFT Discords hacked by scam attacks

Hackers breached Mailchimp to phish cryptocurrency wallets

Most companies are clueless when it comes to stopping insider threats

Hacking group claim it has leaked more than 900,000 emails from Russian state media

Microsoft says it disrupted attempted hacks by Russian spies

Chinese hackers reportedly target India's power grid

The US is trying to fix medical devices’ big cybersecurity problem

How to protect your Social Security number from hackers: simple ways to be more secure

A nasty new infostealer malware is landing in email inboxes

How to protect your Social Security number from hackers: simple ways to be more secure

Panasonic hit by another major cyberattack

U.S. and European partners take down hacker website RaidForums

Qbot malware found smuggled inside Windows Installer packages

Microsoft sounds the alarm over new cunning Windows malware

U.S. says advanced hackers have shown ability to hijack critical infrastructure

US government warns specialized malware is targeting energy plants

Microsoft, ESET take down ZLoader botnets

US ties North Korean hacker group Lazarus to huge cryptocurrency theft

Crypto boss says fraudsters have 'place in hell'

Almost half of businesses have suffered a data breach in recent years

Another top NFT marketplace may have a serious security flaw

Beanstalk cryptocurrency loses $182m of reserves in flash ‘attack’

A mystery hacker is smuggling data out of private code repositories, GitHub warns

7-zip vulnerability gives hackers the keys to the kingdom

What is identity theft? Know the warning signs

Google says 2021 was a record year for zero-day hacks

Businesses warned of rise in crypto crime

West warns of Russian cyberattacks on critical infrastructure

Okta ends Lapsus$ hack investigation, says breach lasted just 25 minutes

Businesses warned of rise in crypto crime

What it takes to fight the ransomware pandemic

A hacker reveals the shocking mistakes we make online

Millions of Android users at risk of attack after widespread security issue uncovered

Nasty new botnet exploits Docker containers to mine cryptocurrency

Russian hackers plotting cyber attacks on the NHS, top intelligence alliance warns

City watchdog warns of cyber crime risk for new banks

Cisco warns of new bug that could let hackers run off with admin credentials

Cyber attack shuts Costa Rica govt systems

FBI Warns of Targeted Cyber Attacks On Food Plants After Mysterious Rash Of Fires | ZeroHedge

Cybercriminals are changing their tactics to compel quick action from victims - Digital Journal

Over $13 Million In 'Bored Ape' NFTs Stolen By Hackers | ZeroHedge

APIs are becoming a cybersecurity disaster zone

Serious Java vulnerability lets hackers masquerade as anyone they please

The crypto theft problem is getting worse and worse

How to ensure a cyber secure return to the office

FBI sounds the alarm over virulent new ransomware strain

Catching phish with web scraping

More than 100 bugs discovered in US Homeland Security systems

Feds offer $10m reward for Russian hackers who targeted Chernobyl

Popular crypto wallet discontinued after fatal flaw discovered

Microsoft discloses onslaught of Russian cyberattacks on Ukraine

The number of ransomware attacks continues to skyrocket - but that's not even the worst part

New BlackHat Ransomware goal is obfuscation - Digital Journal

Two held for hacking S Korea's military command

You're probably way less smart about cybersecurity matters than you think

REvil ransomware group is back with a vengeance

Increasing the effectiveness of multi-government cyber takedowns

Millions of IoT devices and routers could have a mega security flaw

A lone-wolf researcher has turned the table on the hackers

Cybersecurity risk ruling for fin services

Apple's PC and mobile chips suffer from world-first data theft exploit

Business email attacks are now a multi-billion dollar industry

Chinese hackers have been running riot on unsecured Windows devices

That NFT job offer is probably malware

Top Tractor-Maker Warns Ransomware Attack Has "Adversely Affected" Production | ZeroHedge

A US college is shutting down for good following a ransomware attack

One of the top US agriculture firms has been hit by ransomware

Microsoft wants to try and kill off ransomware for good

US State Department announces $10 million bounty after Costa Rica ransomware attack

Conti Ransomware Attack Prompts Costa Rica Into National Emergency

UK cybersecurity unit tackles record number of online scams in 2021

New cybersecurity tool could block scam websites instantly

UPDATE 2-Pro-Russian hackers target Italy institutional websites -ANSA news agency

Google lays out its plans to take on next-gen phishing scams

Dangerous phishing pop-ups appear across major crypto websites

Ransomware – a burgeoning geopolitical weapon?

Ransomware Gang Threatens To "Overthrow" Costa Rica's Government As Attack Deepens | ZeroHedge

Serious WordPress plugin vulnerability abused to attack thousands of websites

Most ransomware victims pay up, but many never recover their data

Scammers are using a whole load of tricks to launch cryptomining scams

Brute-force attacks targeting MSSQL servers, Microsoft warns

Hackers are spinning up fake chatbots to trick you into handing over your data

Hackers can pre-hack your online accounts before you've even registered

Multi-factor authentication - Wikipedia

Multi-factor authentication | Cyber.gov.au

Ransomware attack on India airline delays flights

Nearly half a million Kubernetes servers left open to the Internet

Hackers target Windows security experts with fake exploits

Russian hackers are linked to new Brexit leak website, Google says

Ransomware actors have found a new way to make victims pay up

Automotive fabric supplier TB Kawashima announces cyberattack

Hackers steal $100m from another breached crypto bridge

Attackers are infiltrating routers to take control of connected devices

Roscosmos Hacked After Posting Satellite Images Of NATO Members' Facilities: Report

High-severity Microsoft bug opened door to container cluster hijacking

British Army’s YouTube and Twitter accounts were hacked to promote crypto scams

Mystery hacker says 1 billion people exposed in ‘biggest hack in history’

Nasty Windows worm spreads to hundreds of networks via infected USB drives