'Cyber Attacks Do Really Occur'

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Cyber attack shuts down JBS meatworks across Australia, US, Canada

FBI names REvil as the group behind meat supplier cyberattack

Cyber attacks on rise as criminals target Australian agricultural supply chains

Crypto prices plunge after FBI seizes 63.7 Bitcoins from DarkSide oil attack

Bitcoin proves double-edged sword for criminals

JBS Foods pays $14.2 million ransom to end cyber attack on its global operations

Major ransomware attack against U.S. tech provider forces Swedish store closures

Many farmers unprepared for cyber attacks

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FBI: China Is Behind Past Oil & Gas Pipeline Cyberattacks | ZeroHedge

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Gigabyte is the latest major PC maker to suffer a ransomware attack

How to tell if your computer has been hacked

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Over 80 million smart devices at risk from hackers | Sky News Australia

Cyber crims target lockdown homebodies

New Zealand banks, post office hit by outages in apparent cyber attack

Go read this report about the horrifying leaks coming from school ransomware attacks

Cyber crime spreads in Australia as COVID-19 pushes more people online

This hacker wants to stop you losing money online