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REvil Group Extorts Apple In $50 Million Ransomware Hack Of Supplier Quanta | ZeroHedge

(50) Forced organ harvesting in China has taken place ‘on significant scale,’ tribunal finds - YouTube

(50) China Govt Harvesting Human Organs from Falun Gong, Other Prisoners Also Victims - YouTube

Terror investigation in Paris following fatal stabbing at police station | Sky News Australia

Three more cases of blood clots as Australia hits vaccine crisis

'Fit and healthy' man dies of blood clot days after Covid vaccine

Another Australian dies after getting Covid vaccine

Two Sydney men arrested and extradited to Brisbane over $300 million MDMA drug bust

UK Study Finds Pfizer Vaccine Doesn't Offer "Full Protection" From Mutant COVID Strains | ZeroHedge

‘This is what government refuses to tell you’: Alan Jones | Sky News Australia

Explainer: what is 'hybrid warfare' and what is meant by the 'grey zone'?

TGA identifies blood clotting in 66-year-old man who received AstraZeneca jab | Sky News Australia

Tasmanian man, 70, hospitalised with suspected blood clotting after receiving AstraZeneca vaccine

Greg Hunt 'exercised his power invalidly' with India travel ban | Sky News Australia

TGA confirms five new cases of blood clots linked to AstraZeneca jab | Sky News Australia

Fully vaccinated travellers test positive in Sydney hotel quarantine