'The Exclusive Founders Club'

Today's Day & Date: Friday the 4th of February 2022.

All of the confirmed professional component & service suppliers for the current new steam car project will be listed & noted here as below. These particular Company Organisations from all over the World, provide what is required to bring the two new steam car models to fruition, namely, the first being an eight-seater SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) & the second a three-seater sports car coupe, as two exemplary steam-powered vehicle releases, both together at the one & same time.

These Company Organisations will all belong to 'The Exclusive Founders Club.' This 'Exclusive Founders Club,' is made possible because of the sheer competencies of these Company Organisations. The fruition of the hand building (built by myself) of the two above-mentioned production-ready passenger motor vehicle prototype models is impossible without the knowledge & experience of these Company Organisations within their respective Industries.

All of the members of 'The Exclusive Founders Club,' will always be chiefly prominently recognised in media press releases, events & throughout the future history of all of the new steam cars, etc motor vehicle releases.

My many warm thanks to these Company Organisations will always be unceasing.

Thank you

'Mr. Craig E. Whittington,' the sole inventor & designer of all of the new steam-powered vehicles.