'My Smart Car, Exclusive Proprietary Features & Benefits'

Today's Day & Date: Monday the 23rd of August 2021.

Please read as following about the revolutionary proprietary AI (i.e., Artificial Intelligence) designed & manufactured in Germany Europe utilised within my new 'smart car' steam car invention & design:


* The four sliding side doors, two sliding rear doors with their respective door locks used with the eight-seater SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle), the two sliding side doors & rear hatch with their respective door lock & rear hatch lock assemblies used within the three-seater sports car coupe, open, close & lock automatically all by themselves upon the detection of the driver and/or occupants of these two motor vehicles. This is accomplished by proprietary behavioural software encompassed in the above-mentioned AI, utilising biometric eye retinal scanning as the only access, entry & exit to these two & future motor vehicles.

* The pre-heating of the one installed steam boiler, the installed interior heating & air conditioning systems is also achieved by the same AI. 


* No use or requirement of a key or a key fob device.

* No 'app' (i.e., application) used on a smartphone mobile telephone, or cell phone.

* Only the actual registered driver and/or registered occupants of the steam-powered motor vehicles are allowed to gain access, entry & exit to the motor vehicles. In other circumstances such as the need to allow emergency services personnel, passers-by, etc, access & exit to the steam-powered vehicle, this is permitted due to proprietary behavioural software integrated into the full surround surveillance system.

* Safe, secure access, entry & exit to the motor vehicles.

* No preprogramming of the above-mentioned features is required, as the AI independently & automatically all by itself achieves all of this.

* A proprietary separate & distinct identification 'watermark' embedded into the complete professional Worldwide standardised illuminated (illuminated during daytime & night time), vehicle front & rear registration plate, (also known as a number plate, license plate, or licence plate), which contains the yet to be announced Worldwide standardised or same trademark name of all of the new steam cars, allows the registered owner or driver of the steam-powered vehicle to be matched with this watermark. This matching allows seamless integration into the various different state-by-state, region by regions of the world, new vehicle registration, insurance, vehicle registration renewal, vehicle driver licence renewal or upgrade, in-vehicle 12-month mandatory minimal vehicle servicing interval requirement notification, to be serviced with the same or other authorised steam car dealership throughout the world who sold the brand new vehicle, with the in-vehicle ability to confirm or reschedule this servicing appointment & appropriate law enforcement authorities (for the sole purpose to record, transmit by video & audio any attempted vehicle theft, carjacking, road rage, alcohol, drink driving, drug driving to the appropriate law enforcement authorities in the country states or regions of the world where the steam-powered vehicles are to be driven).

Mr. Craig E. Whittington.