'My Smart Car, Exclusive Proprietary Features & Benefits'

Today's Day & Date: Thursday the 21st of January 2021.

Please read as following about the revolutionary proprietary AI (i.e., Artificial Intelligence) designed & manufactured in Germany Europe utilised within my new 'smart car' steam car invention & design:


* The four sliding side doors, two sliding rear doors with their respective door locks used with the eight-seater SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle), the two sliding side doors & rear hatch with their respective door lock & rear hatch lock assemblies used within the three-seater sports car coupe, open, close & lock automatically all by themselves upon the detection of the driver and/or occupants of these two motor vehicles. This is accomplished by proprietary behavioural software encompassed in the above-mentioned AI, utilising biometric eye retinal scanning as the only access, entry & exit to these two & future motor vehicles.

* The pre-heating of the one installed steam boiler, the installed interior heating & air conditioning systems is also achieved by the same AI. 


* No use or requirement of a key or a key fob device.

* No 'app' (i.e., application) used on a smartphone mobile telephone, or cell phone.

* Only the actual registered driver and/or registered occupants of the steam-powered motor vehicles are allowed to gain access, entry & exit to the motor vehicles.

* Safe, secure access, entry & exit to the motor vehicles.

* No preprogramming of the above-mentioned features required, as the AI independently & automatically all by itself achieves all of this.

Mr. Craig E. Whittington.