'The Exclusive New Steam Car, steam-powered vehicle development & production plant facility'

Today's Day & Date: Wednesday the 8th of December 2021.

It is envisaged to have the Professional custom design & construction of a fully suitable proprietary modern highly specialised high technology state-of-the-art new steam car development & production plant facility to eventually be built in Sydney New South Wales (NSW) Australia. This will be a sure-fire sustainable investment priority by the possible potential Licensee professional Company Organisation & its personnel located in France Europe. The Sydney plant facility will be managed completely by myself, other personnel & the potential Licensee located from & within France Europe.

This brand new plant facility is unlike any other car manufacturing plant anywhere in the entire world worldwide & will be officially opened for the 'very first time,' by the above Licensee personnel on the evening of the "Unveiling Pageantry Ceremony," to be held at this plant facility located in Sydney New South Wales (NSW) Australia.

This development & production plant facility is currently being professionally meticulously designed by a leading Company Organisation based & located in Sydney New South Wales (NSW) Australia. It will be constructed by a leading Company Organisation located in Sydney NSW Australia.

The exclusive proprietary robotics, automated guided vehicles (AGV's), moving assembly line, etc, required for the Sydney Australia development & production plant facility, will be provided by a professional leading Company Organisation located in Sydney NSW Australia. 

Please tap or click the following link to read more about all aspects of this "Unveiling Pageantry Ceremony." "Unveiling Ceremony"

Within this plant facility will be the following divisions & amenities:

1. Complete steam-powered motor vehicle road test circuit, including a purpose-built runway, for the purpose to test for, record & break or 'smash' all known vehicle land speed records throughout the world.

2. Proving ground.

3. Fully automated construction assembly line, operated solely by exclusive proprietary modern innovative robots or 'robotics.'

4. Motor vehicle dealership.

5. Motor vehicle museum.

6. Accommodation facilities.

7. Wind tunnel.

8. Chassis dynamometer.

9. Conference centre.

10. Teaching & training centre.

11. Vehicle weighing station system assembly.

At this selfsame one plant facility, there will be the ability to produce 6,912,000 throughput of new steam car models a year. This equates to an approximate brand new steam car sold every one second, or in other words, one eight-seater SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) & one three-seater sports car coupe model sold every two seconds. These two exemplary vehicles have not been designed, engineered & manufactured to be driven in deep water, deep mud, deep sand, deep saltwater, deep marsh bog etc & hence it is strongly recommended that these modes of driving are not carried out, as the standard manufacturer's vehicle warranty may become void if these driving travel modes occur.

This very large volume of the new steam-powered motor vehicles will be made or manufactured firstly for the Australian market population & then exported from Sydney New South Wales (NSW) Australia to the selected (i.e., selected by myself) & safe countries of the World.

The following below-mentioned Countries are included for the importation of all of the new steam car etc models made or manufactured in Australia only:

1. New Zealand.

2. Much of Europe.

3. Japan.

4. South Korea.

5. Singapore.

6. Malaysia.

7. Brunei.

8. Vietnam.

9. The Isle of Man.

10. Canada North America.

Please tap or click the following link to read more about all aspects of the new steam car project: "Centrepiece"

Best regards

Mr. Craig E. Whittington

(Sydney NSW Australia.)