'The Exclusive New Steam Car, steam-powered vehicle development & production plant facility'

Today's Day & Date: Thursday the 30th of June 2022.

It is envisaged to have the Professional custom design & construction of a fully suitable proprietary modern highly specialised high technology state-of-the-art new steam car development & production plant facility to eventually be built in Sydney New South Wales (NSW) Australia. This will be a sure-fire sustainable investment priority by the possible potential Licensee professional Company Organisation & its personnel located in France Europe. The Sydney plant facility will be managed completely by myself, other personnel & the potential Licensee located from & within France Europe.

This brand new plant facility is unlike any other car manufacturing plant anywhere in the entire world worldwide & will be officially opened for the 'very first time,' by the above Licensee personnel on the evening of the "Unveiling Pageantry Ceremony," to be held at this plant facility located in Sydney New South Wales (NSW) Australia.

This development & production plant facility is currently being professionally meticulously designed by a leading Company Organisation based & located in Sydney New South Wales (NSW) Australia. It will be constructed by a leading Company Organisation located in Sydney NSW Australia.

The exclusive proprietary robotics, automated guided vehicles (AGV's), moving assembly line, etc, required for the Sydney Australia development & production plant facility, will be provided by a professional leading Company Organisation located in Sydney NSW Australia. 

Please tap or click the following link to read more about all aspects of this "Unveiling Pageantry Ceremony." "Unveiling Ceremony"

Within this plant facility will be the following divisions & amenities:

1. Complete steam-powered motor vehicle road test circuit, including a purpose-built runway, for the purpose to test for, record & break or 'smash' all known vehicle land speed records throughout the world.

2. Proving ground.

3. Fully automated construction assembly line, operated solely by exclusive proprietary modern innovative robots or 'robotics.'

4. Master motor vehicle dealership for Australia & the safe, selected world.

5. Motor vehicle museum.

6. Accommodation facilities.

7. Wind tunnel with the ability to check all weather conditions during the functions of the wind tunnel testing.

8. Chassis dynamometer.

9. Conference centre.

10. Teaching & training centre.

11. Vehicle weighing station system assembly.

At this selfsame one plant facility, there will be the ability to produce 6,912,000 throughput of new steam car models a year. This equates to an approximate brand new steam car sold every one second, or in other words, one eight-seater SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) & one three-seater sports car coupe model sold every two seconds. These two exemplary vehicles have not been designed, engineered & manufactured to be driven in deep water, deep mud, deep sand, deep saltwater, deep marsh bog etc & hence it is strongly recommended that these modes of driving are not carried out, as the standard manufacturer's vehicle warranty may become void if these driving travel modes occur.

Vehicle orders

This very large volume of the new steam-powered motor vehicles will be made or manufactured firstly for the Australian market population & then exported from Sydney New South Wales (NSW) Australia to the selected (i.e., selected by myself) & safe countries of the World.

All going well, it is envisaged to be able to produce or manufacture & deliver to a confirmed certified new steam car dealership from a confirmed reservation or pre-order for either or both of the two above-mentioned vehicles in approximately 7 days. 

The following below-mentioned Countries are included for the importation of all of the new steam car etc models made or manufactured in Australia only:

1. New Zealand.

2. Much of Europe.

3. Japan.

4. South Korea.

5. Singapore.

6. Malaysia.

7. Brunei.

8. Vietnam.

9. The Isle of Man.

10. Canada North America.

There will only ever be one in the total number of the new steam-powered vehicle development & production plant facility located in Sydney New South Wales (NSW) Australia, throughout the safe & selected world. There will never ever be another added steam-powered vehicle production plant facility designed & constructed regardless of any possible vehicle demand rate.

Please tap or click the following link to read more about all aspects of the new steam car project: "Centrepiece"

Vehicle deliveries

All deliveries & payments of pre-ordered reserved steam-powered vehicles occur at all certified new steam car sub licensee dealerships located firstly throughout Australia then the export safe & selected countries of the world. These exceptional vehicles are not personally delivered to these reservation holders but can only be collected at these dealerships where eye retinal scanning commences to allow access, entry & exit to these vehicles.

'My Smart Car'

Development, production plant facility & Master motor vehicle dealership for Australia, new, used sales, service manager, service advisors, accredited factory trained technicians personnel remuneration

The only six highly skilled & experienced employed plant operating & other Master motor vehicle dealership for Australia, personnel receive a very high generous base salary plus a commission income on each new steam-powered vehicle manufactured, new or used vehicles sold, serviced & repaired within the envisaged complete Sydney Australia plant facility, resulting in an Automotive Industry leading remuneration package.

I will be the certified Dealer Principal for the Master motor vehicle dealership for Australia located within the Sydney Australia development & production plant facility. I will also oversee the complete operation of the entire plant facility as noted above 1-11 inclusive to ensure that all ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) is executed correctly in all ways.

Payable taxes

All locally produced steam-powered vehicles within the Sydney production plant facility attract the payable Goods & Service Tax (GST), Company tax & Pay as you go (PAYG) withholding tax. Pay as you go (PAYG) withholding | Australian Taxation Office (ato.gov.au)

Applicable income tax is payable for these six employed plant operators etc as (PAYG).

Vehicle export payable taxes

The more steam-powered vehicles that are exported from the Sydney production plant facility to all safe & selected countries of the world, the more revenue the confirmed licensee receives & hence more (GST), Company tax, (PAYG) is payable for these six plant operators because their payable commission of these exported vehicles increases due to the total increased vehicle production amount. These vehicle production, etc commissions are paid to these six plant operators, etc each month, while their base salary is paid each two weeks or fortnightly.

Applicable import taxes are payable by the confirmed certified steam-powered vehicle sub licensee located in all safe & selected export countries. These import taxes are recouped by the sub licensee from the vehicle purchaser when these vehicles are sold & paid for. The vehicle purchaser pays for any local taxes which are added to the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of the imported vehicles from the Sydney production plant facility.

Vehicle prototype models

The very first prototype models of my new exclusive proprietary innovative fuel-free, self-charging steam-powered vehicle inventions & designs namely the initial eight-seater SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) & three-seater sports car coupe model are:

1. Experimental crash tests for certification approvals multiplied by two as several separate sectioned monocoque structures & not complete vehicles (pre-production designed & manufactured by Computer-aided design (CAD) software) without the use of small-scale or scale clay models for all & below prototype models.

2. Several of the four universal standard equipment same diameter road wheels for experimental crash tests & certification approvals (pre & post-production designed & manufactured by (CAD) software) at the herein mentioned Sydney Australia development & production plant facility.

3. Test multiplied by two (hand-built by me with the fitment of all required vehicle operating components & services).

4. Motor show multiplied by two (pre-production).

5. Museum multiplied by two (post-production).

These simple self-explanatory basic rules also apply to all future new steam cars etc models. These rudimentary rules ensure that all vehicle development, testing, certification approvals, initial & final production costs are kept to a minimum.

Master motor vehicle dealership for Australia

Within the Sydney Australia development & production plant facility is the Master motor vehicle dealership for Australia. This vehicle dealership acts as an outright owned entity of the confirmed Licensee & as such provides the newly manufactured steam-powered vehicles directly from the production assembly line at their wholesale cost price to this dealership which are then onsold to fleet, Government and/or private retail clients who purchase these 'never seen before' exceptional vehicles either in person at the dealership premises or online on the internet using the secure vehicle configurator application who reside in close proximity to this dealership facility. This equates to the mark-up profit margin commission on these vehicles being earned directly by the Licensee, then paid directly to the Licensee & not the Sub licensee.

Vehicle purchases, servicing, repairs, etc from clients residing outside close proximity to this dealership facility are conducted by the Australia-wide dealer network of authorised certified steam-powered vehicle sub licensees.

Computerised systems

Be rest assured that no computerised systems utilised anywhere in the complete Sydney Australia development & production plant facility as described herein will be using software and/or operating systems designed by Microsoft Corporation.

Employees employed by the confirmed Licensee

All of the minimal amounts of permanently employed personnel at the envisaged Sydney Australia development & production plant facility such as the plant operators & the integral master steam-powered vehicle dealership, are able to receive competitively priced low-interest automotive finance loans to purchase any of the available steam-powered vehicles without undergoing all of the formal loan application procedures. These loans are initially financed by the confirmed licensee & in the future by me.

These reasonably affordable loan repayments are automatically deducted from the respective employed personnel's salaries.

Sections of the automated production assembly line for all steam-powered vehicles

Within the Sydney Australia, development & production plant facility, end of the assembly line, is various testing & validation departments such as:

1. Shake and rattle of the suspension components to ensure correct operation.

2. Laser light penetration to detect any entry of light, indicating an area fully sealed to light, ensuring no water & dust, etc ingress.

3. Laser light coverage ensuring that all finished paint-free, dyed body panels, etc are of the utmost highest complete uniform fitment & quality anywhere on earth.

4. Four-wheel steering chassis dynamometer test.

These exclusive proprietary tests are all carried out by robots or 'robotics' configured & integrated into the automated moving assembly line allowing for seamless integration of all these testing departments.

All of these tests have a printed read-out indicating a high pass on all tests with the last test number 4., displaying the actual power measured in kilowatts (kW) & torque measured in newton-meters (Nm) output figures noted on the steering full left lock to right lock, right lock to left lock testing in forward & reverse directions. These test reports are made available to the purchasers of these revolutionary vehicles & are also retained by the Licensee, the owner of the plant facility.

Teaching & training centre

Within this teaching & training centre syllabus will be a paid-for six-month duration college degree course in all aspects of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) application for all participants such as the confirmed licensee, sub licensees, component & service suppliers for the new steam car project.

Environmental, social, and corporate governance - Wikipedia

To facilitate this, a professionally filmed video of myself conducting the various teaching & training modules contained within this course will be available for the relevant participants.

This time & money-saving procedure will negate the intrastate, interstate & overseas in-person course attendance.

Enrolment & payment of the course fees will be made available at a secure website operated by the confirmed licensee.

At the completion of the course, an examination will be conducted & a framed course completion certificate will be awarded to all participants indicating their respective pass marks.

Best regards

Mr. Craig E. Whittington

(Sydney NSW Australia.)