''Press Release''

Today's Day & Date: Saturday the 21st of November 2020.

Please stay attentively attuned here for all relevant Press Releases for the ''Major Announcement'' relating to the confirmation that the two AUTOMOTIVE - Uniquely Electrically Operated Self Propelled 'Self Charging' Steam Powered Passenger Motor Vehicle prototype models will commence their construction & building. This event will definitely be 'History In The Making.' 

The above-mentioned Press Releases will contain proprietary production-ready images of the visual appearance & the complete operational specifications including the approximate preliminary envisioned Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) cost of the initial two brand new steam-powered passenger motor vehicles, namely the eight-seater SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) & the three-seater sports car coupe. These Press Releases will be able to be downloaded here by members of the Press & other interested parties as required, as a .pdf file format document, wherein the specified country or countries that these two motor vehicles are available to be reserved, pre-ordered & purchased or are 'for sale,' will be noted in the Press Releases. 

(To be advised & announced here when the Press Releases are available).