"The New Steam Cars Unveiling Ceremony"

Please stay attentively attuned here for the "Unveiling Ceremony" announcement relating to the confirmation that the two AUTOMOTIVE - Uniquely Electrically Operated Self Propelled 'Self Charging' Steam Powered Passenger Motor Vehicle prototype models will commence their full production mass production. This announcement will include when & where this will occur. This unveiling ceremony event will definitely be 'History In The Making,' and its free attendance at a yet to be announced date & location is by invitation only.

This above-mentioned attendance will solely only be for the confirmed licensee, the confirmed sub-licensees, the confirmed component, service suppliers & other people as yet to be determined, for the Worldwide new steam car project.

Both of the two new steam car prototype models will be seen & physically present at this above-mentioned event. All of the applicable Executive Management personnel from the confirmed licensee will be in attendance at this event. Myself as the sole inventor & designer of both of these two new steam car prototype models will personally be in attendance at this event, to if as necessary, fully explain all of the innovative features, functions & benefits of both of the two new steam car prototype models to all of the attendees in attendance at this event.

Orders to reserve & to purchase or buy one or both of the two above-mentioned brand new steam cars can be taken throughout the course of this event. This safe, simple, Worldwide proven & effective ordering reservation purchase process will be facilitated by a secure website carried out online on the internet. This applicable secure website URL link address will be provided to all of the attendees at this event.

Full payment for the purchase cost of one or both of the above-mentioned ordered & reserved two new steam cars is only required upon the actual physical delivery of the new steam cars to the purchaser.

Please tap or click the below-mentioned link to learn more about all of the innovative standard basic features, functions, benefits & cost of the initial two brand new steam car models:


Thank You

My Best Regards

Mr Craig E. Whittington

(Sydney New South Wales (NSW) Australia).