"The New Steam Cars Unveiling Pageantry Ceremony"

Today's Day & Date: Monday the 20th of June 2022.

Please stay attentively attuned here for the "Unveiling Pageantry Ceremony" announcement relating to the confirmation that the two exclusive proprietary AUTOMOTIVE - Uniquely electrically operated self-propelled 'fuel-free, self-charging' steam-powered passenger vehicle pre-production prototype models, namely the eight-seater SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) & three-seater sports car coupe models will commence their full production mass production. This announcement will include when & where this will occur. This Unveiling Pageantry Ceremony event will definitely be 'History In The Making,' and its free attendance at a yet-to-be-announced date & location is by invitation only.

This above-mentioned attendance will solely only be for the confirmed licensee, the confirmed sub-licensees, the confirmed component, service suppliers & other people by invitation only, as yet to be determined, for the Worldwide new steam car project.

Both of the production-ready two new steam car prototype models will be seen & physically present at this above-mentioned event. All of the applicable Executive Management personnel from the confirmed licensee will be in attendance at this event. I as the sole inventor & designer of both of these production-ready two new steam car prototype models will personally be in attendance at this event, to if as necessary, fully explain all of the innovative features, functions & benefits of both of the two production-ready new steam car prototype models to all of the attendees in attendance at this event.

Pre-orders to reserve & to purchase or buy one or both of the two above-mentioned brand new steam cars can be taken throughout the course of this event. This safe, simple, Worldwide proven & effective pre-ordering reservation purchase process will be facilitated by a secure website carried out online on the internet. This applicable secure URL website link address will be provided to all of the attendees at this event & external viewers from around the selected, approved & safe World, watching & listening to the below-mentioned live video broadcast feed of this complete entire event. Only selected, approved & safe Countries throughout the World will be able to pre-order, reserve one or both of the two initial new steam cars & to also watch and listen to the below-mentioned live video broadcast feed.

Full payment for the purchase cost of one or both of the above-mentioned pre-ordered & reserved two new steam cars is only required upon the actual physical delivery of the new steam cars to the purchaser. Actual initial money deposits are not required to pre-order & reserve one or both of the two initial new steam car models.

At the opportune time, there will be posted here, the URL website link of the actual live video broadcast feed of the above-mentioned event, so all people all over the entire selected, approved & safe World not in attendance at this event, can learn more & all about these two revolutionary new steam cars. 

All of the costs for travel & accommodation to attend the above event for the confirmed licensee, with its personnel, sub-licensees, component, service suppliers within Australia & from all over the world, will be met & paid for in their entirety by the licensee. For the international licensee, with its personnel, sub-licensees, component, service suppliers based & located within Australia & located outside of Australia, suitable modern amiable free accommodation is provided at the envisaged new development & production factory plant facility to be purpose-built in Sydney NSW Australia. 

Please tap or click the below-mentioned internal link to learn more & all about the innovative standard basic features, functions, benefits & envisioned cost of the initial two brand new steam car models:



I did today Thursday the 24th of February 2022 advise the Managing Director of Industrial Design Australia & Product Development | Design + Industry (design-industry.com.au) that he & his partner will be invited to the invitation-only event "The New Steam Cars Unveiling Pageantry Ceremony" noted herein.

All confirmed component, service suppliers, sub licensees & their partners for the new steam car project & other individuals, will receive an official timely invitation to this event.

Only competent, professional, well-known, respected pre-selected invitees will receive an official invitation to this 'once in a lifetime, life-changing event' by the confirmed licensee.


Be rest assured that no current or former local, state, provincial, municipal and/or federal government ministers, officials, representatives, etc, including the premier, chief minister, prime minister, president, chancellor, governor, specific country queen, king & other incognisant selected specific individuals anywhere in the entire world, will receive an invitation to the "The New Steam Cars Unveiling Pageantry Ceremony" noted herein. The sole reason for this is due to their completely inept, lackadaisical complete management of their own particular country,  economy & life.

Priority Agenda

* Upon the confirmation that the Sydney NSW Australia steam powered vehicle development & production plant facility has commenced its construction the confirmed licensee applies, pays for & owns the one universal standard worldwide registered trademark name of all of my exclusive proprietary fuel-free, self-charging new steam-powered vehicle inventions & designs to the appropriate Australian Government IP Australia Department.

This one universal standard registered trademark name will be displayed & illuminated on the front & rear number plates or license plates of all steam-powered vehicles throughout the safe & selected world where these vehicles are available to be purchased in the native language of these countries or regions. Personalised number or license plates are not permitted.

How to apply for a trade mark | IP Australia

Trade mark time and costs | IP Australia

Renewing your trade mark | IP Australia

* The very first task I must complete once the envisaged new steam car development & production facility in Sydney NSW Australia is constructed, is to assemble the working operational steam engine assembly display model, which is to be permanently housed in an illuminated showcase that shows my ingenious steam engine assembly functioning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as I initially invented & designed it to.

* Carry out the 'robotic' manufacture of several of the two above-mentioned new steam car monocoque structures for the purpose to have them crash-tested etc, by The Australasian New Car Assessment Program, more commonly referred to as ANCAP SAFETY, Australasia's independent vehicle safety authority. 

* Carry out the 'robotic' manufacture of the complete above two-vehicle assemblies, then I will hand-fit all of the necessary operating components to these two pre-production test prototype models. Both of these complete functional two pre-production test prototype models will be delivered to the relevant ANCAP SAFETY locations in Australia for their final motive testing. The comprehensive vehicle testing, validation & certification will then commence & be finalised. This testing will ensure the highly coveted maximum 5-star ANCAP safety rating is satisfactorily obtained & displayed on these two retail vehicles offered for sale.  

* Carry out the 'robotic' manufacture of the two final pre-production show vehicles, which are to be permanently housed in the integral museum within the Sydney NSW Australia steam car development & production plant facility. These two show vehicles are when required to be displayed at the herein mentioned "Unveiling Ceremony" & the relevant Germany Europe Motor Show.

* Carry out the complete certified automotive factory training for all confirmed new steam car sub licensee dealership personnel, such as the dealer principals, sales new & used, service managers, service advisers, spare parts & repair workshop technicians in how to correctly sell, service & repair these wondrous vehicles. Another onsite training regime for the six hand-picked very highly experienced & remunerated Sydney plant operators apply.

This exclusive proprietary training is only ever carried out by me, the sole inventor & designer of these two initial vehicles, in a specially designed teaching & training centre incorporated into the Sydney NSW Australia plant facility. At the completion of this training, a comprehensive examination is presented to all attendees. A 100% examination pass mark must be attained to complete this training. If it is, then an accredited certified framed certificate is awarded to all of these training participants. All costs to carry out this video recorded training etc are met & paid for by the confirmed licensee. All relevant confirmed overseas licensee personnel & sub licensees not personally in attendance for this training can view all of this training on pre-recorded high definition (HD) video.

* "The New Steam Cars Unveiling Pageantry Ceremony" commences.

* Carry out the 'robotic' mass production full production of the two retail pre-production prototype models & deliver them to the various confirmed certified sub licensee steam car dealerships located throughout Australia & the safe, selected world.

* Once all of the above tasks are successfully completed, my new exclusive proprietary fuel-free, self-charging steam-powered electricity-producing device apparatus invention & design will be assembled, tested & certified as a serial pre-production prototype model within the Sydney plant facility. From this prototype model application, 'robotic' mass-produced electricity-producing mechanisms will be carried out & installed in all electricity-producing power stations located throughout the safe & selected world.

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Production Facility

The steam-powered vehicle development & production plant facility official opening, the two pre-production automotive vehicle prototype launches & unveiling Pageantry Ceremony evening agenda

The evening event is formally opened by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the confirmed Licensee for the new steam car project.

* The first new exclusive, proprietary fuel-free, self-charging steam-powered vehicle invention & design to be released for reservation orders is the eight-seater SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle).

* The second new exclusive, proprietary fuel-free, self-charging steam-powered vehicle invention & design to be released for reservation orders is the three-seater sports car coupe model.

* Both of these two automotive vehicle models will be released at the same time together.

* The first part of this alcohol-free evening event will be a sumptuous banquet meal served according to the attendee's pre-requested meal type. All pre-invited attendees wear a suitable personal name, title & Company name tag. Formal men's & women's black-tie dinner suit (tuxedo) attire is not required. Instead, men's attire requires a necktie to be worn. Women's attire to be modern.

* The next part is for all attendees to view a professionally produced high-definition (HD) video showing the complete tour of the development, production plant facility & the 'robotic' manufacture of the two pre-production prototype models.

* Professional entertainment music performance performed by a renowned Australian female singer entertainer.

* The recognition, awards firstly for me as the sole inventor, designer of the two vehicles & the complete development, production plant facility, then for all of the worldwide vehicle component, service suppliers and confirmed sub licensees for the new steam car project.

* The unveiling of the two automotive vehicle prototypes with full commentary, explanation of all of the vehicle features & benefits carried out by myself, the sole inventor & designer of these two 'never seen before' vehicles.

* Myself to demonstrate & thoroughly explain the exclusive proprietary automotive-grade complete comprehensive vehicle anti-theft, anti-carjacking, anti-road rage system on a stage utilising a human-size dummy to show the devastating effects on a real person or persons during an attempted theft, carjacking, and/or road rage incident. Any attempted incidence of vehicle theft, carjacking, or road rage is immediately automatically all by itself reported as a video & audio feed sent to the appropriate law enforcement authorities in the jurisdiction where the event occurred in all safe, selected countries of the world where these 'never seen before' vehicles are available for purchase. 

* Meet & greet occasion, with light refreshments served, the personal inspection of the two vehicles, photo opportunity, ask me any pertinent questions. 

* All configured vehicle reservation pre-orders are carried out with a notified expected stipulated vehicle delivery date. Vehicles can be collected & paid for from all certified sub licensee vehicle dealerships Australia-wide & the envisaged Sydney NSW Australia new steam car dealership incorporated as part of the plant facility.

* Within this vehicle reservation pre-order process carried out online on the internet via a secure licensee configurator website, it is possible, if required, to have a temporary reservation by selecting to have a personal vehicle test drive at the nominated new steam car sub-licensee vehicle dealership located throughout Australia. If a vehicle pre-purchase test drive preference is not required, then the selected reservation will be permanent.

* Thank all attendees for coming & formally closing the event, carried out by me. 

* Arrange all internal accommodation requirements for the overseas international & interstate attendees located within the Sydney Australia plant facility.

"Media Launch"

Thank you

Best regards

Mr. Craig E. Whittington

(Sydney New South Wales (NSW) Australia).