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Today's Day & Date: Thursday the 10th of March 2022.






Delta says it will invest $1 billion to cut carbon emissions

Electric aircraft to be built in Adelaide as solar-powered plane completes Woomera test flight

Caltex warns jet fuel hit could worsen

NASA has developed an experimental fully electric plane with 14 motors on its wings. Take a closer look at the X-57 Maxwell.

Tug-of-war for Virgin as NSW government offers bailout to airline if it moves headquarters to new Sydney airport - after Queensland offered funds for it to stay in Brisbane

Fossil fuel-free jet propulsion system powered by PLASMA can generate the same amount of thrust as a commercial jet engine, scientists claim

World's Largest All-Electric Passenger Aircraft Makes Maiden Flight | Zero Hedge

Green aviation still has electrifying future despite virus

Virgin bondholders make $925m pitch for control of airline

U.S. EPA to propose first-ever airplane emissions standards, sources say

GM Considers Expanding Into Electric-Flying Air-Taxis | Zero Hedge

Airbus reveals plans for zero-emission aircraft fuelled by hydrogen

Japan picks Mitsubishi Heavy to lead development of new stealth jet fighter

Three-wheeled flying car wins approval to drive on the roads

Lufthansa launches offering for 525 million euros in convertible bonds

Airbus, Boeing expected to turn to hybrid engine technology for new planes - lessor

Researchers Find a Way to Pull Carbon Out of The Air And Turn It Into Jet Fuel

Boeing wants all its aircraft to fly on sustainable fuels by 2030

Exhaust gas behind Sydney seaplane crash

British firm develops ultra-quiet bioelectric hybrid aircraft

Rolls-Royce tests green giant that runs on waste

Wisk will start testing its 'air taxi' implementation later this year

UPS Buying Vertical Takeoff Aircraft For Time-Sensitive Deliveries | ZeroHedge

Hydrogen planes: the airborne revolution

Seaglider is part boat, part plane that travels along US costal routes

Mega-rich private jet still landing in Australia despite border freeze

Electric aircraft sets Australian-firsts for quiet, cheap, speedy, long-distance travel

Volocopter's Flying Taxi Secures Production Organization Approval As Commercialization Nears | ZeroHedge

United Airlines Purchases 100 New Electric Planes For Regional Flights | ZeroHedge

Qantas reveal bold plans to relaunch international travel

‘Useless’ Joint Strike Fighter jets set to be purchased by Australia | Sky News Australia

‘Decarbonising aviation’: the Electric EEL could be the future of flying

NASA starts flight testing with Joby's electric air taxi

20 rules to follow next time you fly

Jet Fuel Made From This Crop Could Cut Emissions by Up to 68%, New Analysis Proves

Rolls-Royce's all-electric airplane smashes record with 387.4 MPH top speed

Aust orders 60 Brazilian electric planes

Russia Roils Plane-Backed Bonds by Keeping $10 Billion of Jets