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Delta says it will invest $1 billion to cut carbon emissions

Electric aircraft to be built in Adelaide as solar-powered plane completes Woomera test flight

Caltex warns jet fuel hit could worsen

NASA has developed an experimental fully electric plane with 14 motors on its wings. Take a closer look at the X-57 Maxwell.

Tug-of-war for Virgin as NSW government offers bailout to airline if it moves headquarters to new Sydney airport - after Queensland offered funds for it to stay in Brisbane

Fossil fuel-free jet propulsion system powered by PLASMA can generate the same amount of thrust as a commercial jet engine, scientists claim

World's Largest All-Electric Passenger Aircraft Makes Maiden Flight | Zero Hedge

Green aviation still has electrifying future despite virus

Virgin bondholders make $925m pitch for control of airline

U.S. EPA to propose first-ever airplane emissions standards, sources say

GM Considers Expanding Into Electric-Flying Air-Taxis | Zero Hedge

Airbus reveals plans for zero-emission aircraft fuelled by hydrogen