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Today's Day & Date: Tuesday the 27th of September 2022.

Avocado boom costing farmers

Rats, drought and labour shortages eat into global edible oil recovery

Canada's tough canola harvest driving prices up for Aussie farmers

Soybeans Hit Longest Slump Since Dot.Com Era as China Sales Lag

Sugar Prices Soar as Energy Crisis Boosts Ethanol Output

Cotton Prices Near 10-Year High With Supply Deficit Seen Growing

Wheat Closes at Highest Since 2012 as Food Inflation Fears Grow

Soaring Wheat Prices Are Raising Bread Costs

Nutrien CEO Sees Farmers Spending Big on Fertilizer

Russia to Slap Quotas on Fertilizer Exports to Safeguard Supply

Fertilizer Crisis Means Higher Prices for Every Plate of Food

In a World Desperate for Wheat, Australia and Argentina Step Up

Global Wheat Exports Seen Reaching Record as Russia Ships More

Worst to come: pasta makers fret over durum wheat supply crunch

Genetically Modified Wheat Gets a Boost With Brazil Approval

Days of heavy rain halts harvest | Sky News Australia

Farmers Take on ‘Post-Apocalyptic’ Food Crisis

Australian grain farmers to make record profits | Sky News Australia

Badly Timed Rain Hurts Australian Wheat When World Needs It Most

Victorian grape growers facing labour shortages | Sky News Australia

Cocoa Nears Four-Month Low as Crop Markets Slide on Virus Worry

Millennials Are Getting Coaxed Into the Grueling World of Indonesian Farming

‘Really disappointing for the farmers’: Widespread flooding devastates crops | Sky News Australia

Record rain devastates farmers' 'harvest of a lifetime'

Wheat Set for Weekly Drop as Traders Weigh Virus, Robust Demand

Severe Flooding in Australia Set to Worsen, Submerging Crops

‘Disastrous’ plastic use in farming threatens food safety – UN

Widespread flooding disrupts harvest | Sky News Australia

Wheat Prices Tumble to Month Low as Global Supply Outlook Swells

India Loses WTO Dispute Over Sugar-Export Subsidies

U.S. overpaid corn farmers $3 billion in Trump trade aid - GAO

Robot tractors may be heading to a farm near you

Inflation Comes For Your Closet: Cotton Prices Hit Decade High Amid Global Deficit | ZeroHedge

Soaring Cooking Oil Prices Could Push Global Food Prices To Record | ZeroHedge

Analysis-Abundant lower-quality Asian wheat supplies to fill corn shortage

Record Wheat Harvest in Australia Now Seen Over 5% Higher

"Breadbasket Of World" Choked Off By Russian Invasion As Wheat Prices Soar | ZeroHedge

Analysis-Russia-Ukraine conflict highlights wheat supply vulnerability

Food Crisis Imminent: Hungary Bans All Grain Exports Effective Immediately | ZeroHedge

Bread consumers to swallow the cost of Russia-Ukraine war

Soaring Wheat Prices Leave These Countries Susceptible To Uprisings  | ZeroHedge

Russian invasion of Ukraine to have ‘huge ramifications’ on global food supply chains | Sky News Australia

Russia-Ukraine war could bring 'biblical event' as global wheat supply disrupted: Expert

Food Crisis About To Get Worse After China Says Winter Wheat Condition Could Be Worst In History | ZeroHedge

Wheat Retreats From Record After Surpassing Food-Crisis High

Climbing World Wheat Reserves May Help Temper Chaos in Black Sea

Capacity crunch crimps Australia's war-time commodity bonanza

Argentina Halts Soy Exports As Food Protectionism Soars  | ZeroHedge

Fertilizer Sanctions Split Farm Superpowers as Food Prices Surge

Soaring Prices for Everything Used to Make Food Brings More Inflation

Wheat Extends Gains as Top Importers Seek Alternative Supplies

Farmers will be the ‘last’ to see gains from food price increase | Sky News Australia

Booming Wheat Exports From India to Ease Global Shortage

UK Sleepwalking Into Food Crisis As Fresh Produce Set To Vanish From Supermarkets  | ZeroHedge

Bumper Wheat Crop Looms Again in Australia on High Prices, Rains

The $120 Billion Global Grain Trade Is Being Redrawn by Russia's War in Ukraine

Corn Climbs Toward ‘Mythical’ $8 Mark on War, U.S. Weather Risks

World Bank warns of 'human catastrophe' food crisis

Cooking-Oil Chaos Exacerbates a Looming World Hunger Crisis

The Rich, Black Soil That Fed a Growing China Is Washing Away

Russia-Ukraine war a problem for ‘feeding the world’ | Sky News Australia

CEO of major food brand issues dire warning - YouTube

India Wheat Export Curb to Be Less Explosive Than Prices Suggest

UPDATE 1-Egypt says government purchases exempted from India’s wheat exports ban

Mechanized wheat harvesting in full swing across China, aims to stabilize prices - Global Times

Australia set for 3rd year of bumper wheat harvests, easing world supply woes

Huge Wheat Harvest Coming in Australia Could Help Ease Tight Market

Australians warned to prepare for a food supply crisis

Export restrictions push up food prices

Food Inflation Relief Is Within Sight as Crops and Crude Pull Back

NSW wheat and canola farmers face 50 per cent yield loss after record rainfall

Sydney flood crisis expected to worsen fruit and vegetable price hike

Heavy Rains Hit Wheat and Canola Planting in Eastern Australia

Fewer chickpeas means cheap protein and hummus could be harder to find

Analysis-Global rice supplies at risk as harsh weather hits top exporters

World’s Hunger for Wheat Spawns New Group of Nimble Exporters

The World’s Cotton Supply Keeps Shrinking, Hit by Drought, Heat

‘Horrible’ Texas Cotton Conditions Worsen Global Supply Outlook

Japan’s Drying Rice Paddies Are Now a National Security Threat

China still top market for farm exports

Australia Sees Massive Wheat Crop Boosting Export Earnings

Top Rice-Exporter India Curbs Shipments, Adds To Fresh Food Inflation Fears | ZeroHedge

Australian food is grown with dangerous chemicals banned in other countries