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Seven charged with disaster claim fraud

How Aussies are being sent FluBot scams on their phones

Canberra chef James Mussillon arrested for money laundering, perjury and fraud

Telstra warns: ‘Missed call’ text secretly infects Aussie phones

Scam enabled ineligible people to book priority vaccine spots at RPA Hospital for $300

CEO of Saygus smartphone company that never released a phone charged with fraud

6 California Companies Convicted For Scheme Avoiding $1.8 Billion In Customs Duties On China Imports | ZeroHedge

Woman jailed for Centrelink, Medicare scam

Foreign Syndicates May Have Stolen Up To $400 Billion In COVID Benefits | ZeroHedge

This nasty new email scam tricks victims into calling the fraudsters

Victorian woman fleeced $10m from 'harrowing' phone scam

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How To Protect Yourself From The Dodgy SMS Scam Going Around

Warning: The $9,000 ‘FluBot’ scam text has mutated

‘$500 a day’: Beware this job offer promising $30k a month

Cyber crims target lockdown homebodies

Police traffic stop saves elderly driver from scammer claiming to be from major bank

20 signs a phone call is really a dangerous scam

‘ACT QUICKLY’: Word doc that could hack Microsoft computers

ATO jails 3 men for attempted $4.6 million theft

62-year-old man charged over $845,000 phoenix activity: ATO

Warning: Fake AusPost email ‘takes advantage’ of Aussies

Woman, 81, allegedly defrauded of $25,000 in law enforcement scam

Apple issues urgent warning about iPhone hacks

Melbourne woman scammed out of $38k by fake AFP officer

Google exposes how 6.6 million Australians got hacked

16 million Aussies warned of dangerous Commonwealth Bank email scam

Classic Car Restorer Indicted On Fraud Charges

WARNING over fake ‘Australian Federal Police’ phone calls

Series 2021 Food Fraud : ABC iview

Russia keeps EU, Australia food import ban

16 million Australians targeted by fake CBA ‘security alert’

Sydney man charged over $20m ATO fraud

Protect your business from email scams - NAB

‘Declined’: 18.8 million Telstra customers ‘at risk’

Russian Billionaire Oleg Tinkov to Pay $500 Million for U.S. Tax Fraud

Aussies warned to ignore fake ‘Woolworths’ job offer

‘Breaking my heart’: Police insider on Aussies losing life savings to scams

Five arrested after alleged $62m money laundering operation

Melbourne heroin haul worth $140 million

Avoid this FAKE ‘email password expired’ warning

How to avoid scams from nuisance and unwanted phone calls