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Today's Day & Date: Tuesday the 27th of September 2022.

Visualized: The Biggest Ponzi Schemes In Modern History | ZeroHedge

Seven charged with disaster claim fraud

How Aussies are being sent FluBot scams on their phones

Canberra chef James Mussillon arrested for money laundering, perjury and fraud

Telstra warns: ‘Missed call’ text secretly infects Aussie phones

Scam enabled ineligible people to book priority vaccine spots at RPA Hospital for $300

CEO of Saygus smartphone company that never released a phone charged with fraud

6 California Companies Convicted For Scheme Avoiding $1.8 Billion In Customs Duties On China Imports | ZeroHedge

Woman jailed for Centrelink, Medicare scam

Foreign Syndicates May Have Stolen Up To $400 Billion In COVID Benefits | ZeroHedge

This nasty new email scam tricks victims into calling the fraudsters

Victorian woman fleeced $10m from 'harrowing' phone scam

COVID-19 vaccination scams | Scamwatch

How To Protect Yourself From The Dodgy SMS Scam Going Around

Warning: The $9,000 ‘FluBot’ scam text has mutated

‘$500 a day’: Beware this job offer promising $30k a month

Cyber crims target lockdown homebodies

Police traffic stop saves elderly driver from scammer claiming to be from major bank

20 signs a phone call is really a dangerous scam

‘ACT QUICKLY’: Word doc that could hack Microsoft computers

ATO jails 3 men for attempted $4.6 million theft

62-year-old man charged over $845,000 phoenix activity: ATO

Warning: Fake AusPost email ‘takes advantage’ of Aussies

Woman, 81, allegedly defrauded of $25,000 in law enforcement scam

Apple issues urgent warning about iPhone hacks

Melbourne woman scammed out of $38k by fake AFP officer

Google exposes how 6.6 million Australians got hacked

16 million Aussies warned of dangerous Commonwealth Bank email scam

Classic Car Restorer Indicted On Fraud Charges

WARNING over fake ‘Australian Federal Police’ phone calls

Series 2021 Food Fraud : ABC iview

Russia keeps EU, Australia food import ban

16 million Australians targeted by fake CBA ‘security alert’

Sydney man charged over $20m ATO fraud

Protect your business from email scams - NAB

‘Declined’: 18.8 million Telstra customers ‘at risk’

Russian Billionaire Oleg Tinkov to Pay $500 Million for U.S. Tax Fraud

Aussies warned to ignore fake ‘Woolworths’ job offer

‘Breaking my heart’: Police insider on Aussies losing life savings to scams

Five arrested after alleged $62m money laundering operation

Melbourne heroin haul worth $140 million

Avoid this FAKE ‘email password expired’ warning

How to avoid scams from nuisance and unwanted phone calls

‘On its way’: DHL customers warned about shipping email

Fake COVID-19 vaccine certificates being produced online in seconds

Millions warned of Service NSW $400 ‘subsidy’ scam

Ex-Wells Fargo Adviser Arrested in New Jersey on Client-Fraud Charges

Sydney Man Convicted of Selling Stolen Netflix Logins Must Now Forfeit Crypto Gains

Vince Cable: Banks MUST do more to combat fraudsters

Midwife who stole pregnant woman's bank cards is struck off

Is that suspicious email in your inbox a phishing scam?

'Ferrari' prompts millions stolen from CBA

Scam Awareness Week | Learn about scams - NAB

Protect your identity from cyber criminals - NAB

Encrypting sensitive information | protecting important data online - NAB

ATO sting: 5 years’ jail for man who lodged fake returns

Scammers on notice during awareness week

NSW police investigate millions in suspected COVID-19 payment fraud

Vatican Loses $135M In Shady London Property Deal Amid Allegations Of Massive Fraud | ZeroHedge

US man charged over alleged bond scam

California Fraudsters Get Rich Off Unemployment Benefits | ZeroHedge

Ex-MP Thomson on migration fraud charges

Payroll officer jailed for $182K tax fraud

Credit Suisse Says Client Who Lost $400 Million At Hands Of Fraudster Banker Should Take Responsibility For His Losses | ZeroHedge

Canadian Teen Arrested For Allegedly Stealing $36.5 Million In Crypto | ZeroHedge

Influencers accused in $400K social media scam

What to do if you think your identity’s been stolen

Shoppers urged to look out for scams | Sky News Australia

Facebook hackers target small business owners to steal money for ads

Key scams seen during this time of the year are ‘remote access scams’ | Sky News Australia

MPs pile on the pressure over online scams

Steakhouse Owner Busted For Classic Car COVID Fraud

Sydney man charged over text scam that allegedly stole $100,000

Major warning for 10 million Optus customers

Joe Ferrari’s International Car Smuggling Scheme Included Large Amount Of Stolen Cars

Aussies charged in global laundering sting

Christmas a peak time for charity scams

61-year-old disability pensioner scammed out of life savings

Serious warning for 13 million Westpac customers

Meta is trying to find the people who created more than 39,000 phishing sites

More Than $100 Billion Was Stolen From Pandemic Relief Funds, Secret Service Says | ZeroHedge

Sydney man charged over alleged $2 million fraud

SEC charges ‘decentralized’ Amazon Web Services competitor with scamming investors

This super ambitious phishing campaign impersonated the US Department of Labor

‘Used for criminal activity’: Warning about new inbox scam

Scammer payback: Grandma tricks alleged fraudster into coming to her house where police pounce, make arrest - ABC7 Los Angeles

Social media scammers stole at least $770 million in 2021

Serious warning for 15 million Commonwealth Bank customers

If tech websites and banks pay for fraud, scams will vanish overnight

Australian mining billionaire files lawsuit against Facebook over scam ads

'The Largest Financial Seizure Ever' - DoJ Recovers Billions In Bitcoin From 2016 Bitfinex Hack, Couple Arrested | ZeroHedge

Online Romance Scams | Signs To Look For And Helpful Resources - NAB

An estimated $56 million was lost last year to dating scams, according to the ACCC. It follows a surge in investment and crypto scams since the start of the pandemic.

Hollywood actor Zachary Horwitz sentenced to 20 years in prison for multimillion-dollar Ponzi scheme

"Bottomless ATM": Brooklyn Gang Members Scammed Over $4 Million From COVID Relief Funds | ZeroHedge

Sydney socialite interior designer on fraud charges

Over $200,000,000 worth of NFTs have been stolen from OpenSea via an email phishing hack | ZeroHedge

Scammer turns up at elderly woman's door to collect $9,000 in cash

‘Account reported’: Serious warning for Instagram users

Warning over Centrelink ‘refund’ email

Aussies warned of fake charities, insurers in the wake of flood crisis

Dutch diamond dealer found guilty over staged €4.1m armed robbery

This phishing attack hijacks email chains to power up an ancient botnet

City Of Fresno Duped Out Of $400,000 In African Email Scam | ZeroHedge

Spam and phishing emails – tips to identify them - NAB

ATO bust: Man sentenced over 'dodgy' $250k find

Meta Sued by Australian Watchdog Over Scam Crypto Advertisements

CryptoRom Bitcoin swindlers continue to target vulnerable iPhone and Android users

Is this the biggest property scam ever? | 60 Minutes Australia - YouTube

The photocopier salesman accused of stealing half a billion dollars | 60 Minutes Australia - YouTube

Which? warns people to watch out for these 12 ’emerging fraud threats’

Ignoring this bogus Telstra notice could save you thousands

Cocaine haul worth $6 million seized by police in Bell Bay in northern Tasmania

Centrelink’s $1,000 flood payment rorted: ‘It’s gone viral’

Former Yale Administrator Pleads Guilty To Embezzling $40 Million In Massive Fraud | ZeroHedge

Maudsland woman charged with fraud, forgery after allegedly stealing $400,000 from deceased estates

Two men charged over scam which allegedly involved impersonating Australian Federal Police officers

Man in GoFundMe scam gets 27-month federal prison sentence


Major banks warn against new scam | OverSixty

This fake Norton antivirus email could really ruin your weekend


Harrowing tale of how hackers stole $52,000 from grandparents

Man allegedly scams film production company to buy gold bullion | Sky News Australia

Former Goldman Banker Found Guilty Of Fraud And Money Laundering In 1MDB Case | ZeroHedge

Scammers targeted by new ACMA laws

Man's identity stolen from a government website costing him $20,000

Trying to buy a microSD card proved to me that Amazon is becoming a scammers' paradise

Police seize almost $5m in cash, drugs and cryptocurrency teller machines in Sydney

Auto scam block to save Aussies $120m

Google sues scammer for ‘puppy fraud’

Centrelink scammers target flood-hit residents in northern NSW

Aussie telco crackdown after victims of SIM-swap scammers lose $28,000

Homeowners scammed as building industry delays continue to increase

Woman who fleeced two men out of $800K fails to get her jail time cut

Solar company exec gets six years in prison for Ponzi scheme

Revealed: The 8 types of identity theft

Elder fraud: What to know about financial scams

Identity scam scuppered when country postie ‘smelled a rat’

Man Tricked Into Stealing $4M From His Employer to ‘Save’ Woman From Fake New York Mobster: Prosecutors

How a single email cost an Australian couple $50,000

How a cryptocurrency project lost $80m to a get-rich-quick scheme

ATO issues serious tax file number warning

Tax office warns of fake website scam

Mayor of Canada Bay Angelo Tsirekas took bribes to help developers get their projects through council, ICAC hears

Australia Post's urgent warning about devious text scam: 'Delete immediately'

ATO issues warning on ‘gutless’ scams | Sky News Australia

Alpaca scammers target would-be buyers online

Crypto-crimewave forces police online to pursue ill-gotten assets

How does identity theft protection work? Stop would-be scammers fast

Plutus fraudsters led lavish lives: Crown

Gold Coast fund manager jailed for fraud

Coles scam lures shoppers in with promise of 'exclusive rewards'

ATO probing 40,000 Aussies for tax fraud | St George & Sutherland Shire Leader | St George, NSW

Mining Capital Coin CEO indicted in $62 million crypto fraud scheme

Architect of Allianz fraud made $60 million as he lied to investors, U.S. says

Melbourne woman sentenced to time served for 'brazen' identity theft bank scam

Telstra customers warned of ‘unsuccessful payment’

Australian mum of three ripped off $500,000 in fake bonds scam

Epic Art World Fraudster Gets 84 Months for $86M Scheme

Crypto exchange BitMEX co-founder gets 6 months house arrest for U.S. charges

Scams - Optus

Crypto Scammers Pose as Journalists, NFT Projects on Twitter

Tricks used by phone scammers exposed in new study

Call to protect Aussies from crypto scams

Four charged with $2 million NDIS fraud

Warning to millions of Australia Post customers

Police warn drivers over wing mirror scam that could cost you hundreds of pounds

What is phishing and how dangerous is it?

More Australians losing money to scams

ATO warning: Avoid this mistake at tax time

ATO targets GST scams, recovers $1 billion

The Gmail and Hotmail spam email that could break your PC or laptop just by opening it

Warning over $736 'myGov' email: ‘Outstanding refund’

That PayPal alert email could just be a phishing scheme

‘Exponential’ growth in online scams | Sky News Australia

From text messages to fraudulent ads, how scammers are draining bank accounts

Financial adviser jailed over $363k theft

Zhenya Tsvetnenko handed eight-year jail term in US for multi-million-dollar text message scam

Jess Ridley, Westpac: Today Show TV presenter reveals how she was scammed out of $35k

U.S. CFTC charges South African company with record $1.7 billion bitcoin fraud

U.S. adds 'Cryptoqueen' to most-wanted list over alleged $4 billion fraud

The government’s going after alleged crypto scammers as market crashes

Fake Australia Post worker targets eBay seller: 'It is a scam'

WA residents warned of COVID-19 test scam

Business scam losses continue to soar

Florida Man Charged In $1 Billion Fraud Scheme Of Counterfeit Cisco Devices | ZeroHedge

Indian scammers faked a cricket season and conned Russian gamblers out of their money

Ex-F1 boss Ecclestone charged with fraud over £400m of overseas assets

China to Repay Bank Scam Victims After Protests Turn Violent

Family wanted over $1bn gold and gems scam ‘enjoy expensive London lifestyle’

Sydney man jailed over $2 million fraud

Phone scam targeting Australian parents costs mum $4,500

Nasty new YouTube scam could land you in hot water

Telstra customers warned of ‘owing bill’ message

Beware - that PayPal email could be a wallet-draining scam

German city to shut all betting shops amid money-laundering allegations

Australian man charged over alleged spyware operation after global investigation involving AFP

With fake photographs of fully-furnished homes, scammers target renters who are desperate to secure housing

$10 million in assets seized from 'sophisticated' money launderer

U.S. SEC charges 11 individuals in $300 million crypto pyramid scheme

SEC charges 11 people over 'textbook' $300 million crypto Ponzi scheme

Barefoot Investor slams ING: ‘Time to lick the bowl’

Crypto token bridge Nomad completely drained as users turn on company

Four men charged in relation to roofing scam which collected more than $640,000 from Melbourne residents

Fraud expert warns of twist to WhatsApp scam - as Brits are tricked into £1.5m in just six months

ACCC warns Aussies to ‘be cautious’ amid $20 million loss

Watch out, Coinbase users: A nasty new wallet-draining scam is doing the rounds

'Hi Mum' phone scam costs parents $2 million

Queensland police charge four people linked to Brisbane gym franchise with money laundering

Telco pays $300k for anti-scam failures

Texts, social media and "phishing": The simple ways scammers get you, and how to spot them.

Neighbour raises $24,000 for 11-year-old boy scammed by man who paid for lemonade with fake $100 bill

DHL customers warned: ‘Confirm your delivery address'

East London flat uncovered as 'cash house' for laundering Chinese money as £250k found under man's bed

Two Men From Sydney Have Now Been Charged Over Alleged Role in SMS Phishing Scam

Kmart customers are warned as scam advertising fools shoppers

Identity theft: how to protect yourself from fraud

Sydney bank executive Helen Rosamond allegedly masterminded a multi-million-dollar scam against NAB

Drivers warned about toll road text scam as Aussies lose record amount

Vic man swindled $1.9m from 82-year-old

Commonwealth Bank: Melbourne mum Donna Brain is scammed out of $200,000 after $210 deposit

Beverly Hills surgeon and his girlfriend plead guilty to $600 million insurance fraud scheme

Mastermind behind $300million Ponzi scheme targeting thousands of veterans jailed for ten years

The rich and famous who got scammed for big money

FDIC serves five crypto firms with cease and desist orders

5 Ways Scammers Can Use Your Email Address Against You

Alleged NAB fraudster spent $200,000 furnishing Potts Point pad, court told

Centrelink rort: Brisbane mum Amanda Burman tried to scam tax office of $200,000

EML Payments hit by $8 million fraud

Got a text from a wrong number? It could be an attempt at 'pig butchering,' a crypto scam costing investors millions

Microsoft 365 accounts are being targeted by new email scams

Scammers are posing as fake recruiters, conducting staged interviews - and hiring - as part of an ID theft scheme. Here's how to avoid getting swindled.

Catfish-buster warns of trending scam infiltrating Facebook Marketplace

Watch out! 10 warning signs a job offer is actually a scam

Cost of living scams: What to look out for and how to get help as fraudsters target relief payments (cloned)

Mum-of-four issues urgent warning about phone bill scam

MyGov scam email telling Australians they are entitled to a refund

Long Island mom and daughter ran 13-year credit card fraud scheme that racked up $850,000 in charges

China announces 234 arrests in provincial banking scam

Telstra customers told to watch out for ‘refund’ email

Payday loan scams consumers should be aware of: fake loans, stolen information, fraud

Texas Woman Scammed Men Out of Millions, Purchased Luxury Cars and Rolex Watches

Florida man accused of posing as surgeon and swindling over $1.3M from women sentenced

Serious warning over ‘myGov’ email: ‘Don’t respond’

How to spot an online shopping scam-4 signs to look

Jim Rossman: Don't fall for the latest phishing scam

Florida 'Mother Theresa' Was Actually Running $196 Million Ponzi Scheme According To SEC | ZeroHedge

Lloyds Hit With $350 Million In Scam COVID Loans | ZeroHedge

Oakland money wire business owners, employees charged with laundering stacks of cash for drug dealers

Ex London firefighter loses entire £170,000 pension to elaborate scam

Woman gives out social security number to internet scammer

Fake websites are posing as crypto exchanges to drain victim wallets

What to Do Right Away If You Click a Phishing Link

The 'head trader' of a $100 million investment fraud scheme posing as a crypto platform called EmpiresX has pleaded guilty

Woman's Bag Gets Stolen From Gym. Then Someones Drains Over $9,000 From Her Bank Account

Man Claiming To Be Prince Of Ghana Standing Trial Over $800,000 Fraud Scheme | ZeroHedge

Job scam warning: How to spot clever tricks to steal your money and info

Cryptocurrency scam losses hit new high in Queensland as cost of living bites

Watch out - that WeTransfer link could be a phishing scam

I Was Almost Scammed Out of $80K: How a Suspicious Check Tipped Me Off

Electrum Bitcoin Wallet Scam Suspect Is Arrested by Dutch Police

5 surprising signs you're about to be scammed

Sailors swindled out of thousands of dollars in Tinder scam

Don’t reply to all: Scammers now talk amongst themselves to find new victims

7 plead guilty to fraud costing the VA more than $100 million

Scam alert: Text message scam posing as road toll operator Linkt

Tech support scam targets PC users - Here’s what to look for

BitConnect Promoter Gets 38 Months in $2.4 Billion Ponzi Scam

Justice Dept. Charges 48 in Brazen Pandemic Aid Fraud in Minnesota

What is a phishing text message?

The scams seniors fall for most – And how to spot them

Ofgem warns of ‘alarming’ scam energy bills text

L.A. clothing importer admits to skirting $6.4 million in customs tariffs

23-Year-Old 'Crypto King' Has Luxury Cars Seized After $35 Million of Investor Money Vanishes

What Is the Norton Subscription Renewal Email Scam? How to Avoid It

He appeared as a financial expert on TV. Now he's wanted on fraud charges.

Westpac releases real-life phone call to warn customers: 'Hang up'

12 Signs That Shopping Site Is Fake—and About to Steal Your Money

Scammers are using stolen credit card data to set up fake websites that charge a small monthly fee that you may never notice. Here's how to protect yourself.

Father and Son Charged in $100 Million Sandwich Scheme