'Real True Perpetual Motion'

Today's Day & Date: Tuesday the 1st of November 2022.

Please stay 'attentively attuned' here at this section, for a future "time-lapse" actual 'MUST WATCH & MUST SEE' real, professionally filmed video of my personally invented & designed "FUEL FREE, Electric Motor FREE, 'Self Charging' Steam Boiler & Steam Turbine Steam Engine Unit Assembly," working, operating & functioning perpetually forevermore all by itself "UNAIDED" for all people all over the World to watch & see for themselves. 

The above-mentioned video will be promptly made available here as soon as all of the component & service suppliers mentioned in & below "THE VERY LATEST NEWS 'JUST IN' - The Possible Future Confirmed Component & Service Suppliers For The New Steam Car Project" in the "Centrepiece" section of this Business website, are finally confirmed as component & service suppliers for the current new steam car project.

Educational video

Why don't perpetual motion machines ever work? - Netta Schramm - YouTube

The link above describes to you various failed attempts to produce perpetual motion. Due to the basic operational understanding of my new exclusive proprietary innovative fuel-free, self-charging steam-powered automotive vehicle & electricity-producing device apparatus inventions & designs, real true perpetual motion exists.

I am the only person ever on earth who has actually invented & designed working perpetual motion within its exclusive proprietary innovative scope & usages of operation.

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