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Today's Day & Date: Thursday the 20th of January 2022.

U.S. trade agency drops tariff threat against Vietnam over currency practices

Australia is ‘slowly but surely changing its psyche’ to support entrepreneurs ‘having a crack’ | Sky News Australia

Moratorium on evictions back in New South Wales | Sky News Australia

Economy could already be in recession over lockdowns | Sky News Australia

Crown share prices will ‘spike’ if they keep their licence for Melbourne casino | Sky News Australia

South Korea to toughen rules to collect cryptocurrencies from tax dodgers

Boom to gloom: Here's why the Aussie economy is in trouble

‘We’re being treated as mugs’ by Gladys Berejiklian and her ministers: Alan Jones | Sky News Australia

Gladys Berejiklian’s ban on sole operator work is ‘total stupidity’: Jim Penman | Sky News Australia

Harsh restrictions would make a ‘considerable difference’ to Greater Sydney outbreak | Sky News Australia

Berejiklian expected to remove some COVID-19 restrictions tomorrow | Sky News Australia

Businesses to suffer an ‘accumulation of debt’ | Sky News Australia

CBA launches attack on ApplePay | Sky News Australia

Daniel Andrews’ continued restrictions have ‘killed a mouse with a missile’ | Sky News Australia

‘Don’t march, don’t protest’: Alan Jones calls for Australians in lockdown to obey the law | Sky News Australia

June inflation expected to jump 3.7 per cent | Sky News Australia

Frydenberg: Economic recovery proves Labor ‘wrong’ to support JobKeeper | Sky News Australia

New high-end Melbourne eatery takes ‘gamble’ to keep hospitality industry alive | Sky News Australia

It’s not Covid that’s damaging British trade. It’s Brexit

RBA faced with vastly different situation

US economic rebound ‘has been quite extraordinary’ | Sky News Australia

National Cabinet roadmap ‘gives the green light to more lockdowns’ | Sky News Australia

Government has ‘royalties flowing in’ from skyrocketing iron ore prices | Sky News Australia

Andrews government’s ‘utterly disrespectful’ act towards struggling Victorian businesses | Sky News Australia

Social Security’s insolvency is bigger than Climate Change and COVID-19 combined | ZeroHedge

‘Our economy is resilient’ and will rebound: Frydenberg | Sky News Australia

Foreign investment drops as COVID-19 bites

Labor’s cash incentive for COVID-19 vaccine a ‘bad idea’ | Sky News Australia

‘It will be biblical’: The construction industry is bracing for failed businesses and half-finished homes after the boom

The 'cure' that is lockdowns causes 'decimation' to livelihoods and mental well-being

House prices likely to rise for now: RBA

State governments are ‘out of touch’ | Sky News Australia

Mass exodus in hospitality due to Victorian lockdown uncertainty: Guerra | Sky News Australia

U.S seafood industry suffering from a shortage of workers | Sky News Australia

Business Weekend, Sunday 8 August | Sky News Australia

JobKeeper should be brought back to help struggling small businesses at ‘rock bottom’ | Sky News Australia

‘$1.5 billion manufacturing strategy’ to focus on six areas to deliver job growth | Sky News Australia

Vaccines shouldn’t be ‘forced’ on workers for them to ‘earn a living’ | Sky News Australia

Sydney’s seven-week lockdown a ‘disaster’ for business | Sky News Australia

Business owners left in the lurch during COVID-19 lockdowns | Sky News Australia

Thousands of financial support payments to businesses remain unpaid by NSW government | Sky News Australia

‘The heart of the city has been shattered’: Sydney business owner slams state government | Sky News Australia

BHP reports record $15.5 billion profit | Sky News Australia

BHP records ‘significant fall’ in share prices following Woodside merger | Sky News Australia

BHP is ‘incredibly good at forecasting the future’: Greenwood | Sky News Australia

Unemployment level ‘definitely going up’ amid current record low | Sky News Australia

Analysis: Ross Greenwood assesses Australia’s latest unemployment figures | Sky News Australia

Singapore has bought almost $20 billion worth of Australian real estate in the last two years, eclipsing China

New China threat facing the Aussie economy

Fall in US dollar a ‘bit of a buffer’ for exporters and importers | Sky News Australia

Business Weekend, Sunday 22 August | Sky News Australia

Smaller businesses in Shepparton feeling the ‘impact’ of lockdown | Sky News Australia


Falling iron ore prices push the Australian dollar down | Sky News Australia

‘If we don’t get interstate customers at Christmas, I don’t think we’ll be here’

New cards promise Australians the ability to actually spend their cryptocurrency. But it could end up costing them at tax time.

Elderly woman is forced to beg for $20 for food in Sydney lockdown

Australian tax office warning to Bitcoin investors as crypto soars

Truckies to go on strike across Australia

Freight workers ‘fighting a losing battle’ amid pandemic | Sky News Australia

People will continue to work from home post-COVID because it ‘contributes to their lifestyle’ | Sky News Australia

Markets await June quarter GDP figures | Sky News Australia

Government not following through with promises to small businesses 'unforgivable'

Rolls-Royce backer demands shake-up at company

Manufacturers ‘cannot cope with lockdowns forever’: Porter | Sky News Australia

Westacott: Roadmap will allow residents, businesses to plan for life post-COVID | Sky News Australia

8% hike: The Aussie industries where wages are surging

‘$500 a day’: Beware this job offer promising $30k a month

Frydenberg: ‘difficult days ahead’ despite GDP growth | Sky News Australia

Small business owner ‘infuriated’ by Queensland’s double standards on border

Daniel Andrews shows ‘blatant disregard’ for Victorians | Sky News Australia

Victorian businesses thrown a lifeline with additional $2.34 billion support package

Victorian businessman reveals ‘crazy’ struggle faced amid regional lockdown | Sky News Australia

Josh Frydenberg warns economic tensions with China will continue ‘for some time’ | Sky News Australia

The $1.1 billion GOOD news to come from lockdown

MAJOR THREAT: Big four banks warned of terrorism, money laundering

WA Premier Mark McGowan delivers $5.6 billion surplus | Sky News Australia

Australian banks reject pressure to deal with cryptocurrency firms

The $540 reason you should split your super with your spouse

‘Stick to the deal’: Frydenberg’s border message to breakaway WA Premier McGowan | Sky News Australia

Government super as default would ‘tick a lot of boxes’ | Sky News Australia

Government ‘need to talk’ to ports to prevent supply chain disruption | Sky News Australia

WA lamb consignment takes 4,000km train to Brisbane amid global transport crisis

"Absolutely Incredible": It Costs 68 New Ferraris To Rent A 12-Year-Old Container Ship For Just Three Months | ZeroHedge

Interest rates on hold until 2024: RBA Governor Philip Lowe | Sky News Australia

Protesters mob failing Chinese property company with $300BILLION debt

China's embattled Evergrande tries to pay bills with parking spots

EU pledges extra 4 billion euros in international climate finance

Access to single market key to Hungary's EU membership - PM

Canada's tough canola harvest driving prices up for Aussie farmers

$14,000 mistake 68% of Aussies make about super

Iron ore price continues to fall | Sky News Australia

How Aussie politicians have hidden $1.5 billion in donations

Victoria’s roadmap out of lockdown isn’t ‘worth the paper it’s printed on’ | Sky News Australia

French have launched ‘full scale, spiteful’ campaign to punish Australia

Global markets drop following Chinese developer's impending default

Russia keeps EU, Australia food import ban

‘ILLEGAL’: Aussies face $1 million fine for social media trend

RBA mulls stepping in as property prices pose ‘major risk’ to economy

Big banks sound house price alarm | Sky News Australia

15 secrets your bank will never tell you

A Climate Reckoning Is Coming for the World’s Government Debt

IMF Urges Australia to Use Lending Curbs to Cool Red-Hot Housing

IMF issues warning over property price surge | Sky News Australia

Property prices in regional Australia increasing ‘quite dramatically’ | Sky News Australia

‘Wave of money’ ready to get ‘unleashed’ when Australia re-opens | Sky News Australia

China cracks down on crypto | Sky News Australia

Aussies get $7 million back as CBA slashes ‘hidden charges’

COVID NSW: $5,000 fines for walking into a cafe

CBA boss calls to cool exploding house prices

ASX higher as Frydenberg pleads ‘don’t abandon mining’

Australia is set to restrict home loans to new borrowers in a bid to lower risks in the hot property market

Push to get rid of coal is an ‘attack on Australia’s economic viability’ | Sky News Australia

US may exhaust funds by Oct 18 unless debt limit raised: Yellen

COVID-19 disaster payments to be scrapped at 80 per cent vaccine target | Sky News Australia

Evergrande has near US$50 million payment due tomorrow | Sky News Australia

House prices are boiling hot: Is it a bubble ready to burst?

Businesses face ‘a lot of uncertainty’ surrounding enforcement of vaccination rules

Turnbull accuses Morrison of damaging Australia’s national security with submarine deal

Business support payment ‘needed’ but ‘on a case by case situation’ | Sky News Australia

COVID payments ending at vaccination target is a ‘necessary’ step forward | Sky News Australia

JobKeeper was a ‘necessary scheme’ but many of it went to ‘firms with rising revenues’ | Sky News Australia

APRA probes banks’ Evergrande exposure | Sky News Australia

‘People want job security’ if Australia commits to net-zero target | Sky News Australia

Regulators crack down on home loans | Sky News Australia

Evergrande a growing problem in China | Sky News Australia

Canavan: ‘If you knew the cost of net-zero emissions you wouldn’t buy it’ | Sky News Australia

U.S.’s AAA at Risk If Congress Fails on Debt Limit, Fitch Says

‘A perfect storm’: supply chain crisis could blow world economy off course

A $100 Billion Month of U.S. High-Grade Bond Sales Is On Deck

Inflation Gauge Hits Highest Since 1991 as Americans Spend More

IMF Board Is Meeting With Law Firm, Accused Chief on World Bank Scandal

Australia's trade surplus surprises with record high on commodity demand

Chinese Property Developer Fantasia Misses Debt Payments

Centrelink chases Aussie families over $35.3 million in debts

Troubled company Evergrande in more turmoil | Sky News Australia

US raises debt ceiling to US$28.9 trillion | Sky News Australia

Australia joins $205bn global plan to chase tax-dodgers

Exclusive: Australia sees trade deal with EU by end-2022 -minister

NSW Government has ‘failed small businesses’ throughout lockdown | Sky News Australia

Australia Paid $20 Billion Stimulus to Firms That Didn’t Qualify

Sanjeev Gupta's GFG Alliance strikes debt deal with Credit Suisse

Cevdet Caner: Tycoon Linked to German Landlord Adler’s $9 Billion Debt Mountain - Bloomberg

Expected ‘strong economic growth’ between December 2021 to June 2022 | Sky News Australia

Top bank CEO labels Bitcoin as 'worthless'

Democrats increase America’s debt limit, staving off potential calamity | Sky News Australia

Australia would ‘be crazy’ to have ‘explosive’ surge of migrants: Dick Smith | Sky News Australia

Pay with QR codes at Coles, Woolies: Here’s how it will work 

Dublin says UK shifty on trade talks

FOREX-Dollar hits one-year high as Treasury yields rise


US inflation rate over five per cent | Sky News Australia

Why billionaire Evergrande boss forced to sell $39m Sydney mansion

NRMA sued for overcharging 596,000 customers $60 million

Business Weekend, Sunday October 17 | Sky News Australia

US considers carbon tax on Australian exports | Sky News Australia

ATO boss slams tax dodgers with $33.5 billion missing

NSW residents spent $500 million in the first week out of lockdown | Sky News Australia

Rising bond yields test RBA 2024 plan | Sky News Australia

ASX to rise as Tasmania named Australia's best state

Tasmania again outperforms other states

Dramatic turn in China trade war as Australia fires back in scathing letter

Evergrande founder urged to pay debt

Poorer countries spend five times more on debt than climate crisis – report

Taxpayers helping billionaires make ‘big money’ on hydrogen | Sky News Australia

Global Inflation Battleground Heads to Australia as Yields Surge

Australia's central bank extends swap deal with China counterpart

Australia core inflation speeds to 6-yr high in Q3, feeds rate fever

‘Global war for talent’: Australia’s great skills shortage

Evergrande Pays Overdue Interest and Again Dodges Default

Germany Cuts 2021 GDP Forecast By 25% Due To Soaring Energy Costs | ZeroHedge

U.S. Real Estate Struggles Mount for Chinese Developer Oceanwide

Brexit is harming the UK economy, say 44% of voters

U.S., EU Strike Trade Deal to Remove Steel, Aluminum Tariffs

China’s Stressed Developers Face $2 Billion Bond Bill This Month

Top Fertilizer Producer Mosaic Sees Massive Price Surge Continuing

JPMorgan Sells $3 Billion Bonds in Post-Earnings Bank Boom

Treasury Boosts Quarterly Borrowing Estimate to $1 Trillion

Australia has effectively ‘had a wage recession’ for past decade | Sky News Australia

Lowest October car sales since 2002 | Sky News Australia

‘We invest the taxpayers’ money and the landowner walks off with the benefits’: John Alexander | Sky News Australia

The device that will soon power the world - and how to bet on it

Al Gore warns of $29 trillion 'bubble' in global economy

China Bonds Advance on PBOC’s $16 Billion Liquidity Injection

RBA Sees First Rate Hike in 2024 as Wage Growth Sluggish

Think Milk Is Expensive? Gasoline and Meat Are Even Pricier

Why global economists are worried about this graph

Japan’s Exodus From Australian Bonds Started Months Before Rout

UPDATE 2-Australia's Newcrest to buy Canadian gold miner Pretium in $2.8 bln deal

US inflation rates at 30-year high | Sky News Australia

Soaring inflation and supply chain issues behind price rise in the US | Sky News Australia

China’s Inflation Risks Build as Producers Pass on Costs

Australians set to experience ‘yet another crisis’ of high inflation | Sky News Australia

JPMorgan says Tesla owes the bank $162 million

Judge overturns Trump decision to end tariff exemption for imported solar panels

Aussies unwittingly handing bosses $461.60 a fortnight

High American inflation affecting Australian market | Sky News Australia

RBA dismisses inflation as ‘transitory’ | Sky News Australia

‘A lot of economists’ believe interest rates will go up next year | Sky News Australia

Wages now at pre-pandemic levels | Sky News Australia

Thousands of pensioners would work if they ‘didn’t get punished’ with cuts | Sky News Australia

‘Think very carefully’: ATO warning amid Great Resignation

Annual wages growth lifts to 2.2 per cent | Sky News Australia

Australia's central bank weighs digital currency, remains unconvinced

RBA warns against cryptocurrency ‘fad’ | Sky News Australia

RBA warns crypto boom a ‘fad’ that won't last forever

Illinois Pension Shortfall Surpasses $500 Billion, Average Debt Burden Now $110,000 Per Household | ZeroHedge

Global Managers Circle as Retiring Boomers Cash In $218 Billion

Australian regulator says crypto investors 'on their own' for now

You might be helping to fund the ‘most damaging’ gas project

Dominic Perrottet has called on Queensland to ‘stick to their agreement’ and pay $40m NSW quarantine bill | Sky News Australia

Yuan Gauge Nears Record High Even as China Moves to Slow Rally

RBA rejects crypto as means of payment | Sky News Australia

Aussie travellers warned of exchange ‘tricks’ as borders open

Australia’s Debt Costs to Surge Without Effort to Reach Net Zero

Vitol Agrees to Buy Rest of Vivo Energy in $2.3 Billion Deal

Minimum $227 million economy loss for Honiara | Sky News Australia

Economy ‘bouncing out’ of pandemic stronger than initially thought | Sky News Australia

'More financially secure': The 'wealth effect' explained

Bond yields are rising: Here’s what it means for you

CORRECTED-Euro zone bond yields hover near lows as Omicron assessment begins

‘Really disappointing for the farmers’: Widespread flooding devastates crops | Sky News Australia

Upbeat Australian exports, public spending temper Q3 GDP slide

So, what exactly happens when you use your credit card?

Alex, 84, is being evicted from his home after the collapse of Sterling Group's housing scheme - ABC News

China's goal 'to drive Australia to its knees' with trade strikes

REVEALED: Most expensive cities of 2021 (and the cheapest)

Australia Faces Uphill Battle on Wages as Labor Costs Still Weak

ASX to fall as Australia expected to lose $2 billion in trade

Millions of Aussies 29 days away from throwing $810 down the drain

‘Free’ laptops: College cops $153 million fine for misleading 11,000 students

Fish and chip shop owners feeling the pinch amid skyrocketing oil price

Inflation warning: ‘Stop printing money right now’

4 days to check Centrelink details for $112m robodebt compensation

Fury as Australian crypto trading platform myCryptoWallet collapses

HILDA survey shows slow income growth | Sky News Australia

AIA Sells Billions of Coal Investments After Pressure Campaign

RBA makes last interest rate call for the year

RBA keeps cash rate on hold for the twelfth time | Sky News Australia

Australia’s Central Bank Chief Cautious Over Need for Digital Currency

A third of all major companies in Australia don’t pay any tax, the ATO says

Australia Seen Facing Steeper Borrowing Costs If Slow on Climate

Major announcement for teetering Evergrande

Chinese developer Fantasia denies creditor claim on unit's shares

Turkey deals with economic crisis | Sky News Australia

US inflation at worst in nearly 40 years | Sky News Australia

Migrants to power economy in MYEFO update | Sky News Australia

Businesses are ‘desperate’ for workers | Sky News Australia

$10,000 bonuses: Inside the hospitality worker crisis

GLOBAL MARKETS-Asian stocks rise with bond yields as Fed outcome boosts risk sentiment

Money Manager Vanishes With $313 Million From China Builder

UPDATE 2-UK, Australia sign deal forecast to create 10 billion pounds in extra trade

Singtel Loses Landmark $640 Million Australian Tax Case

Evergrande Declared in Default by S&P for Failed Coupon Payments

ESG Debt Buyers Swallow Short-Term Losses to Gain Ethical Kudos

A Top Green Bond Seller in Korea Plans Debt Boost Abroad

Intelsat Overcomes Numerous Objections to Secure Bankruptcy Plan

Laos opens scenic railway built on a mountain of Chinese debt

Fear mongering language ‘needs to be dropped’ | Sky News Australia

Nike earnings: ‘There’s something going on in China,’ analyst says

Everything you need to know about Blockchain

A Global Savings Glut Is Set to Anchor U.S. Yields Below 2%

How to buy crypto safely in Australia

What rising US inflation may mean for Australians in 2022

Evergrande shares in trading halt after China orders demolition of newly built luxury apartments

Experts warning of domino effect of business closures | Sky News Australia

U.S. CPI December 2021: Inflation Registers Biggest Annual Gain Since 1982 - Bloomberg

U.K. and India Start Negotiations on Post-Brexit Trade Deal

40-year study reveals ‘unaccounted’ threat to global economy

Australian workers set to see billions in tax cuts | Sky News Australia

Eastman to Invest $1 Billion in Plastics Recycling Facility in France

China’s Property Crisis Reaches Biggest Builder Country Garden

Fears for more housing industry collapses in 2022 as big builders go bust

Reserve Bank may raise interest rates this year | Sky News Australia