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Global Debt Hits $246 Trillion, 320% Of GDP, As Developing Debt Hits All Time HIgh | Zero Hedge

Chart of the day: Australia nudges Switzerland off top of global median wealth list - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

'One-trick pony'? Australian exports zoom despite global trade war

Government Officials Steal Man's Home Over $8.41 In Unpaid Taxes | Zero Hedge

Zimbabwe Reaches ‘Tipping Point’ as Inflation Blacked Out - Bloomberg

Where Inflation Is Highest And Lowest Around The World | Zero Hedge

"Worst Year Ever": China's Ban On US Ag Products Will Be A Death Blow For Countless Farms | Zero Hedge

REVEALED: Why the Australian dollar could plummet to an all-time low, sending petrol prices 'through the roof' - and the reason Chinese trade won't save us this time

Western Australia's huge reliance on China leaves it particularly vulnerable in a trade war

Malaysian investors in suspected Pilbara Ponzi scheme visit WA in bid to recover lost millions

The Average US Farm Is $1.3 Million In Debt, And Now The Worst Farming Crisis In Modern History Is Upon Us | Zero Hedge

Trump's tariffs on Chinese products might impact your Christmas shopping budget after all

Trump orders all US companies out of China

Trump wants US companies to leave China. Here's what it could mean for Chinese businesses

Iowa corn farmers to Trump: The government put us in 'one hell of a bad situation'

The Next Economic Crisis' Fuel: Americans Over-Burdened By Debt | Zero Hedge

Queensland declared the 'bankruptcy state'

UN Budget: Who Has (And Has Not) Paid Their Dues? | Zero Hedge

"A Murderer's Row": Oil And Gas Bankruptcies To Accelerate As $137 Billion Debt Matures Over Next Two Years | Zero Hedge

Maryland Ponzi Scheme Goes Bust, People Jailed; Accomplice Cast "Hoodoo Spells" On Feds | Zero Hedge 

The National Debt Is Now More Than Ten Times Annual Tax Receipts | Zero Hedge

Zimbabwe Hikes Rates To 70% To Halt Hyperinflation 2.0 | Zero Hedge

Global debt bomb fallout threatens Australian economy - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Online fraud syndicate: Woman arrested and millions allegedly siphoned

'Vaguely troubling': Negative yielding debt hits $US17 trillion

Members 'brainwashed' by mega-church into donating thousands

No-deal Brexit would push UK debt to 50-year high

For The First Time Ever, Greece Issues Negative Yielding Debt | Zero Hedge

IMF to examine climate risk to financial markets: official

US Budget Deificit Hits $984 Billion In Fiscal 2019, Up $205 Billion In One Year | Zero Hedge

Why Your New Jail Cell May Be Your Home  | Zero Hedge

Global Debt Tops $188,000,000,000,000 – Officially The Biggest Debt Bubble The World Has Ever Seen | Zero Hedge

Bank Behind World's Largest Money Laundering Scandal Offered Russians Gold Bars To Hide Their Fortune | Zero Hedge

Ireland First, Italy Worst: European Commission Releases GDP Growth Forecasts | Zero Hedge

Red Ponzi Panic: Chinese Hospitals Begging Nurses For Loans To Stay Afloat | Zero Hedge

Global Debt To End 2019 At A Record High Of $255 Trillion, 330% Of World GDP | Zero Hedge

Household debt has Australians living in house of cards

Bombshell Report Alleges Russian Oligarch Laundered $860 Million Via Swedbank | Zero Hedge

Australians missing out on $6b in super

Westpac could lose access to Victorian government transactions worth up to $60b

Recession Early Warning? Spending By The Wealthy Is Slowing | Zero Hedge

Second Bank Run In Two Weeks As China's Banks Are Caught In A Self-Destructive "Doom Loop" | Zero Hedge

Black Friday Is Coming, And 48 Million Americans Still Have Holiday Debt From Last Year | Zero Hedge

47% Of GDP – This Is Definitely The Scariest Corporate Debt Bubble In U.S. History | Zero Hedge

"Inherently Unstable" US Pension System Will Require Federal Bailout, Former Illinois Pension Chief Says | Zero Hedge

Climate Change Hits Property Prices | Zero Hedge






















Most Australian execs say climate change will damage companies - survey

The Corporate Debt Bubble Is A Train Wreck In Slow Motion | Zero Hedge



You've received bitcoin - now what? - eToro

The U.S. Cities Mired In The Most Debt | Zero Hedge

Sezzle Hits the One Million Active Customers Milestone

1 In 3 American Workers Runs Out Of Money Before Payday | Zero Hedge

Zimbabwe central bank to settle $1.2 billion (AUD $1.7 billion) of legacy debt

Australia a safe haven for illicit funds, but Cayman Islands the world's worst

Two Years After Handing It The Biggest Ever Bailout Loan, IMF Finds Argentina Debt Levels Are "Unsustainable" | Zero Hedge

U.S. Taxpayers Face $200 Billion Bill From Student Loan Forgiveness Plans | Zero Hedge

World's financial firms risk $1 trillion in losses if slow to act on climate change - report

Scourge of wage fraud demands action

Employers urged to confess superannuation sins as prospect of ‘wage amnesty’ raised too

Plan to ban cash purchases over $10,000 set to become law as Senate inquiry gives thumbs up

The RBA has slashed interest rates to their lowest level in Australian history as the economy gets set for a coronavirus battering

Interest rate cut won't make us spend more, say mortgage holders

PM to unveil up to $10b in stimulus as early as Tuesday

With borrowing effectively free, why be scared of government debt?

Lebanon Announces Default On $1.2BN Debt Payment In Historical First | Zero Hedge 

Here’s how much the coronavirus is costing the world (so far)

Coronavirus has so far cost average the Australian superannuation balance $5,900, data shows

Rich Australians paying about $960m a year less tax than they should be, ATO says

ATO to focus attention on wealthy cheats

Coronavirus stimulus package 'not enough' to prevent bankruptcy, says Darwin small business owner

From Boeing to Wynn Resorts, companies are maxing out credit lines as they race to stockpile cash amid coronavirus slowdown

National Australia Bank withdraws notes offer due to market volatility


Australia's central bank dumps emergency $6 billion into banking system

RBA to slash interest rates to record low 0.25 per cent

Govt's first stimulus package was 'clearly not sufficient'


'I have nothing': Coronavirus shattering Aussie industries

Banks Are Going To Drown In An Ocean Of Defaults | Zero Hedge

Coronavirus cash boost: The radical plan to let workers claim their superannuation NOW - and families could be entitled to interest-free loans too

Coronavirus sees restaurants hit by mass cancellations, industry experts say 'financial famine' approaching

RBA to buy up to $5bn in first round of QE

"I Lost 100%" Of My Business – Seattle Transforms Into 'Ghost Town' Amid Covid-19 Crisis | Zero Hedge

PM pledges $66b to keep business afloat

Bars and restaurants will shut down in the next 48 hours and could stay closed for months as coronavirus cases soar - with only essential retail like supermarkets and chemists to remain open

Sunday Humor? Congress Allocates $2 Trillion To Bail Out Struggling Bailout Industry | Zero Hedge

Here's what the Federal Government's second coronavirus stimulus package actually means for your wallet and Centrelink payments

Coronavirus panic buying triggers supermarket price hikes as retailers plead for calm

Dollar surges on funding crunch as virus roils global equities

Coronavirus pandemic could see house prices plummet by 20 per cent, economists warn

Revealed: The HUGE price young Australians will pay if they access $20k from their superannuation during the coronavirus crisis

Congress may let you take $100,000 from your 401(k). What you should know

Manufacturers find new life in face of a deadly pandemic

Coronavirus crisis will burden economy for 'years to come,' OECD chief says

New Zealand announces mortgage holiday, business finance support to cushion virus impact

Coronavirus shockwave rocks airplane manufacturers, suppliers

Dollar near three-year peak amid mad cash scramble

Coronavirus pandemic to slug Queensland's property prices, industry figures say

IMF, World Bank call for suspending debt payments by poorest nations

Landlords will be BANNED from evicting tenants who can't afford to pay their rent amid coronavirus economic crunch

Premier Investments closes Smiggle and other stores, impacting 9,000 employees

Retail massacre continues as General Pants, Tarocash, Smiggle, and Peter Alexander ALL CLOSE across Australia and 9,000 staff are laid off

Are banks freezing mortgages? Here are the banks putting payments on hold amid coronavirus

Accountants at centre of multi-million-dollar 'dummy director' scam shut down

Tradies work staggered shifts on construction sites

Singapore GDP shrinks most since financial crisis amid pandemic

U.S. Senate passes $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill

Coronavirus shutdown may have peaked in China but Australian exporters still struggling due to airfreight

Coronavirus pandemic: What happens if I can't pay my rent?

Will COVID-19 crash our property markets?

REVEALED: The Australian workers who could be next to lose their jobs as the coronavirus pandemic creates the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression


Economy shutdown a 'good thing' for flattening the curve

What to do if coronavirus is making it difficult for you to pay your bills

How coronavirus could reshape the way Australians work forever

How millions of Australians can access $20,000 from their superannuation as part of sweeping new coronavirus measures

Calls for councils to freeze rate rises in the face of COVID-19 crisis

Regional airlines get $198 million support

Calls for govt aid as Myer shuts doors

The welfare system is 'too slow' for businesses paying weekly bills

Wage subsidies expected in third tranche of stimulus

Australia is not for sale! Government cracks down on foreign raiders looking to snap up struggling local firms amid coronavirus crisis - after

'Hundreds of thousands' of Australians could be left without life insurance during coronavirus pandemic

Sydney mum's 'ridiculous' electricity bill leads to drastic action

Property market weakens amid coronavirus auction ban

More Australian businesses eligible for COVID-19 repayment relief

Federal Government offers $130b in coronavirus wage subsidies for businesses to pay workers

NT arrivals face $2,500 bill for coronavirus hotel quarantine

Bunnings and Kmart could be next in line to close as coronavirus hits economy

Virgin Australia seeks a $1.4BILLION loan to save the airline from collapse as the coronavirus pandemic drives carrier further closer to the brink

Govt to knock back Virgin's loan request

House prices show early virus impact

Govt commits $170m to revive Australian food exports

Tas first state to implement tenant protection plan 

What the experts think of Australia’s $1,500 JobKeeper wage subsidies

"I've Never Seen Anything Like This": Small Businesses Beg For 'Speedy' Stimulus Delivery | Zero Hedge

Property management group urges tenants affected by coronavirus job losses to get casual work immediately

Australia's big four banks hit by RBNZ dividend call

Banks To Make Billions On Small Business Bailout | Zero Hedge

Corporate Revolvers Reach A Tipping Point: Here Are All The Companies That Have Drawn Down Their Bank Loans | Zero Hedge

More than half a million Aussies to lose jobs: CBA economists

Childcare to become free as coronavirus pandemic threatens centres

Here Comes The Next Crisis: Up To 30% Of All Mortgages Will Default In "Biggest Wave Of Delinquencies In History" | Zero Hedge

Coronavirus pandemic leaves Australia's international students facing financial distress

ASIC warns real estate agents against advising tenants to access superannuation to pay rent

World Bank to roll out $160b emergency aid over 15 months

New York's Unemployment Fund Will Be Insolvent In 2 Months | Zero Hedge

New Zealand to introduce measures to help companies facing insolvency

"Very Challenging" - Norway Wealth Fund Lost Record $113 Billion, Withdraws Money To Fight Virus Crisis | Zero Hedge

Trump Organization Seeks Concessions On Loans Backed Personally By President Trump From Deutsche Bank | Zero Hedge

A Corporate-Debt Reckoning Is Coming | Zero Hedge

Landlords could be forced to reduce rent for struggling tenants

"They Want Their Monies Out" – Baltimore Residents 'Storm Bank' Amid Fears Of Social Unrest | Zero Hedge

The lockdown is accumulating a debt that must be repaid to younger Australians

Hospital Operator Quorum Health Is Facing Bankruptcy Amidst The COVID-19 Outbreak | Zero Hedge

Banks To Make Risk-Free Killing On Small Business Bailout: Fed Will Buy Payroll Loans Issued By Banks | Zero Hedge

Working from home because of coronavirus? You're now eligible for a new 80 cents per hour tax shortcut

Free child care during coronavirus pandemic leaves family day care providers concerned

NAB ramps up temporary branch closures

Argentina Defaults For Record Ninth Time | Zero Hedge

Local councils stand down hundreds of employees as they are not eligible for COVID-19 JobKeeper program

New Zealand's central bank adds local government debt to stimulus plan

"All The Jobs Are Gone" - Africa Facing 'Complete Economic Collapse' As Virus Spreads | Zero Hedge

Australian regulator urges banks, insurers to defer dividends amid virus outbreak

Bankrupting America | Zero Hedge

The Greatest Idiot... | Zero Hedge

Coronavirus crisis could plunge half a billion people into poverty - Oxfam

My business is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 lockdown, do I still need to pay rent?

"We Can't Give Our Product Away" - Farmers Toss Thousands Of Acres Of Fruits, Veggies As Sales Plummet | Zero Hedge

Pathology giants seek 50% rent reduction from hard-pressed Australian GPs amid coronavirus crisis

Global business, workers, civil society join call for debt relief for poorer nations

Singapore Oil Trading Giant On Verge Of Collapse After Banks Freeze Credit Lines | Zero Hedge

"Everything That Is Wrong With America, In One Image" | Zero Hedge

Government to put a 'ballast' into university finances

NSW introduces rent support measures

NSW's residential tenancy support package explained

NSW landlords granted $440 million in tax concessions for reducing small business rents during coronavirus

Small Business Bailout Fund To Run Out Of Money Today | Zero Hedge

Far Worse To Come: COVID-19 Collapse Of State & Local Governments | Zero Hedge

Banks tighten credit for pandemic-hit workers, mortgage brokers say

Moscow's Communists Warn "There Will Be Mass Starvation" And Protests As Coronavirus Slams Russian Economy | Zero Hedge

"Something's Gone Wrong": UK Government, Banks Screw Up COVID-Loans, Small Firms Near Collapse | Zero Hedge

Household debt will be the biggest drag on economic recovery

Employers rorting JobKeeper payment will feel full force of the ATO, warns government

Coronavirus cripples wildlife sanctuaries, zoos as staff, volunteers pay for animals' food

The $349 Billion Small Business Loan Program Is Now Out Of Money | Zero Hedge

Insolvent Illinois Begs Congress For Pension Bailout | Zero Hedge

What is negative gearing and how does it actually work? | Finder

Singapore Oil Trader Is Said to Have Hidden $800 Million Losses - Bloomberg

Tug-of-war for Virgin as NSW government offers bailout to airline if it moves headquarters to new Sydney airport - after Queensland offered funds for it to stay in Brisbane

As Coronavirus Depression Continues, Americans Are Putting Their Rent On Credit Cards | Zero Hedge

Sydney Airport borrows $850 million as traffic sinks 97%

Palo Alto's Newest Look | Zero Hedge | Zero Hedge

Illinois Senate Democrats Seek Massive Federal Bailout for State, Going Far Beyond Coronavirus Impact | Zero Hedge

ATO vows to crack down on the one million Aussies 'planning on withdrawing $10,000 from their super - despite still having jobs'

Virgin Australia has gone into voluntary administration, Deloitte tipped to step in

Temporary visa holders in Tasmania get $3m package for financial hardship due to coronavirus

Mitch McConnell Says Struggling States Should File For Bankruptcy | Zero Hedge

The illegal JobKeeper questions your boss can't ask you

Liquidity Crisis Over? In Drastic Reversal, Companies Issue Bonds To Repay Revolvers | Zero Hedge

Virgin Australia owes $4.4 billion to creditors based on initial review - administrator

Qantas slams airport for bizarre blockade that saw it use bulldozers and trucks to block in Virgin Australia planes until the struggling airline pays its debts

Pandemic could fuel demand for 'diaspora bonds', says World Bank

"We Haven't Had A Crisis Like This": Tom Barrack Says US Property Market Is In "Chaos" | Zero Hedge

What struggling Australians SHOULDN'T be splashing their super on - and why it's a GOOD idea to pay off your credit card debt

NAB slashes H1 payout, to raise $3.5bn

World Bank pandemic bonds will funnel $196 million to 64 poor countries

Zoos to receive $95 million coronavirus lifeline from Federal Government

A Federal Bailout Won't Fix States' Finances | Zero Hedge

Collapsed Canberra builder Banyan Constructions leaves nothing for small businesses owed millions, liquidator says

Australia's Westpac braces for $1.4 billion hit to earnings on coronavirus impact

NSW government may buy up spare housing in $500 million stimulus plan

Why Virgin was always destined for an emergency landing

Superannuation early withdrawal risks collapsing retirement system

Coronavirus pandemic leaves expats unable to sell their homes to avoid capital gains tax bills

6 Central Banks & The Ponzi Scheme That Will Bankrupt The World | Zero Hedge

Virgin Australia administrators halt bondholder payments, appoint Morgan Stanley for sale

JobSeeker payments won't 'go out the door' a day longer than needed: Treasurer

Axed PM Malcolm Turnbull urges Australia NOT to anger China after Beijing's threat to ruin our economy as revenge for COVID-19 inquiry demand

Sydney laundry condemned for standing down migrant workers ineligible for jobkeeper

Virgin Australia launches US legal action to protect aircraft from being seized

New Zealand central bank removes mortgage curbs to ease coronavirus impact


Australia central bank policy rate seen steady until end-2021 - Reuters poll

Pub owners to pay $380,000 in damages over secret beer tap deals with breweries

Stamp duty reform on the horizon

Should We Worry About Government Debt? | Zero Hedge

Bankrupt Cities And States Get The National Disaster They've Been Hoping For | Zero Hedge

Australian farmers caught in the middle as China expected to announce tariffs that would end barley trade

Australian beef processors suspended in China trade escalation

Do you know who gets your superannuation when you die?

China is set to ramp up boycott of Australian exports as Beijing-controlled media warns iron ore - worth $63B to our economy - could be next amid fears of an all out trade war


Denim giant G-Star is placed in administration because they can't pay their rent anymore - with 200 staff likely to lose their jobs

"We Need Help" - Cuomo Demands Federal 'Assistance', Claims Coronavirus Has Left New York State $61 Billion In Debt | Zero Hedge

Australia’s property market is ‘slowly sinking’

China still needs Australian commodities, but weak consumer sentiment is a threat

US Banks On Hook For $150 Billion In "Frozen Loans" As Millions Of Americans Skip Credit Card And Car Payments | Zero Hedge

Comment: Why Australia must not bow to China but seek wider trade options

Australian long-dated bonds rally on wage subsidy cost revision

Huang Xiangmo challenges overseas freezing order over $140 million tax bill


Australia, New Zealand dollars push higher, bonds catch a bid

Experts fear early super access will have lasting impact on young Australians

Coronavirus, hail storm, bushfires cause $225m financial loss for Australian National University

Singapore warns of worst economic contraction since independence

Homebuyer woes and even more government debt: Why we shouldn’t abolish stamp duty

Super bender: retirement nest-egg withdrawals used to boost spending on non-essentials

Do up your home for FREE: Australian homeowners could be given grants of up to $40,000 to build or renovate their properties under $4billion tradie rescue package

Are your finances in order? The five things you need to check NOW if you want to make more money in the next year

Documents reveal Whyalla steelworks owner GFG made surprise request for financial backing

Amazon Sells $10 Billion In Bonds At Record Low Yields | Zero Hedge

Countries with the most debt

China imports plunge, exports fall on virus hit to global growth

China Suspends Debt Repayments For 77 Developing Countries And Regions | Zero Hedge

Almost 1.5 million Australian households in mortgage stress

Perth Mint's gold, silver sales nearly halve month-on-month in May

Emerging market corporate credit quality down but not out

CEOs Bank Big Bonuses As Oil Companies Go Bankrupt | Zero Hedge

Central Banks Added Nearly 32 Tons Of Gold To Reserves In April, Led By Turkey | Zero Hedge

Total US Debt Increases By $1 Trillion In One Month | Zero Hedge

Virgin bondholders 'will get nothing' after failed creditor play

Gold Becomes Lifeline During India Credit Crunch | Zero Hedge

Australia is 100 days from an economic cliff

The Work-From-Home Expenses You Can Claim From Your Employer Or The ATO, According to a Financial Advisor

Investment Scams | Tips to Protect Yourself - NAB

Whyalla boss promises no jobs will be lost from struggling steelworks

Six in ten families on benefits 'forced to borrow money' since coronavirus hit

20 ways this pandemic is saving you money

Running your business from home? There’s a tax trap you need to know about

Nearly Half Of Americans Consider Selling Home As COVID Crushes Finances | Zero Hedge

Wirecard's missing $2.1 billion didn't enter Philippine financial system, central bank says

WireCard CEO In A World Of Pain As Banks Force Margin Call On €150MM Stock-Pledged Loan | Zero Hedge

Government debt could reach $1 trillion due to coronavirus, Peter Costello warns

More bad news for Australian farmers: Major Chinese firm warns it will be forced to abandon Aussie beef altogether if trade war with Beijing continues

German Police Preparing To Arrest Former Wirecard Execs As Evidence Of Massive Fraud Mounts | Zero Hedge

Virgin bondholders make $925m pitch for control of airline

USA Plunges To 10th Place In World Competitiveness Rankings | Zero Hedge

BOJ offers $78 billion to firms hurt by pandemic in first phase of loan programme

Wirecard files for insolvency, becoming first DAX member to fail

UK bumps up mammoth bond sales drive to 275 billion pounds

He was the world's richest man, but his family paid a heavy price

‘No risk’ of inflation despite RBA buying $40bn of government bonds

Currency crisis impoverishes Iranians, strains economic defenses

More than 45,000 Aussies receive share of $49.5m class action settlement against NAB

Watch Mitt Romney's full speech: ‘Trump is a phony, a fraud’ - YouTube

AgQuip field days cancelled, exhibitors, local economy to lose millions

The countries who own the most gold

Continental Shift: The World's Biggest Economies Over Time | Zero Hedge

Scott Morrison shuts down calls for politicians to take a pay cut

Politicians who got Australia into the ‘economic mess’ claim they can fix it: Alan Jones

Government knows the economy ‘is not in hibernation’: Alan Jones | Sky News Australia

Federal Government's 'mini budget' handed down today

The JobKeeper loophole you NEED to know

Joint EU debt must not become a regular thing: Germany's Weidmann

Australian business has taken only $26bn of $150bn in cheap credit from Reserve Bank

NSW govt to expand purchases under first home buyers' scheme

Visualizing The World's Most Heavily Indebted Companies | Zero Hedge

Australian government plans to sell A$240 billion of bonds in 2020/21

Bank Of Ireland Is Now Imposing Negative Rates On Cash Held In Pensions | Zero Hedge

Millions Worth of PPP Loans Went to Chinese-Owned Companies, Report Finds | Zero Hedge

Farmageddon Continues As Bankruptcies Rise 8%  | Zero Hedge

Budget Deficit Hits Record As U.S. Spends 100% More Than It Collects YTD | Zero Hedge

Australian unemployment ticks up in July, jobs surge again

Bankruptcies And Unpaid Rents Cost Mall Landlords Hundreds Of Millions In Q2 | Zero Hedge

ATO warns $1,110 fine for this tax return mistake

US Bankruptcies Are Already At 10-Year High As Pandemic Takes Its Toll | Zero Hedge

Aussies flout super scheme

British public debt tops two trillion pounds for first time

New York Landlords Beg Businesses: "Return To Work And Save The City's Economy!" | Zero Hedge

US Default Bomb Goes Off: 2020 Will Have A Record Number Of Large Corporate Bankruptcies | Zero Hedge

17 Facts That Prove The US Economy Is A Complete And Total Disaster-Zone At This Point | Zero Hedge

New York's MTA Is Losing An Astounding $200 Million Per Week | Zero Hedge

Over Half Of San Francisco Storefronts Closed As Pandemic Downturn Rages | Zero Hedge

Tax mistake that could land you in jail for 12 months

New JobKeeper legislation will allow businesses 'to keep going'

Companies on JobKeeper accused of paying CEOs hefty bonuses

David Jones, Country Road underpaid staff $3.7 million

50% Of Americans Fear Bankruptcy Due To Medical Bills  | Zero Hedge

Businesses will fold due to Melbourne lockdown being extended, chamber of commerce says

California Cities Using Their Streets As Collateral To Pay Down Pension Liabilities With Debt | Zero Hedge

World Trade Organisation rules US tariffs on Chinese goods illegal

Fury as AMERICAN university in Sydney is given JobKeeper wage subsides

German finance minister expects public debt to peak at 80% of GDP