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Ohio family died from suspected carbon monoxide poisoning

How Tesla and its doctor made sure injured employees didn’t get workers’ comp -Reveal

Three die in France as heatwave 'hell' takes its toll on Europe

Tesla Admits Battery Malfunction Caused Spontaneous Combustion Of Model S In Shanghai Parking Garage | Zero Hedge

Coal ash a 'ticking time bomb': report

Europe Is Burning: Record-Breaking Temperatures Finally Give Way To Cooler Air | Zero Hedge

Freak hailstorm dumps two-metre layer of ice on Mexican city - amid temperatures over 30C

Airbag warning as woman is left with horrific injuries after faulty product exploded | Daily Mail Online

LA Mega-Mansion Sets Record After Selling For $120 Million | Zero Hedge

Inside the new £1.3 billion 354ft tall structure that protects the world from Chernobyl's radiation more than 30 years after Reactor No.4 exploded

Antarctic sea ice in dizzying decline since 2014: study

Daneel - Bitcoin investment scam steals tens of thousands from couple as cryptocurrency losses grow

Jakarta residents to sue government over severe air pollution | World news | The Guardian


A giant heat dome over Alaska is set to threaten all-time temperature records

Teenager charged by police over 'largest seizure ever' of LSD in SA, allegedly bought on the dark web

World sweats in hottest June on record

Four men arrested after half a tonne of drug ice seized

Explosion at shopping center leaves up to 20 injured: 'Looks like an apocalypse'

Man killed in accident at Central Queensland coal mine

Canberra school explosion was triggered after father used remote to lock car, ACT coroner finds


UK weather forecast: Heatwave hopes fade as 'danger to life' storm alert issued

Glacial melting in Antarctica may become irreversible


The 20 most valuable companies of all time

40% Of Brits Brace For 'No Deal' Brexit By Stockpiling Food, Medicine & Clothes | Zero Hedge

Despite Record Delivery Quarter, Tesla Declines To Issue Promised Employee Bonuses | Zero Hedge

Russian Nuclear Sub Wreck Leaking Radiation 100,000 Times Higher Than Normal: Report | Zero Hedge


Fiery Tampa Tesla Crash Sends Three To Hospital After Other Drivers "Pulled Them To Safety" | Zero Hedge

Manhattan Goes Dark: Major Power Outage Hits NYC On Anniversary Of 1977 Great Blackout | Zero Hedge

Country towns close to reaching 'day zero', as water supplies dry up in the drought

Global Debt Hits $246 Trillion, 320% Of GDP, As Developing Debt Hits All Time HIgh | Zero Hedge

When will we run out of oil?

How priced-out renters contributed to Australia’s house price boom

Ash London warns radio listeners about credit card fraud after getting scammed twice

Drought of 1891 to 1903 reconstructed shows today's conditions likely to have more devastating effects

World Hunger Is On The Rise And 'Climate Shocks' Are Partly To Blame, UN Says

A Runaway Train Explosion Killed 47, but Deadly Cargo Still Rides the Rails

In the Pacific Ocean sits an island nation with higher radiation levels than Chernobyl.

Driver Suspected of DUI After Tesla Crashes, Bursts Into flames in Cardiff - NBC 7 San Diego

Another Tesla Bursts Into Flames After Suspected Drunk Driving Accident In California | Zero Hedge

Data Of Nearly Every Adult In Bulgaria Likely Stolen In Cyberattack

Widespread, Dangerous Heat Expected To Roast 200 Million Americans  | Zero Hedge

People 'hanging from house': Witness describes shocking aftermath of Christchurch explosion

Chart of the day: Australia nudges Switzerland off top of global median wealth list - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Undeterred By Intimidation, Tesla Whistleblower Karl Hansen Files New Lawsuit Against Elon Musk | Zero Hedge


Sydney driver’s $200m crash mistake

New Climate Study Warns London As Hot As Barcelona By 2050 | Zero Hedge

Woman dies from carbon monoxide poisoning after using farm shower, inquest hears

'One-trick pony'? Australian exports zoom despite global trade war

UK weather: Thursday could be the hottest day recorded in Britain | UK News | Sky News

Monsoon floods: Death toll rises to more than 660 in South Asia | News | Al Jazeera

ABF seize $1 million of liquid meth in snow globes

Elon Musk's Right Hand Man And Tesla Co-Founder, JB Straubel, Unexpectedly Calls It Quits | Zero Hedge

Records Could Be Smashed Today As Second Heatwave Roasts Europe  | Zero Hedge

Sunshine Coast woman used in 'extraordinary' $6 million dating site scam

Scientists create heartbreaking memorial to Iceland’s first glacier destroyed by climate change

Is Fukushima Safe For The Olympics? | Zero Hedge

Watch: Armed Thieves Make Off With 1600 Lbs Of Gold In Brazil Airport Heist | Zero Hedge

Tesla owner leaves car plugged into a stranger's Lake worth home

Europe swelters through record heatwave

Europe's record heatwave threatens Greenland ice sheet

Government Officials Steal Man's Home Over $8.41 In Unpaid Taxes | Zero Hedge

Tattoo parlour allegedly laundering money for bikie gang seized by ACT police

"Unprecedented" Arctic Wildfires Visible From Space As 'Global Cooling' Looms | Zero Hedge

Smog Alert: Dirty Air Kills 30,000 Americans Each Year, New Study Claims | Zero Hedge

"There's Not Much Left": Tesla Burns To The Ground In Germany For "No Apparent Reason" | Zero Hedge

Norwegian Summer Ski Centre Ends 2018 Season Three Months Early Due to Heat - The Whiteroom

New York City Electricity Grid Put To The Test In Blistering Summer Heat | Zero Hedge

Toyota faces class action over claims Hilux, Prado have faulty diesel filters

Fossil fuel vehicles hitting a dead end in Europe’s city centers - Los Angeles Times

In Zimbabwe, the Water Taps Run Dry and Worsen ‘a Nightmare’

Couple allegedly used the 'office supplies scam' to fleece business of $11 million over eight years

$1.4MILLION in cash and designer goods seized in cocaine raids

Tesla hit with another lawsuit over a fatal Autopilot crash

World weatherwatch: Europe's heatwave shatters national temperature records

"These Products Are Defective": Yet Another Family Sues Tesla Over Yet Another Fatal Autopilot Accident | Zero Hedge

Falling glacier kills three men on boat

Harvard creates advisory panel to oversee solar geoengineering project

$1.1 billion worth of cocaine disguised as soybeans seized by German authorities

Putin's giant floating nuclear power station concerns environmentalists

Australia looks to access US fuel reserves to shore up supplies amid Persian Gulf tensions - Politics - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Security in doubt as Australia's aging oil refineries shut down

Ecological land grab: food vs fuel vs forests

Uses for Nitrogen by Ron Kurtus - Understanding Chemistry: School for Champions

Zimbabwe Reaches ‘Tipping Point’ as Inflation Blacked Out - Bloomberg

Mosman CEO pleads not guilty over three ice and ecstasy importations

Where Inflation Is Highest And Lowest Around The World | Zero Hedge

Fast food boss admits to transfering nearly $1MILLION of her employer's money into her personal bank

New FOIA Shows Tesla Was Subpoenaed, Sent A Cease & Desist Letter By NHTSA | Zero Hedge

Explosion Rips Through Danish Tax Office | Zero Hedge

UN: More than two million Zimbabweans on the brink of starvation

Air pollution may cause a THIRD of all childhood asthma cases in Europe as scientists demand an 'urgent call for action'

The Queensland towns likely to run dry by Christmas

Tesla On The Verge Of A "Formal Investigation" By The NHTSA | Zero Hedge

Radiation Spike Detected After Russian Rocket Explodes At Testing Facility | Zero Hedge

Truck drivers killed in horror dust storm

United Nations Climate Report Suggests People Should Eat Less Meat | Time

These Are The Worst Countries In Europe For Traffic Fatalities | Zero Hedge

Climate change isn’t an intangible future risk. It’s here now, and it’s killing us.

Fukushima plant running out of space for radioactive water

Thanks To Technology, It Now Takes Only 10 Seconds To Steal New Cars | Zero Hedge

Climate Change: The Facts : ABC iview

Typhoon leaves 28 dead in China, 20 still missing

Tesla electric car catches fire after hitting tow truck in Moscow - Reuters

Malaysian investors in suspected Pilbara Ponzi scheme visit WA in bid to recover lost millions

At least 62 killed in Tanzania oil tanker explosion

Police seize 766kg of highest-purity MDMA ever recorded in Queensland

The Average US Farm Is $1.3 Million In Debt, And Now The Worst Farming Crisis In Modern History Is Upon Us | Zero Hedge

Watch: Tesla Model X In Puerto Rico Goes Berzerk While Parking, Narrowly Missing Two Pedestrians | Zero Hedge

A Trailer Full Of Burnt Teslas Found Mysteriously Parked On I-80 In Nevada | Zero Hedge

Meat could be the next tobacco as governments look to 'sin taxes' as a solution to climate change

Plastic particles falling out of sky with snow

No bail for Olympian over $200m drug haul

$5 Million Tesla Model 3 Order Canceled Over Quality Issues | Zero Hedge

Two water tanks to be built in Stanthorpe as dams run low

British children so hungry they eat loo paper and scavenge in bins, says charity

Bankruptcy Filings Rise Among US Energy Producers, Report | Zero Hedge

Tuvalu threatens to pull workers from Australia

Tesla Spontaneously Combusts In A Repair Shop In Hangzhou, China | Zero Hedge

In "Explosive" Lawsuit Walmart Sues Tesla Over Solar Panel Fires, Claims SolarCity Purchase Was A Bailout | Zero Hedge

Serial drug driver avoids jail after repeat offences

Trump's tariffs on Chinese products might impact your Christmas shopping budget after all

Bizarre theory for cause of devastating Amazon fires

Thieves use keyless hack to steal a £90,000 Tesla in under 30 seconds | Daily Mail Online

Tesla's Secret Spontaneously Combusting Solar Panel Cover Up | Zero Hedge

Watch: Yet Another Tesla "Driver" Spotted Fast Asleep At The Wheel Doing 70 MPH In California | Zero Hedge

Stormy Weather In Solarville: Amazon Joins Walmart In Saying Its Tesla Solar Panels Spontaneously Ignited | Zero Hedge

Parts of Chile 'turning to desert' in worst drought in 60 years

Trump orders all US companies out of China

Tesla On Autopilot "Suddenly Accelerates", Smashes Into Power Pole, Sparks A Fire, & Causes Thousands To Lose Power | Zero Hedge

"Truth Will Be Revealed": Cave Diver's Lawyer Taunts Musk After Deposing Him "All Day" Last Thursday | Zero Hedge

Dozens Charged Over $6 Million Fraud And Internet Romance Scheme

Iowa corn farmers to Trump: The government put us in 'one hell of a bad situation'

Former Google self-driving car engineer charged with theft of trade secrets

Intense Police Chase And Carjacking | Archives | NBC News - YouTube

Trump’s bank has tax records Congress is seeking in subpoenas targeting the president’s finances

755kg of Mexican meth found stashed in frozen cow hides

Kids play in Arctic seas as 22C heatwave grips climate change frontline | theOneWorldNews

Russia discovers five islands as climate change melts Arctic ice

Devastated mother is left stranded with her young children in the middle of the road after her car is stolen by thieves in a brazen carjacking

Tesla Solar Panels Catch Fire, and the Lawsuits Start Flying - Bloomberg

Oceans turning from friend to foe, warns landmark UN climate report

Hackers Crack "New" Tesla Model S Key Fob After Revealing "Serious Flaw" In Original A Year Ago | Zero Hedge

Burgundy’s Vineyards Haven’t Been This Hot Since the Black Death - Bloomberg

Could China be considering petrol ban?


Motorist, 36, 'is caught driving suitcases packed with $1million in cocaine, MDMA and cannabis from Adelaide to Sydney'

Driver's licences the 'golden ticket' of ID theft as authorities struggle to protect fraud victims

How Warm Oceans Supercharge Deadly Hurricanes | Australia | National Geographic - National Geographic

Fraudsters targeted my phone account and driver's licence in a new kind of identity theft

Tempers Flare Over Fukushima Plan To Dump Radioactive Water In Ocean | Zero Hedge

Maryland Ponzi Scheme Goes Bust, People Jailed; Accomplice Cast "Hoodoo Spells" On Feds | Zero Hedge

They Posed as Soldiers in Love. Over 30 People Lost $2.1 Million. - The New York Times

‘Trump is in severe mental decline’: Concerns raised over president’s health

Financial adviser allegedly ripped off clients to fund gambling

Tesla driver is caught on camera snoozing while cruising on auto-pilot at 60mph along the longest interstate highway in Massachusetts

U.S. Blames Iran for Attack on Saudi Oil Facilities

Dieselgate: Volkswagen Australia settles class actions with $127 million payout | CarAdvice

Online fraud syndicate: Woman arrested and millions allegedly siphoned

"There Was No Crash": Tesla In Sweden Goes Up In Flames After Passenger Seat Catches Fire | Zero Hedge

$750m haul of ice chemical found in furniture shipment

Telstra bill? Bin it. Australian inboxes targeted by sophisticated phishing scam

America’s Great Climate Exodus Is Starting in the Florida Keys - Bloomberg

Young family warns people to stay away from Jeep after their $50K SUV suddenly broke down and they were quoted more than the car was worth for repairs - and the manufacturer refused to help

Welfare cheats warning

Jewish school principal wanted in Australia over child sex crimes is accused of molesting female prisoners behind bars in Israel

UPDATE: Driver ran red light in deadly crash, impairment suspected | KLAS - 8 News Now

Volkswagen CEO, Chairman Charged With Market Manipulation In Emissions Scandal, Shares Tumble | Zero Hedge

"Fully Engulfed In Flames": Truck Hauling Tesla Vehicles Spontaneously Combusts On I-80 | Zero Hedge

Australia’s beach lifestyle could be under threat from climate change, according to a new UN report

Judge Rules Tesla Broke Labor Laws, "Illegally Threatened And Retaliated" Against Employees | Zero Hedge

Electric cars are simply a carbon con | Sky News Australia

Members 'brainwashed' by mega-church into donating thousands

The Climate Crisis is Global, but These 6 Places Face the Most Severe Consequences

'He covered up a felony': Mega-church's history of sex scandals revealed

Revealed: hundreds of migrant workers dying of heat stress in Qatar each year

Radical warming in Siberia leaves millions on unstable ground - Washington Post

U.S. agency reviews claims 2,000 Teslas should have been recalled

Dad, 35, is charged after leaving a three-month-old baby in a hot car for more than half an hour in soaring temperatures

Takata airbag warning upgraded to 'critical'

Floating Nuclear Power Plants Are Ready To Shape Global Energy Market | Zero Hedge

11 Tons Of Water And "Special Container" Used To Extinguish Burning Tesla In Austria | Zero Hedge

The NHTSA Is Finally Looking Into Tesla Battery Fire Issues | Zero Hedge

German Carmakers Warn Of "Seismic, Devastating" No Deal Consequences | Zero Hedge

SA men plead guilty over 119kg ice bust

"It Drove Like A Drunk-Driver": Consumer Reports Eviscerates Tesla's Smart-Summon Feature | Zero Hedge 

Drinking water at the wheel on 39-degree day lands Brisbane driver $173 fine

California Hit By Dual Shock: LA Gas Prices Spike Above $5 As Residents Learn Solar Panels Don't Work In Blackouts | Zero Hedge

Scientists warn of severe climate changes in Australia's north

Scenes From the Aftermath of Typhoon Hagibis in Japan

Officials arrest 338 worldwide in dark web child porn bust

The Earth is having its second-warmest year so far after record September - The Washington Post

FBI sting leads to arrest of Pilbara man allegedly accessing child exploitation images

Leading car at World Solar Challenge bursts into flames forcing team Vattenfall out of race

Woman abducted at knifepoint in Sydney

Pablo Escobar’s brother vows to ‘take down’ Elon Musk after the businessman ‘stole his toy flamethrower idea’ – The Sun

The largest cocaine seizure in Australian history and the 'geriatrics and ex-crims' behind it

Police hunt 'Bonnie and Clyde' duo who robbed Sydney pharmacy of thousands of pills

Tesla's "Futuristic" Door-Handles Blamed For Killing 48-Year-Old Man Trapped In Burning Wreck | Zero Hedge

Adelaide tops world for methamphetamine or 'ice' use in massive wastewater drug study

Dramatic arrest after $200,000 of ecstasy hidden in protein powder on Sydney flight

US Budget Deificit Hits $984 Billion In Fiscal 2019, Up $205 Billion In One Year | Zero Hedge

Drought tax breaks

Hillsong child sex abuse survivor blasts Scott Morrison for his friendship with the son of his rapist as 'absolutely monstrous' as he breaks his silence on his five years of hell

Sydney centre of Australia's cocaine use

The Worst Offenders For Air Travel Emissions | Zero Hedge

What Elon Forgot To Mention: Tesla's US Sales Crashed An Astonishing 39% In Q3 | Zero Hedge

Cyberattack Shuts Down India's Largest Nuclear Power Plant | Zero Hedge

13 islands that will disappear in the next 80 years


World’s Largest Nuclear Power Producer Confronts Serial Glitches - Bloomberg

Distressing photos show glaciers that are disappearing or on the brink of collapse around the world

Was There Another Reason For Electricity Shutdowns In California? | Zero Hedge

Two in court over cocaine-filled excavator

Four arrests in $470K Sydney cocaine bust

Windfarm in Tasmania trials camera detection to protect eagles from blade strikes

Climate emergency declared by 11,000 scientists worldwide who warn of 'catastrophic threat' to humanity

Why Your New Jail Cell May Be Your Home  | Zero Hedge

How the world’s weather is threatening popular tourist attractions

SA desal plant to provide water in drought

What Trump’s climate surrender means for the world

Self-Driving Uber That Killed Pedestrian In 2018 Couldn't Detect Jaywalkers, NTSB Says | Zero Hedge

We Are Running Out of Air

NASA Gas Detector Plane Identifies "Super-Emitters" Across California | Zero Hedge

NSW RFS in unprecedented fight to protect homes a 15 blazes given emergency warning status

Climate Change Has Claimed A Major Glacier As Its Next Victim

Global Debt Tops $188,000,000,000,000 – Officially The Biggest Debt Bubble The World Has Ever Seen | Zero Hedge

Fires in NSW caused by delayed monsoons in India, experts say - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Scientists In China Are Using Live Pigs As Crash Test Dummies | Zero Hedge

Taxpayers could face $200m bill if buyer cannot be found for rust-riddled oil platform

AP PHOTOS: Indian coal mines still burning after a century

Morgan Stanley: "Climate Will Be A Key Driver Of Asset Prices In The Months And Years Ahead" | Zero Hedge

'Abhorrent': Andrew Forrest's letter to Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg

'The government has abandoned its own people': Bushfire evacuees call for climate action

Facebook removes 3.2 billion fake accounts, millions of child abuse posts

U.S. Senate to hold November 20 hearing on testing, deployment of self-driving cars

14 filthy rich fraudsters who were brought to justice

Climate change is damaging the health of the world's children and threatens lifelong impact, report says

Europe's elderly most at risk from climate change, researchers warn

Climate change exposes future generations to life-long health harm

The "Green" Illusion Continues: Tesla Crash Victim Can't Find Anyone To Recycle His Wrecked Car | Zero Hedge

Mayors make climate change demand to govt

SolarCity Lawsuit Reveals Almost All Of Elon Musk's Merger Promises Were "Misleading Or False" | Zero Hedge

A cauldron of extreme heat developing in WA is heading straight for the east coast bushfire zone

Sydney man cuffed stepping off Thai flight as homes raided

Pappinbarra dairy farming couple pour 4,000L milk down the drain after NSW bushfires knock out electricity

Red Ponzi Panic: Chinese Hospitals Begging Nurses For Loans To Stay Afloat | Zero Hedge

Iran Burning: Shock Gas Price Hike Triggers Violent Protests After Subsidy Cuts | Zero Hedge

Perth temperatures soar to 40.8 degrees in hottest November day on record

In the path of disaster: The big causes of bushfires that most of us are missing

NSW bushfires: Nearly 500 homes lost as crews scramble to build containment lines

NSW fire losses mount as Queensland sets record, adjusted data show

Venice is underwater — and a preview of what climate change will bring to coastal cities

Queensland bushfires trigger asthma as air quality gets worse than Mumbai's in parts of south-east

Fukushima Will Be Reincarnated As A $2.7 Billion Wind And Solar Energy Hub | Zero Hedge

Tesla Supercharger Erupts In Flames At New Jersey Wawa | Zero Hedge

Painfully slow hurricanes, deadly heat, and cities without water: What the climate crisis will look like in the next 10 years, according to experts

Sydney blanketed in dense bushfire smoke amid 'severe' fire danger

20 Islands That Will Disappear in Your Lifetime

15 killed, 9 injured in northern China coal mine explosion

The most dangerous countries in the world for 2020 revealed: Interactive map shows Libya and Somalia are the riskiest but Nordic destinations are the safest

Massive haul of Mexican cocaine worth $104million hidden in aluminum blocks weighing 233kg is seized and British man is charged

Fossil fuel polluters from U.S. to China far off climate targets - U.N.

Fiat Shares Tumble After GM Files Racketeering Lawsuit Alleging "Millions In Bribes" To Corrupt UAW | Zero Hedge

Bombshell Report Alleges Russian Oligarch Laundered $860 Million Via Swedbank | Zero Hedge

Uber Got Off Easy

Greta Thunberg Meltdown Imminent? China To Unleash Tsunami Of Mega-Polluting Coal-Fired Power Plants | Zero Hedge

$5.6 million worth of ice allegedly hidden in curtains from Azerbaijan

Sydney smoke: Air quality 'hazardous'

NSW records poorest ever air pollution, with Sydney in top 10 of most polluted cities

"That's Not Safe! Somebody's Going To Die!": Senator Markey Slams Tesla Autopilot At Commerce Committee Hearing | Zero Hedge

Dirt Cheap Gasoline Is Fueling Colombia's Cocaine Cartels | Zero Hedge

Musk unveils 'bulletproof' electric Tesla truck, but window cracks

Tesla debuts futuristic new electric pickup Cybertruck to applause and derision

China Pops Electric Car Bubble By Slashing Subsidy Program, Weighs On Lithium Prices  | Zero Hedge

No Power, No Running Water, No Toilets: Millions Of Americans Are Living In Third-World Conditions | Zero Hedge

Shocking 'then and now' pictures of Switzerland's glaciers reveal how much ice has melted since the 1800s

Black Friday Is Coming, And 48 Million Americans Still Have Holiday Debt From Last Year | Zero Hedge

47% Of GDP – This Is Definitely The Scariest Corporate Debt Bubble In U.S. History | Zero Hedge

Sydney's water supply is at 'serious risk' of contamination as raging bushfires bear down on major dam

NSW smoke haze 'equivalent to smoking 34 cigarettes a day'

Growth in global carbon emissions slowed in 2019: report

The year the world woke up to the climate emergency

Comment: The climate crisis Trump ignores the most

Weak Arctic ice sees 56 polar bears descend on Russian village

Qld drought will cost local farmers $100 million this financial year

UN climate talks: what's on the agenda in Madrid and what it means for Australia

Tesla On Autopilot Slams Into Connecticut Police Cruiser On I-95 | Zero Hedge

Sydney smoke at its 'worst ever' with air pollution in some areas 11 times 'hazardous' threshold












https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/world/un-chief-calls-climate-summit-a-lost-opportunity/ar-AAK9d7T?li=AAgfVRa https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/climate-change-is-leading-to-more-severe-bushfires/ar-AAK9Ozg?li=AAgfGoy






















The 'reckless' act that could cost drivers a $11,000 fine - Yahoo TV
















RAW: Mallacoota residents take shelter on boat as skies glow red | news.com.au — Australia’s #1 news site


Did Carlos Ghosn Flee Japan By Hiding In Musical Instrument Box? | Zero Hedge






Carlos Ghosn Has Tales to Tell and Scores to Settle









Opinion | Australia Is Committing Climate Suicide - The New York Times












3 People Critical In Salt Lake City After Tesla Runs Red Light, Smashes Into Car At "High Rate Of Speed" | Zero Hedge














Weather Bureau Says Hottest, Driest Year On Record Led To Extreme Bushfire Season































Enormous dust storm envelops Queensland town

NHTSA Evaluating Petition To Investigate 500,000 Tesla Vehicles For Unintended Acceleration | Zero Hedge

NTSB to determine cause of 2018 fatal Tesla crash in Calif.








Incredible places that will be underwater by 2050

















GOP senators press IRS on enforcement of electric vehicle tax credit | TheHill



Trillion tonne sheet of ice hurtling towards iceberg alley

Antarctica hits hottest temperature on record

Europe just posted its warmest January on record - The Washington Post

Ron Brierley faces court over abuse pics

NTSB Reveals Tesla's Autopilot Was Engaged During Fatal 2019 Crash | Zero Hedge

Hunger stalks southern Africa as climate crisis deepens

"Tankers, Tankers. Everywhere!" - Virus Causes Historic' Traffic Jam' Across Asian Supply Lines | Zero Hedge

How climate change will hurt these vulnerable cities

NASA Has Detected Millions of Methane Hotspots Littering The Arctic

Incredible images that show the true impact of climate change

"World Upside Down" - French Ski Resort Uses Choppers To Deliver Snow, Angers Enviros | Zero Hedge

Foreign Correspondent : ABC iview

Global Crop Failures Continue: In Australia This Is Going To Be The Worst Harvest Ever Recorded | Zero Hedge

Hackers Trick Tesla Into Breaking Speed Limit By 50MPH With 2 Inches Of Tape | Zero Hedge

U.S. Taxpayers Face $200 Billion Bill From Student Loan Forgiveness Plans | Zero Hedge

World's financial firms risk $1 trillion in losses if slow to act on climate change - report

"The Human Race Could Go Extinct": JPMorgan Fearmongers Climate Change Impact In Leaked Report | Zero Hedge

Make American Steel Great Again Backfires In Trump Lawsuit | Zero Hedge

Scourge of wage fraud demands action

The Fires Are Out, but Australia’s Climate Disasters Aren’t Over

Mercedes-Benz failed to initiate Takata airbag recall on some $113,000 vehicles

NTSB Blames Tesla And U.S. Regulators For Fatal 2018 Autopilot Crash | Zero Hedge

Electric cars could have 'big impact' on Australia's energy supply | CarAdvice

Daily cyber attacks on parliament system

Nissan launches $90m lawsuit against former chairman Carlos Ghosn | Business | The Guardian

Introducing Longyearbyen, the fastest-warming town in the world

Cuts to air pollution could SPEED UP climate change in the short term | Daily Mail Online

Cities that will be drowned in 100 years


Militias fuelling Australia's ice addiction buying parts of south-east Asia: UN

Attention NHTSA: Second Tesla In A Week Has Plowed Through Storefront In Coachella Valley | Zero Hedge

Driver who crashed Tesla into Mastro's on El Paseo restaurant not injured, firefighters say

'Neo Nazi' 21-year-old 'planned to attack NSW electricity substation'

'I have nothing': Coronavirus shattering Aussie industries

Cities deserted as world races to contain coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus cash boost: The radical plan to let workers claim their superannuation NOW - and families could be entitled to interest-free loans too

Greenland's melting ice raised global sea level by 2.2mm in two months

NTSB Faults Tesla And Publicly Calls Out NHTSA To Share Blame In Fatal 2019 Crash | Zero Hedge

Bondi Beach closed over crowds amid coronavirus pandemic

'You can't stop people from living': Beachgoers defiant as NSW government shuts down Bondi Beach


Coronavirus disease 2019

Bars and restaurants will shut down in the next 48 hours and could stay closed for months as coronavirus cases soar - with only essential retail like supermarkets and chemists to remain open

Parking fines are SCRAPPED leaving drivers free to leave their car in most areas - but motorists are warned not to ignore certain zones

Major Australian medical supplier runs out of essential basics

Scott Morrison vows to crackdown on shoppers stripping supermarket shelves bare and sending vital supplies OVERSEAS to cash in on the coronavirus crisis

One third of humanity under virus lockdown

Eerie quiet but no panic as rural France enters lockdown

India, day 1: World’s largest lockdown begins

NSW Police to fine people who flout social distancing rules

Royal Botanic Gardens to close to contain coronavirus spread

Bunnings introduces tough new shopping restrictions on everything from cleaning products to batteries as panic buyers stock up on items they can't get at Coles and Woolworths

Who should wear a face mask, and do they stop the coronavirus?

Travellers 'not home' during self-isolation police spot checks

Chief health officer slams Dan Murphy's panic-buyers as 'appalling' as thousands of shoppers rush to fill up on booze

Fast-Charging Stations Damage Tesla Car Batteries After Just 25 Cycles, New Study Shows | Zero Hedge

'Avoid hard surfaces': Expert tips on minimising coronavirus risk

NSW Premier warns traveller detentions will not be ‘perfectly’ executed

Forced 14-day hotel quarantines begin for all Australian airport arrivals

Business owner fined $5000 as NSW Police enforce coronavirus lockdowns

Wage subsidies expected in third tranche of stimulus

Everyone is buying rice during the coronavirus crisis, but Australia's biggest rice company is struggling

Australia open to UK-style wage subsidy to ease coronavirus pain, Cormann says

Return traveller charged over self-quarantine breach after 'spotted chatting in retirement village'

Australia's first virtual hospital rolls out for COVID-19 patients

Coronavirus fears for Queen and Philip as 'servant who walks royal dogs falls ill'

Indian doctors being evicted from homes over coronavirus fears

Breaking bad: Coronavirus rule breakers threatened with jail

Qatar Airways increases flights to Australia despite global shutdown

Man, 30, who flew in from Jordan is caught breaching self-isolation order and granted bail - only to be found outside and arrested THREE more times

NT arrivals face $2,500 bill for coronavirus hotel quarantine

Six months in jail, $11,000 fine for leaving home without a 'reasonable excuse'

People staying home 'making a difference' to virus fight

The Singapore Solution Foreign Correspondent : ABC iview

Coronavirus: The 16 reasons you can leave your home in NSW

NSW police officer charged with possessing child abuse material

Police raid $6 million NSW cannabis crop

Confusion over partners living separately 

Govt commits $170m to revive Australian food exports

Supplies Are Starting To Get Really Tight Nationwide As Food Distribution Systems Break Down | Zero Hedge

"I've Never Seen Anything Like This": Small Businesses Beg For 'Speedy' Stimulus Delivery | Zero Hedge

Hostel turns away self-isolating tourist

Man eating kebab issued $1000 fine over coronavirus restrictions

Coronavirus: NSW COVID-19 rule breakers risk jail and $11,000 fine | Rules explained for leaving home

Coronavirus lockdown prompts outback roadhouse to fly beer and pizza to cattle stations

'CATACLYSMIC ALERT!!!' Depression Strikes America, Looting Begins, Panic Searching "Buy Ammo" Hits Record | Zero Hedge

From garage sales to golf: All outdoor activities except 'basic exercise' are banned as coronavirus lockdowns tighten - and one state is 'becoming its own country' until the pandemic ends

London 'unrecognisable' in wake of COVID-19 pandemic 

Explained: Who can receive free childcare?

UK turns ‘giant IKEA’ into drive-through COVID-19 testing facility

London Heathrow to close runway as it scales back operations due to coronavirus pandemic

New York's Unemployment Fund Will Be Insolvent In 2 Months | Zero Hedge 

Man arrested after allegedly delivering drugs in fruit basket to quarantined traveller

Australia's coronavirus measures could be lifted in SIX WEEKS if it goes into complete lockdown says pandemic experts who fear the gradual increase in restrictions is putting us on a path to disaster

Watch: Tesla Model 3 Crashes And Burns In Taiwan, Driver Dead | Zero Hedge

Every Tesla Accident Resulting in Death | Tesla Deaths

Looting Wave Strikes New York City Amid Coronavirus Lockdown | Zero Hedge

The coronavirus threat among the homeless is a 'ticking time-bomb' for Australia

Radiation spike as forest fire hits Chernobyl nuclear zone

Australia coronavirus cases stable, cruise ships sent home

Food Banks Overwhelmed As America's "Working Poor" Starve During Lockdown | Zero Hedge

Victorian learner driver fined more than $1600 for "non-essential" travel

Australian traveller accused of SNEAKING OUT of coronavirus quarantine hotel faces a $50k fine

"They Want Their Monies Out" – Baltimore Residents 'Storm Bank' Amid Fears Of Social Unrest | Zero Hedge

Trump threatens 'very substantial' tariffs on imported oil if Saudi Arabia and Russia can't reach a deal to push prices back up

Food-Banks Warn They'll Soon Run Out Of Food As Economic Suffering Explodes All Over America | Zero Hedge

Great Barrier Reef found to be coral bleached from north to south for first time

'Please don't come': holidaymakers told to stay at home to slow the spread

Childcare centres across Sydney set to close because of federal package

Ruby Princess, Artania dodge orders to leave Australian waters

Chernobyl Radiation Levels Suddenly Surge 17x | Zero Hedge

My business is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 lockdown, do I still need to pay rent?

Dramatic Footage Shows Home Owner Fight Off Home Invaders In Fatal Confrontation | Zero Hedge

See how the coronavirus is affecting major cities around the world

'Breadlines' Erupt Across America As Lockdowns Crush America's "Working Poor" | Zero Hedge

West Faces "Social Bomb" As Pandemic Sparks Unrest Among Poorest | Zero Hedge

NSW travellers in coronavirus quarantine leave hotels after two weeks

Trump has declared major disaster in all 50 states at once, first time in history

Farmers Battered By Food Glut As COVID-19 Shifts How America Eats | Zero Hedge

Coronavirus found in air samples up to 13 feet from patients

Dozens of passengers thought to be infected with coronavirus from cruise ship, land in Melbourne

Coronavirus forces US, Russia and OPEC cartel to slash 10 per cent of world's oil supply

Fire raging near Ukraine's Chernobyl poses radiation risk, say activists

Small Business Bailout Fund To Run Out Of Money Today | Zero Hedge

Far Worse To Come: COVID-19 Collapse Of State & Local Governments | Zero Hedge

Moscow's Communists Warn "There Will Be Mass Starvation" And Protests As Coronavirus Slams Russian Economy | Zero Hedge

Two more arrests after $130m worth of cocaine seized

Lost Viking ‘highway’ revealed by melting ice

"Something's Gone Wrong": UK Government, Banks Screw Up COVID-Loans, Small Firms Near Collapse | Zero Hedge

The $349 Billion Small Business Loan Program Is Now Out Of Money | Zero Hedge

Insolvent Illinois Begs Congress For Pension Bailout | Zero Hedge

International drugs ring behind yacht seized off NSW coast

Singapore Oil Trader Is Said to Have Hidden $800 Million Losses - Bloomberg

Police bust online child sex abuse ring across five states

Leaks upon leaks: how the Libs ‘gleefully’ shared Turnbull’s book

How climate change has affected each state


Zoom took months to repair a flaw that would allow hackers to take complete control of a computer, even after multiple researchers and clients reported the vulnerability to the company

Air Pollution Is Increasing The Risk of COVID-19 Death, According to New Studies

Expert Warns US Is On The Brink Of "Mass Civil Unrest" | Zero Hedge

Mitch McConnell Says Struggling States Should File For Bankruptcy | Zero Hedge

Devastating Simulations Say Sea Ice Will Be Completely Gone in Arctic Summers by 2050

Two charged after $80 million of liquid meth found inside bottles of mineral water

Former Western Australian police officer charged with 18 more counts of rape

Hurricanes Could Be Slowing Down Due to Rising CO2 Levels, And That's Not a Good Thing

Clean air in Europe during lockdown ‘leads to 11,000 fewer deaths’

Disability care worker accused of bashing adult patients ends up being charged with child sex offences after police allegedly find vile videos of him abusing children as young as FOUR

Billions projected to suffer nearly unlivable heat in 2070

Russian rocket disintegrates in Earth's orbit leaving behind 65 pieces of dangerous space debris that could damage other satellites

Before-and-after photos show the dramatic effect lockdowns are having on pollution around the world

Millions of dollars worth of high-grade cocaine washes up on Australian beaches after a drug smuggling attempt allegedly involving a star Olympian goes horribly wrong

"Mysterious" Wrecked Tesla Found At Bottom Of California Cliff, Driver's Body Found At Scene | Zero Hedge

Scientists are trying to save coral reefs

CO2 emissions declines from lockdowns will not solve the climate crisis

Alleged online child sex abuse network busted by Federal Police, 9 arrested and 14 children rescued

Tennant Creek man pleads guilty to cannabis possession after calling police on himself

Total US Debt Increases By $1 Trillion In One Month | Zero Hedge

Investment Scams | Tips to Protect Yourself - NAB

As oil prices crashed, tankers idled off California—spewing pollution for weeks

18 dead, 189 hurt as tanker truck explodes on China highway

Former NSW Labor MP Milton Orkopoulos arrested, questioned over historical sex offences

Disney World employees arrested during child pornography sting in US

Drug haul worth $180m found inside furniture container

Sydney men arrested after military-style weapons seized in counter-terrorism raids

Widespread reports of COVID-19 malicious scams being sent to Australians | Stay Smart Online

Why you should go animal-free: 18 arguments in favour of meat-eating debunked

New Zealand seizes $90 million in assets of Russian cybercrime suspect

Two charged after ice with street value of $1m found in mail packages

Britons whine about the heat as temperature is still 73F at midnight  | Daily Mail Online 

Man charged over $700,000 fraud 'pretended to be ASIO spy'

Watch Mitt Romney's full speech: ‘Trump is a phony, a fraud’ - YouTube

Extreme "Heat Dome" To Fry US With Record Temperatures Up To 121F For Several Weeks | Zero Hedge

Eleven people hospitalised with carbon monoxide poisoning after grill used inside

World population in 2100 could be 2 billion below UN projections

Twitter hack: accounts of prominent figures, including Biden, Musk, Obama, Gates and Kanye compromised | Elon Musk | The Guardian

Twitter accounts of Uber, Apple, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos reportedly hacked - YouTube

DoJ Busts Texas Man Using Million Dollar PPP Loan To Trade Crypto  | Zero Hedge

Clive Palmer charged with fraud

Man jailed for offering fake tax refunds in Covid-19 scam

NSW Central Coast houses partially collapse after beach erosion caused by swells

Australian passports are now more powerful than US ones as the coronavirus reshuffles the visa world order

Malaysian court orders ex-PM Najib to pay $400 million tax bill

The worst crimes in history

Leonard Warwick Family Court bomber found guilty of murdering three people in 1980s

China Stole At Least $1 Billion In Trade Secrets & Research From US: State Dept | Zero Hedge

Google sued by ACCC for allegedly misleading consumers into signing away their privacy

Report finds many US election officials vulnerable to phishing attacks

Drugs worth $1.5 million seized in SA after police bust truck driver's alleged 'essential worker' transport plan

Connecticut Man Charged With Decapitating His Landlord With A Samurai Sword | Zero Hedge

Crime Is Skyrocketing All Over America And Cops Are Killing Themselves | Zero Hedge

More than 500kg of cocaine seized as international investigation targets drug syndicate

World Map: A clickable map of world countries :-)

"He Chose His Poison": Grandma Implicates Grandson As Bomb-Thrower In Portland Attack | Zero Hedge

Portland protests prompt tear gas, rubber bullets from federal agents

After the fires: rebuilding Minneapolis in the wake of Black Lives Matter

Beirut explosion: at least 78 dead and 4,000 wounded, says Lebanon health ministry – live updates | World news | The Guardian

Florida Man Shoots And Kills Burger King Employee After Order Takes Too Long | Zero Hedge

NYC Crime Spike Hits Ultra-Wealthy Neighborhood | Zero Hedge

Coronavirus-Linked Fraud Victims Have Been Swindled Out Of Almost $100 Million | Zero Hedge

Kiwi thug, 24, who strangled and bit female police officer is deported

Ice dealer, 24, caught with haul of meth after police COVID-19 stop

British beaches crowded amid hottest heatwave in over a decade

Shipments Of 20,000 Fake IDs From China Seized By Feds Ahead Of Election | Zero Hedge

Chinese National Arrested Illegally Entering The US With Over $28,000 Worth Of Gold Bars | Zero Hedge

Baltimore Holds 'Ceasefire Prayer' As Murders On Track For Record Year | Zero Hedge

Rape Suspect Released From Jail Due To COVID Kills Woman Who Accused Him | Zero Hedge

Another Riot Declared In Portland After Leftists Set Fire Inside Police Union Building | Zero Hedge

Chaos In Chicago: Bridges Raised To Prevent Gun-Toting Looters Getting Downtown | Zero Hedge

Satellite images allegedly show Sydney buildings shifting during Westconnex construction

Has America Entered A New Era Of Permanent Civil Unrest? | Zero Hedge

Escape From New York: Wealthy Residents Flee In Droves As The City Degenerates Into A Hellhole | Zero Hedge

Fight For Planet A: Our Climate Challenge : ABC iview

Mass looting in Chicago was ‘inspired by the BLM movement’

Man Charged With First-Degree Murder In Killing Of 5-Year-Old Boy On Bicycle | Zero Hedge

Chicago Rioters Attacked Charity Building With Sick Children Inside | Zero Hedge

Dramatic Photos: Desperate For Provisions, Thousands Of Cars Line Up At Texas Food Bank | Zero Hedge

Police arrest Queen's servant after a spate of thefts

"Ghost Town": Shocking Dystopian Video Of NYC Shows An Abandoned And Boarded Up 5th Avenue | Zero Hedge

What is the NT Government's stance on China's Belt and Road Initiative?

De Blasio's New York: Bulletproof Vest Sales Are Skyrocketing In Parts Of The City | Zero Hedge

As Stealing Fuel Becomes More Difficult, Mexican Thieves Turn To Train Robbery | Zero Hedge

New York Has Rejected $1 Billion In Fraudulent Unemployment Claims Since The Beginning Of The Pandemic | Zero Hedge

49 People Shot In Last 72 Hours In New York As City Hits Its "Expiration Date" | Zero Hedge

Death Valley just recorded 54.4 degrees Celsius which, if verified, could torch the record book

Bloody Weekend - Dozens Shot Across Chicago, NYC  | Zero Hedge

6 Guards Nearly Killed In Sprawling San Diego Prison Riot | Zero Hedge

Fight For Planet A: Our Climate Challenge : ABC iview

250,000 Las Vegans Face Eviction Next Month  | Zero Hedge

Mali Coup Underway As Mutinying Soldiers Storm President's Palace, Arrest Country's Leaders | Zero Hedge

Kim Jong-Un Reportedly Orders North Koreans To Hand Over Pet Dogs So They Can Be Eaten | Zero Hedge

'Disavowed' BLM Leader Defends Looting & Rioting Because "US Steals Diamonds & Oil" | Zero Hedge

List of attacks against African-American churches - Wikipedia

Famous Cases & Criminals — FBI

Baptist Street Church Bombing — FBI

Lee Harvey Oswald shot by Jack Ruby - YouTube

JFK (2013) - Who shot American President John F Kennedy? | 60 Minutes Australia - YouTube

Estimated number of civilian guns per capita by country - Wikipedia

Gun ownership - Wikipedia

Live TV Footage of 9/11 (Second Plane hit, Collapse of Towers) World Trade Center Coverage - Bing video

Thugs Savagely Assault, Rob Retired NYPD Sergeant In Manhattan Daytime Beating | Zero Hedge

Murder victim's family hope Wendie-Sue Dent is never released for prison

Homelessness in Britain is about to get much worse

Two dead in suspected SA double murder

Donald Trump's sister describes US president as cruel and a liar

US Protests: Brawls erupt following police shooting

Fire engulfs Indonesia's Attorney General building

Another NYC 'War Zone' Weekend: Over 30 Shot, Many Of Them Bystanders, In Violence Reminiscent Of 1980s | Zero Hedge

New York City Is Dead And It's "Only Going To Get Worse" | Zero Hedge

De Blasio's 'Utopia'? Quarter-Mile Food-Bank Line Spotted In Queens | Zero Hedge

Syria blackout after suspected pipeline attack

Wisconsin Cop Knocked Out With Brick After Police Shoot Black Man; Portland Erupts | Zero Hedge

What Happened at the Waco Siege? | History - YouTube

Jonestown Mass Suicide: Revisiting The Cult That Ended With The Deaths Of 900 | TODAY - YouTube

The North Hollywood shootout, 20 years later - YouTube

SWAT Officers Recall Biggest Shootout In LA History With CBS2's Pat Harvey - YouTube

Wisconsin Governor Sending National Guard To Kenosha | Zero Hedge

Dunbar Armored robbery - Wikipedia

NY Subway Windows Being Smashed At Such Rate The MTA Can't Get Glass Fast Enough To Replace Them | Zero Hedge

Countries winning and losing the war on corruption

"This Is Insane": Kenosha Melts Down As Cars Smashed, Buildings Torched And Looters Run Wild In Second Night Of Unrest | Zero Hedge

Brendan Gutenschwager (@BGOnTheScene) / Twitter

Fight For Planet A: Our Climate Challenge : ABC iview

Coal generation kills 800 a year in Australia, says new report | RenewEconomy

Literal 'Battle-Zones' Are Erupting All Over America | Zero Hedge

Portland Businesses Leave Due To 'Lawlessness Endorsed By Mayor' | Zero Hedge

At Least 2 Killed During 3rd Night Of Violence In Kenosha; Grisly Shootings Captured On Video | Zero Hedge

US Cargo Thefts Erupt As Violent Crime Spreads Across America  | Zero Hedge

17 Facts That Prove The US Economy Is A Complete And Total Disaster-Zone At This Point | Zero Hedge

New York's MTA Is Losing An Astounding $200 Million Per Week | Zero Hedge

Bette Midler calls Melania Trump an 'illegal alien' who 'can't speak English,' responds to controversy

New Zealand's stock exchange not to reopen on Thursday after cyber attacks

"Any Excuse To Riot" - Minneapolis Descends Into Chaos Over Police Shooting "Fake News" | Zero Hedge

Night 4 Of Kenosha Protests Mostly Peaceful As City Calls In Reinforcements | Zero Hedge

Protests in Washington as Trump accepts Republican nomination

U.S. Senator Rand Paul says attacked by 'angry mob' near White House 

"They Would Have Killed Us" - Rand Paul Describes Attack By "Unhinged" Mob | Zero Hedge

$5.7 Million In Cocaine Found Smuggled In Boxes Of Yams At Gatwick Airport Near London | Zero Hedge

Kenosha Or Kosovo? Shocking Images Reveal Destruction After Race Riots Leave Buildings In Ruins | Zero Hedge

Man Shot Dead In Portland Amid Violent Protests; 'Camouflage Gear With Thin Blue Line Patch' Found Next To Body | Zero Hedge

White and black ‘come together in BLM’ to burn everybody’s business down

Sweden's Conservatives Warn Surging Violent Crime Has Become A "Second Pandemic" | Zero Hedge

Belarus' Opposition Uprising - YouTube

Two boys 'tortured, raped and buried alive' in cemetery

Tallahassee Police Rule Man Who Pulled Pistol In Viral Protest Confrontation "Lawfully Defended Himself" | Zero Hedge

A Staggering 50 People Shot, Including 2 Police, In Another Blood-Soaked Chicago Weekend | Zero Hedge

St. Louis Police Officer Killed During Standoff As City's 'Summer Surge' In Deadly Violence Worsens | Zero Hedge

'Shoot On-Site': Chicago Gangs Form Pact To Execute Cops Who Draw Weapons On Suspects, Says FBI | Zero Hedge

New Jersey Is Becoming The Most Hated State As Households Flee In Record Numbers | Zero Hedge

"The Smell Of Rotten Meat": Garbage Is Piling Up Across Major US Cities As COVID Hits Sanitation Workers | Zero Hedge

Melting of ice sheets could add up to 16 inches to global oceans

Portland Police Declare "Riot," Use Smoke Grenades, Pepper Balls As Violence Flares Up  | Zero Hedge

Massive 165-foot deep crater forms in Siberia after methane explosion

Arctic wildfires spewed 700 tonnes of CO2 a MINUTE into the atmosphere

50% Of Americans Fear Bankruptcy Due To Medical Bills  | Zero Hedge

The world is witnessing a ‘nation-defining moment’ for the US amid civil unrest

"BLM" Rioters "Shut Down" Restaurants In Rochester, Smash Bank Windows In Manhattan, During Latest Night Of Mayhem | Zero Hedge

Dramatic Video: Tesla Reportedly "Ran Out Of Control" On Chinese City Street, Leaving Mangled Bodies Behind | Zero Hedge

California wildfires: Desperate video of man trapped by inferno

Riots Have Hit 48 Of America's 50 Largest US Cities, New Study Finds | Zero Hedge

Los Angeles smashes temperature record amid dangerous heat wave

Two officers charged with using and supplying drugs

Demonstrators scuffle in Oregon capital

Wildfires rage across the US amid record-breaking temperatures

Grandmother, 86, is brutally raped by attacker, 33, in India

Twitter permanently suspends QAnon account belonging to friend of Australian PM for 'harmful activity' | QAnon | The Guardian

Baltimore On Pace For Deadliest Year Ever: 46 Shot, 12 Killed Last Week | Zero Hedge

'High-impact' Sydney gun raids lead to 25 arrests

Why your groceries are about to get FAR more expensive

Exclusive: Suspected arms dealers moved millions in Somali money transfers, report says

Former stock trader Ross McCarty jailed for robbing banks after 'getting boozed' during lunchbreak

2 people are dead and 14 injured after a mass shooting at a backyard party in Rochester, New York

Tesla driver falls asleep while going 93 mph on autopilot

Woman jailed for life for drugging and murdering lover for $300,000 estate

SA woman sentenced to death over poisoning

Another Bloody Chicago Weekend Sees Almost 40 Shot, With Homicides Up 50% | Zero Hedge

179 arrested in 'Operation DisrupTor' dark web drug takedown

Four Corners : ABC iview (Series 2020: The Hunt For Britain's Slave Gangs).

President Trump's Niece Sues Family Claiming She Was "Defrauded" Of Inheritance | Zero Hedge

Coronavirus: Government unwinds JobKeeper

Another Horrific Chicago Weekend: 5-Year Old Girl Stabbed, 49 People Shot | Zero Hedge

De Blasio announces investigation into whether Trump paid city taxes or 'cheated New York City' | Daily Mail Online

Suspect Arrested In Ambush Shooting Of LA Cops | Zero Hedge

Canada police charge dozens and seize $10m in assets in illegal casino bust

AR-15 rifle, automatic pistols seized in western Sydney raids: police

Surprising facts about pandemics past and present

Global Food Prices Rise As Famine Threat Emerges  | Zero Hedge

Security Paralyzed By Fears Of Being Called "Racist" As Shoplifting Mobs 'Bulldoze' Luxury NY Stores | Zero Hedge

50 Shot, 4 Dead After Chicago Weekend Gun Violence | Zero Hedge

Berejiklian apologises but denies dots can be connected to property deals

Portland Protests Have Been "Hijacked By Criminals" And Downtown Residents Are Now Pleading For Law And Order | Zero Hedge

Cloud leak exposed sensitive data from over 200,000 voicemails

Million New Yorkers Can't Afford Food As Hunger Crisis Worsens | Zero Hedge

Child abuse investigation Operation Molto charges 44 Australian men with 350 crimes

Perth man facing sextortion charges accused of blackmailing 112 girls from various countries

Man Who Researched Killing Joe Biden Arrested After Cops Find Van Full Of Guns, Ammo, And Explosives | Zero Hedge

NSW news: 13,000 Cannabis plants worth $40m seized in huge NSW drug raids

‘Zombie batteries’ causing hundreds of waste fires, experts warn

Van Full Of Explosives Discovered In Philly On Third Night Of Rioting | Zero Hedge


France under highest alert after three killed in Nice

The capital city that is becoming overrun by out-of-control youths

US election: Biden event in Texas cancelled as 'armed' Trump supporters threaten campaign bus

Man in medieval clothes arrested after two killed in Quebec sword attack

WATCH: Peta Credlin presents 'Deadly Decisions: Victoria's hotel quarantine catastrophe' | Sky News Australia

Queenslanders targeted by scams following storm

Kabul Shooting: Eerie video emerges after 22 killed in uni attack

Armed robbers use sewers to break into bank vault

Teen shot dead while working at McDonald's drive-thru

Two men charged over $5.5m cannabis bust

45,000 Americans Flood New Zealand's Immigration Website During Election | Zero Hedge

Philadelphia: Evacuations underway after bomb threats near vote counting centre

Adblock Plus | The world's # 1 free ad blocker

The are reasons Australia 'ought to be friends with China'

NT police seize $2 million cash after multi-agency investigation into alleged drug syndicate

10 things no US president is allowed to do

Millions in cash seized from trucks in crackdown on methylamphetamine syndicates

Countries with the most debt

Bomb Strikes WWI Memorial Event In Saudi Arabia Hosted By Western Diplomats | Zero Hedge

17 People Were Shot In Chicago On Monday Alone | Zero Hedge

20 early symptoms of dementia

Record ice shipment bound for Melbourne seized in Hong Kong as Covid hits drug supply

Bay Area Food Bank Now Serves 500k Working-Poor As Demand "Doubles"  | Zero Hedge

Cops find $1m in SA border crossing bust

Police seize 5kgs of ice and luxury good in major drug bust

Port Of Baltimore Officers Intercept 157 Stolen Cars In 2020 Bound For Africa  | Zero Hedge


Tesla CEO Elon Musk Smokes Weed During Joe Rogan Podcast Interview | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC - YouTube

Investigators seize millions of dollars from Queensland father

Portland Rioters Cause Thousands Of Dollars In Damage On Thanksgiving Night | Zero Hedge

Russia accused of 'hypocrisy' after attacking Australia over Afghanistan war crimes report

Wild Australia: After the Fires : ABC iview

Bank robbers take over entire Brazilian city and leave locals to pick up cash left on streets

Defunding Police Backfires In Minneapolis As Shootings, Homicides, And Carjackings Surge | Zero Hedge

Immunisation experts are divided on whether Covid-19 vaccine is safe

Trump attorneys tell Nevada judge more than 85,000 votes were illegal

Extinction With David Attenborough : ABC iview

Proud Boys - Wikipedia

Pro-Trump rally in D.C.: Multiple people stabbed after thousands gather for demonstrations - The Washington Post

Climate Change: The Facts : ABC iview

Joel Osteen's Church Received $4.4 Million In PPP Stimulus Payments | ZeroHedge

Police seize drugs and cash from truck on Eyre Highway at Port Augusta

Exclusive: U.S. warns Pacific islands about Chinese bid for undersea cable project - sources

Exclusive: Suspected Russian hacking spree reached into Microsoft - sources

Security experts are 'freaking out' about how foreign hackers carried out the 'most pristine espionage effort' in modern history right under the US's nose

Two revellers from the UK locked up in Sydney after supplying drugs

Britain grinds to a halt as mutant virus strain leads to travel bans

Cannabis crop worth $13m found in NSW

"500 Officers Short" - Baltimore City Faces Mass Cop Exodus | ZeroHedge

Human remains found at site of Nashville RV explosion: Sources

Trump 'plays golf at Florida resort' as $3 trillion relief bill deadline approaches

Three people shot dead by 'active shooter' at Ilinois bowling alley

US police investigating suspicious truck

Portland Homicides Reach Highest Level In 3 Decades After Gun Violence Task Force Disbanded | ZeroHedge

Explosion Rips Through Yemen Airport As New Government Arrives, Killing 16 & Wounding 60 | ZeroHedge

'Unacceptable': Bicycle pack filmed in brutal attack

What you need to know about the mask rules for Greater Sydney, NSW

Nigel Farage has made a prediction 'we should all take seriously' on China

Man Wielding Bat Goes On GTA-Style Crime Spree In Lower Manhattan | ZeroHedge

Trump Washington riots ERUPT: One dead as protesters storm – 'They've taken over Capitol!' | World | News | Express.co.uk

PICTURED: Trump-supporting Air Force vet shot and killed at Capitol

Actions of violent goons 'incited by President Trump's lies': Chuck Schumer

Police draw guns on mob to protect Electoral College votes

Vatican Claims No Knowledge Of $1.8BN Quietly Transferred To Australia: "We Don’t Have That Kind Of Money" | ZeroHedge

United Front (China) - Wikipedia

Trump has told aides he wants to pardon himself, reports claim

President Trump Will Not Attend Biden's Inauguration (But Bill & Hillary Will) | ZeroHedge

Man charged after 'importation of $675k of liquid MDMA hidden in wine bottles'

Bombings, shootings and beatings: A history of violence at U.S. Capitol

Theft of two computers during Capitol attack raises information security concerns

DoJ confirms email accounts breached by SolarWinds hackers | Hacking | The Guardian

Trump announces he will not attend Biden’s inauguration

A disturbing video from the Capitol riots shows a police officer shouting in pain as he is crushed in a doorway by the pro-Trump mob

GOP Sen. Pat Toomey says Trump has 'committed impeachable offences'

An Alabama man parked a pickup truck packed with bombs and guns two blocks from the US Capitol when it was under siege, feds say

House moves closer to 2nd Trump impeachment

A top Georgia election official says Rudy Giuliani intentionally 'lied' about election fraud by presenting a deceptively edited video as evidence

U.S. Capitol siege heralds tougher social media curbs, says EU commissioner

WHO team to enter China and investigate origins of COVID-19

Trump continues his ‘classic deflection' and 'failure to take responsibility'

Truck driver jailed over fatal red light run

Trump 'still has plenty of allies' in US House of Representatives

Donald Trump on the verge of being impeached for a second time

Australia urged to tighten anti-slavery laws as UK cracks down on Chinese forced labour

Trump Impeached By House For Second Time | ZeroHedge

Biggest mafia trial in decades underway

NASA scientist pleads guilty to lying about China ties

President Trump’s historic second impeachment a very ‘solemn’ day for 'tense' America

China back to playing 'its childish games' with Australia

Kamala Harris-Promoted Fund That Bailed Out Violent Thugs Refuses To Share Records Of Criminals Sprung From Jail | ZeroHedge

Missouri Troopers Thwart Ex-Swift Driver’s Armed "Ambush" Attempt At HQ | ZeroHedge

QAnon - Wikipedia

Boogaloo movement - Wikipedia

Man arrested outside US Capitol with gun and fake credentials

Ice Cream From China Contaminated With COVID: Officials | ZeroHedge

Experts warn China may invade Taiwan amid American chaos

State capitols on alert for potential armed protests

Ku Klux Klan - Wikipedia

White supremacy - Wikipedia

Hate group - Wikipedia

US Navy intelligence expert fears China could blockade Australia

One-China policy - Wikipedia

Deep state - Wikipedia

Shadow government - Wikipedia

Antifa (United States) - Wikipedia

Biden tells staff 'you're fired' if disrespectful

Republican congresswoman files articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden

Forced labour | Britannica

Australia must plan for the 'emergence' of Kamala given Biden's 'mental incapacity'

Indo-Pacific - Wikipedia

China destroys thousands of cherries from Chile and Australia

Black Lives Matter - Wikipedia

Air pollution can increase your risk of macular degeneration

Calls for cross-burning neo-Nazis camped in The Grampians to be classified as terrorist group

Neo-Nazism - Wikipedia

Children rescued from filthy home where they allegedly ate dogs

Exhaust gas behind Sydney seaplane crash

Neo-Marxism - Wikipedia

WA should be focused on hotel quarantine 'not worrying about borders'

Multiple homes lost, residents evacuated in night as fire rips through Perth’s hills

Most wanted! Notorious outlaws of the Old West

Trump shifted campaign donor funds into his heavily indebted private business after his election loss, report says

Sydney venues busted for COVID-19 breaches

Florida city attacked by a hacker trying to poison its drinking water

Biden deploys four B-1 bombers to Norway in message to Putin

Locals in Papua New Guinea speak out as China's proposed industrial fishing park sets off alarm bells in Canberra

Never-before-seen footage emerges of Capitol Hill riots

Democrats show new Capitol riot footage of lawmakers being 'hunted' by mob

36 people developed rare blood disorder after covid vaccination

The Great Reset is a ‘coup’ by the globalist elite

Do Vaccines Stop the Spread of COVID-19? What You Need to Know

Impeachment trial: mob 'believed they were acting on Trump's orders'


Model found dead on side of highway riddled with bullets

Staffer Brittany Higgins allegedly raped in office of senior government minister Linda Reynolds inside Parliament House

Deadly arctic storm grips central and southern US

Texas produces more power than any other state. Here's why it we -

Texas governor blames wind energy and 'Green New Deal' for devastating state-wide blackout

Heating Arctic may be to blame for snowstorms in Texas, scientists argue | Climate change | The Guardian

'Longest week of our lives': Texas food banks in crisis as storm disrupts supplies

COVID-19 vaccine could be made mandatory to 'engage in certain work'

Car Thieves Hide Under The Cover Of Texas Power Outages

Qld toolbox murders 'breathtakingly evil'

Thieves steal money from a charity box at Sydney fish and chip shop

Sydney crime gang figure arrested

Melissa Caddick's remains have been found 500km from where she disappeared in Sydney three months ago.

4 Arrested In Texas On 150 Counts Of Voter Fraud | ZeroHedge

Move over, SolarWinds: 30,000 orgs’ email hacked via Microsoft Exchange Server flaws

Cows might fly: Ireland to jet calves to Europe to cut travel time

Chinese Hackers 'Likely To Have Netted High-Value Espionage Targets' Using Microsoft Outlook Exploit | ZeroHedge

At least 30,000 US organizations, small businesses and government offices were victims of Microsoft Exchange hack: Krebs

Iranian meth imports to Australia are rising. Experts say some can be linked to this bush

Chinese Government-Backed Hackers Go Global With Microsoft Exchange Breach | ZeroHedge

Four charged over alleged criminal syndicate as $6m cannabis seized

Meth and cocaine lollies seized in Sydney

Mum, 39, dies four days after second Covid vaccine jab

Norway Investigates Whether AstraZeneca Vaccine Caused Deadly Blood Clots | ZeroHedge

These 5 countries have all suspended AstraZeneca's vaccine over possible side effects - while 6 others have banned a specific batch of shots

Enslaved - Four Corners

Forced labour - Wikipedia

War with China 'not just possible' but 'more likely' than many prepared to admit | Sky News Australia

'Highly unusual' symptoms prompt countries to halt Australia's top vaccine

Italy Launches Manslaughter Investigation As Teacher Dies Hours After Getting AstraZeneca Jab | ZeroHedge

Queensland records spike in allergic reactions to AstraZeneca vaccine

‘We are in the crisis of the century': Europe threatens to seize AstraZeneca factories

Two more Australians suffer Covid vaccine allergic reactions

Norwegian Doctor Claims To Find Link Between AstraZeneca Vaccine And Rare Blood Clots | ZeroHedge

German Researchers Link AstraZeneca Jab To Rare Blood Clots | ZeroHedge

‘Horror and torture’: Uighur woman reveals truth about China’s genocide | Sky News Australia

How China is crushing the Uyghurs | The Economist - YouTube

A 'testy altercation' has unfolded between China and the US | Sky News Australia

Thousand Talents Plan - Wikipedia

World War Xi: Inside China's cold war with the West | Sky News Australia

One-China policy - Wikipedia

Sunday 21/3/2021 : ABC iview (Australia News Video)

China committing genocide against Uighurs: report

More than 50 new environmental chemicals detected in people

Port Macquarie business owner had 'everything taken away' by floods | Sky News Australia

Gold Coast warned of 'life threatening' weather conditions | Sky News Australia

England slaps 5,000 pound fine on most travel abroad

Sydney issues spider warning: Funnel-web’s emerge after heavy rainfall

Windsor resident discusses damage incurred from floods | Sky News Australia

You can get COVID-19 after a vaccine but it's rare, 2 new studies find

There are ‘real problems’ which remain on the flood front: Alan Jones | Sky News Australia

Beijing has ‘growing concern’ about overseas opposition | Sky News Australia

PM lashes Clive Palmer's vaccine claims as 'complete rubbish'

AFP confirms two men arrested of terrorist suspicions | Sky News Australia

Australia must be 'ready to fight' China if the time comes | Sky News Australia

Film maker captured footage of flooded rural areas with a drone

Chaos at Brisbane airport as thousands attempt to avoid lockdown

Canada suspends AstraZeneca vaccine rollout for those under 55 | Sky News Australia

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AstraZeneca vaccine is linked to another dangerous blood condition

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