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Today's Day & Date: Saturday the 24th of September 2022.

A leader is born a natural leader then they develop & grow into a more sophisticated leader. Comments abound to the effect that a leader is made. A leader is made but only after they are born a natural leader. 

Leaders come in all shapes & sizes & leaders are men & women. Here are the personal characteristic attributes of a leader:

1. A leader desires to learn as much as they can about their particular chosen career, business or social life. Learning to a leader is an enjoyable never ending journey.

2. A leader is very hard working & achieves results as they work.

3. A leader is a trustworthy person & able to be relied upon to fulfil their words in their stated responsibilities.

4. A leader realises & understands that the efforts of other people are essential to accomplishing their own tasks & achieving their own successes. 

5. A leader is always willing to share their own abilities, skills & experiences with other potential leaders, for the purpose to facilitate & expedite these leaders own personal development & growth.

6. A leader is an avid reader of books & all other forms of printed material.

7. A leader quickly learns the most efficient method to start & complete a particular project. They avoid all time wasting activities during the completion of any projects they are actively involved with.

8. A leader desires to be the very best they can be in their chosen career, their chosen business & in their social surroundings.

9. A leader understands that the key to any business success is a numbers game. This means that every business must daily seek out new business for these businesses to grow & flourish.

10. If a person is not born a natural leader, it is not possible to make them a leader. No amount of training, teaching, coercing or convincing will make this person a leader.

11. A leader never rests on their laurels & never becomes inactive in any future career, business or social activities.

12. Leaders are very busy people. They are happy, thrive & excel when they are busy. The difference between a leader & the opposite of a leader being a follower is that when a leader is busy they will always achieve beneficial results. A follower, on the other hand, can be busy, but they do not achieve the same beneficial results as a leader does when a leader is busy.

13. A leader paves & makes a way when there can appear to be no way forward.

14. A leader will always very carefully analyse any initiative that is brought to them or for their attention. Then a leader will always find the quickest, most effective & the most cost effective method, way or in other words a short cut of completing their initiative.

15. A true leader will always as is necessary, follow-up in their own personal effective way of receiving their results, on all Business proposals and/or Product/Component and/or Service proposals sent out to other prospective Business clients and/or Business Partner Associates etc.

16. A leader does follow a follower and/or a leader. When the time is right or correct, a real true leader will gather what information he or she can gain from either a leader or a follower. A leader assimilates this information in its entirety & then after this, they will make well thought out comprehensive intelligent precise quick definitive decisions as is required or necessary.

17. A leader understands & readily accepts that they deserve the good finer things in life, as a direct result of their persistent never-ending hard work.

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