Here is my Personal Definition of Temperament

Please find as below & following my very own independent definition or meaning of the very common English word Temperament:

"The word Temperament means to me, To be immensely successful at anything attempted within my own personal life or life in general, including becoming a Senior Christian Church Minister, requires a person to have a certain distinct professional unique selfless temperament or in other words, to be able to effectively actually do or achieve something. Do you yourself personally have this actual same temperament?" Only you will know the answer to this relevant question.

In other Noteworthy News

Please find as, above a great perfect representative example of a timely temperament video, that very strongly relates to me with my main primary current very large new prestigious leading World-Class Automotive Steam Car Passenger Motor Vehicle Invention & Design project. Maybe this video does also relate to you in your own very special way. Does it?

I trust you do enjoy listening to & watching or viewing this temperament video, as much as I do. Yes, please! Bring it on & hurry up! 😎😙

My Best Kind Regards

Mr Craig E. Whittington

(Sydney NSW Australia.)