Here is My Personal Definition of Success


To be successful at whatever you choose to do in your life, you must first become a Leading Master specialist expert in your particular field, type of work or what you are trained in or trained to be. Then, you must be the best Master specialist expert there is. Success is achieved by you when you are the only person who can effectively do what you do. You add an extra little personal touch or you achieve outstanding results that no one else can attain. No one else is able to do whatever you do in exactly the same way that you do it.

To be successful in your life you must provide massive stand out obvious good value for money in all that you do which does mean, what other people perceive as what you do actually offer as a product and/or a service is definitely worth the money price you are asking for it. You must make irresistible what you offer as a product and/or service. This does mean in a common sense intelligent perception way & an acceptable way for the general public and/or Businesses & Company Organisations to be able to happily receive.

You must meet all expectations & exceed all expectations of whatever you offer other people. Accomplishing this will help & sustain or maintain your definition or meaning of your success.

Then you must differentiate or make a difference or set apart what product and/or service you offer has more value for money, that what other people offer as the same or similar product or service that you do offer.

Working hard will not necessarily ensure your success. If you are working hard, but doing the wrong tasks, your success will escape you. When you work hard, it is imperative that you accomplish all of the correct tasks.

To be successful a person must be willing to give up something in their life to enjoy all of the rewards of achieving success. I call this 'Paying the price.' 

All people everywhere who do desire success must be willing & able to put in the required amount of effort and/or work to actually achieve their definition or their meaning of their success; that is, what success or their version of success does mean to you and/or to them.

This 'Paying the price' or a giving up may be a Television Show or any number of other activities or events. Instead of focusing on activities or events that are repetitive in nature & are part of your lifestyle culture, focus & concentrate on improving your method of operation skill-set in what you do in your life within your career or business. This focus & concentration can rapidly place you at the very pinnacle of your chosen career or your chosen business activities.

Something that you currently do in your life has to be done away with or go, for you to personally yourself recognise, achieve & maintain your own definition of your success whatever this definition does mean to you. This could be any number of activities that come your way suggesting or asking you for your attendance, your input or your participation. Only you can choose or decide which activity has to be eliminated.

Success in any given Business venture does simply rely on this easy to understand sentence: 'Success is definitely a numbers game.' The more potential clients or customers you contact through your Business marketing efforts will achieve a higher success rate of finding new clients or customers.

Conversely, the fewer or less potential clients or customers you contact through your Business marketing efforts will achieve a lower success rate of finding new clients or customers. This can mean the Business does receive referrals from already current existing clients or customers active within the Business by word of mouth advertising etc. Or the Business personnel can ask directly to the current existing clients or customers for actual referrals or new clients or customers. This method of operation does work.

Remember: Success in any local and/or Worldwide Business or any local and/or Worldwide Company Organisation totally depends on the principle of safety in numbers & the law of averages.

To be successful in your chosen career or your Business & Company Organisation you need to understand this one very important point & that is: To be extremely successful it is best for you to have as an example only: To receive a percentage income on or based on a larger number or amount of people producing. It is much better for you financially to receive as an example only say ten percent income of the producing efforts of 1,000 people rather than for you to receive one hundred percent income of the producing effort of only one person.

To explain the above: If there is one person who hypothetically produces a profit of $100 a day for their efforts & this same person (i.e., a self-employed person and/or a Business Owner) receives 100% of this profit, then what is available as a money payment amount to this same person is $100.

Conversely & hypothetically if there are 1,000 people (i.e., as for example, employed in a Business Organisation) that each make $100 a day profit for this Company Organisation then you have this equation: 1,000 people each producing $100 a day profit does equal: 1,000 multiplied by $100 which does equal $100,000 gross profit money amount.

As the owner of this Company Organisation this person who does employ the 1,000 people, if they receive a 30% gross money payment on the abovementioned $100,000 gross profit amount they will receive $30,000 as a money payment amount. A 10% net clear or a 10% money payment amount or income (as mentioned above) is hypothetically calculated at a 10% rate after all of the Business Organisation operational costs have been deducted from the above $30,000 gross profit money amount.

So to summarise: Instead of this Business Organisation operating on a gross profit margin of 30% after all of the necessary operational costs (to maintain the Business Organisation into the future from this same 30% gross profit money amount or $30,000) have been deducted, the actual net clear money payment amount received by the Owner has been reduced to a 10% money payment amount or $3,000. So. Which is the much better larger amount to receive? Is it as explained above at 10% or $3,000 or at 100% or $100? Only you can decide your answer to this question.

(PLEASE NOTE: All of the above money amount figure calculations have been presented here in the AUD$ or the Australian dollar currency).

Another indispensable method of your daily life operation is to never ever assume anything about any given situation or about any person. You must find out personally yourself what is happening instead of making any assumptions. 

Delve deeper into the given situation to find out exactly what is causing or the actual exact cause of what is the reason or the purpose you have begun your investigation in the first place. Get all of the applicable or related facts available. Then you can effectively decide what action or inaction is required to ensure the outcome is satisfactory for all concerned.

Sometimes your assumption may be correct. Sometimes in your assumption, you may be completely incorrect. Some people get things wrong all of the time. Some people get things right some of the time or all of the time. These same people who may get things right some or all of the time are mainly people who do not ever assume things. Instead of assuming things they ask the right questions to the right people to clarify & to confirm their thought processes. Asking the right questions to the wrong people is fruitless. Asking the wrong questions to either the wrong or even the right people is also fruitless. When I say or state the wrong people here is what I do mean: The wrong people here in this particular context are people who do not have the wherewithal or means, the particular skills, professionalism or attitude you require or the money to assist you with what you are trying to accomplish. The right people, on the other hand, do definitely possess these same key personal attributes or characteristics that you require or are looking for.

The right question or questions have its own definition or meaning or application in any given personal and/or Business context.


It is always wise when you are communicating with another person or persons in any and all of your communication methods whether in a Business and/or a social environment context to never abbreviate words etc in any document and/or book etc that you write in or on. Why is this? Because the recipient or the person who does read it may or may not understand your message of what you are trying to say or convey. It is always best & safe to realise that an abbreviated word, words, phrase, phrases, title name or title names are unable to be sufficiently understood by the recipient receiving & reading your document and/or book etc. This is the reason why abbreviated words etc in a document and/or book etc are a no-no. For example, My Worldwide Innovative Invention & Design Business is located & based in Sydney New South Wales Australia. This is why I do write New South Wales in this instance instead of the abbreviated acronym initial capital letters NSW. If I write NSW then the recipient may or may not understand what this does actually mean, particularly if the recipient reading your document and/or book is not from Australia and/or just plainly does not understand what NSW stands for. Myself and/or anyone else writing NSW instead of New South Wales could very well lead to a failure of understanding of your written communication to or received by the recipient or reader of such.

One more very important point to make

Whenever another person starts a verbal in person face to face conversation with you, it is always best to hear this same person out fully until they stop talking. This way you will be able to better understand what this person is really trying to say to you. Conversely, when you yourself personally start a verbal in person face to face conversation with another person your hopes are that this same person will hear you out until you stop saying what you wanted to say in the first place or first instance.

The above very important instructions do also apply equally as well too if you & another person are communicating with each other using the various social media Instant Messaging programmes available today such as notably: Yahoo! Messenger etc, etc.

Are you prepared to do some or all of the above to achieve your definition of your success?

This is what determines & defines your success

You do not want your journey to success to be too easy. If it is, then there is no real reward for achieving your success. You need your journey to success to stretch you enough where you are challenged with any obstacles to your success. This way, you will learn valuable lessons, that you can remember & refer to upon your success destination. Gaining success is never easy. Following all aspects of the above definition of success, will assist you & prepare you for your challenging journey to success.

To me making money is not my goal towards gaining my success. Instead, it is imperative to me that I succeed with all of the tasks that I am given, no matter what the size or scope of these tasks is. My reward may well be money at the start, the middle or the end of my particular life journey or Business journey.

There is nothing quite like Qualified Successful Experience

Qualified experience is what will ultimately define all aspects of your success. When I state the word Qualified, I mean that you are a qualified professional person in your chosen career, field or line of work. This means that you have passed all applicable examinations for your chosen career, field or line of work & you have received your applicable qualifications.

From here, hard tested work experience such as on-the-job experience will also assist you in becoming the very best you can be & become in the shortest possible amount of time. If you are a natural born leader, you will use your own volition & will research any new tasks that come your way. This means that you will find out all you can on any new task before you 'jump in' & make a final decision as to how to accomplish this task. You must ascertain all of the outcomes that will ensue from your task affiliated actions.

Taking well-calculated risks can & do pay off handsomely. Successful experience will give you the edge when determining which risks are worth pursuing & which risks are not worth pursuing.

Your success is relatively easy if you follow these guidelines.

Effective Time Management Skills

To me, effective time management would be the most difficult life-skill to harness. It is so easy to procrastinate & say oh well I will do such & such later. Usually later never comes or if it does come it may too late or delayed to do what you would have liked to do in the first place.

It is imperative to do first what you have to do that pays you and/or other people the largest reward. This reward may be money or may not be money. This reward is what it means to you as an individual. It may be a reward of quiet time alone or any other number of pleasant activities. You must first prioritize all of the most important items to attend to on your agenda & then attend to these first & not second.

Then after all of the most important items to attend to or do on your agenda have been completed, if you have any least important items to attend to or do, you can simply repeat the above-mentioned process, add & write down these least important items to do on your agenda. The main point to make here is to always complete the most important items to do first & then the least important items to do next or last on your written agenda. Accomplishing this will ensure you have the highest maximum possible chance of succeeding, as your own personal definition or meaning of what succeeding in your life does actually mean to you yourself. 

Effective time management skills do definitely require you to 'get out of your comfort zone.' It can be easy to do something & it can be easy to not do something. You have to decide which activity you carry out is going to give you your definition of the best benefits for you & other people.

What I myself personally do find as indispensable is when I have an idea and/or something to do, I if possible immediately & quickly write this down on a piece of paper. I do purchase several large A4 sizes or similar size paper writing pads for these rudimentary purposes. You will definitely have to practice & practice & practice some more to perfect this essential life skill of immediately writing down what is on your mind & important to do. Remember in this instance, 'It is easy to do & it is easy to not do.' I choose the option, 'It is easy to do instead of & rather than it is easy to not do.' Try doing this & you will find after a while that what you do write down as your idea or what you have to do, will become like second nature which does mean you will find yourself doing these activities all of the time days in & days out. In the future, you will always write down your idea and/or what you have to do. You carrying out & accomplishing this one effective time management skill will set you apart as a highly valuable person in society & will propel you to the top of your chosen field of expertise or your career.

Super-Successful people do the following day in & day out

1. They do not ever rush any particular tasks they may have in front of them. People who do rush things in front of them; may or may not make mistakes that will affect the outcome of any particular event or project.

2. People may or may not change their minds on any particular subjects and/or objectives that come their way. Super-successful people readily do understand that if they themselves or another person do change their mind about anything the actual person who is aware of this or in fact in charge of this change or those changes, must adapt very quickly to this or those changes under a given circumstance, for the purpose to ameliorate or make better the situation in front of them.

Recommended Reading

Here is the title of a great highly regarded personal development book I have recently read. The title is ACTION! Nothing Happens Until Something Moves. The author is Robert Ringer. The ISBN number is ISBN 1-59077-058-7. I have found this book to be indispensable & the only personal development book out of the many I have read, that suggests when you receive a no response from another person, a Company or an Organisation in response to your proposal, ask again & again. Due to this unwavering persistence, you may receive a yes response to your submitted proposal.

The above book may be out of print to purchase but may be available at your local book retailer or store, online, for a loan at your local library or available at a second-hand book store or book shop. If the abovementioned book is unavailable; ask the person or persons you are requesting this book from, wherefrom you may be able to obtain it.

In Closing

"Successful and/or Super-Successful people definitely do know what they are doing in & within their lives. They make sure 100% that they do know what they are doing."

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