Here is my Personal Definition of Question

Please find as below & following my very own independent definition or meaning of the very common English word Question:

"The word Question means to me, When you or me ask another person or other people a question or questions (whether actually in person face to face or not in person) that are closed questions (or in other words, that require only a direct yes or a no answer), or open questions (or in other words, a question that will evoke an answer that contains some detail attached to it & not just a simple definitive final yes or a no answer), are always the very best questions to ask a person, if you are able to.

The common sense reason for the above, is because an open answer to an open question, will usually provide the person who is asking the question with timely relevant information to improve or enhance the understanding of the person (and/or their very own individual personal experience related to a question directed to them), who is answering the question sent or put to or towards them. What does the word Question actually mean to you & why?" 🙃