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The above-mentioned picture shows you myself 'Mr. Craig E. Whittington.' This picture was taken in February 2016 at Sydney New South Wales [NSW] Australia.

I am a qualified Automotive Motor Vehicle Motor Mechanic and Automotive Motor Vehicle Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Mechanic - both licensed by the Motor Vehicle Repair Industry Council (M.V.R.I.C.), of New South Wales (NSW) Sydney Australia.

I am a qualified Automotive Motor Vehicle Vehicle Examiner for the yearly registration renewal process in NSW as authorised by the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) in NSW for normally fuelled and LPG fuelled vehicles.

From 1987 - 1992; I was employed by and with the National Roads and Motorists Association (N.R.M.A.), in NSW as an Automotive Motor Vehicle Vehicle Inspector up to & including Grade two. This employment position entailed me physically inspecting all makes and models of passenger motor vehicles and small trucks driven anywhere in the world and writing various types of reports on their mechanical and structural condition. I was located throughout Sydney NSW Australia.

A condition of employment to the N.R.M.A., as an Automotive Motor Vehicle Vehicle Inspector, was for me to gain member level of the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers (I.A.M.E.), located in Sydney NSW Australia which I did.

I was born at Ryde a suburb of Sydney NSW Australia in 1959. My current age is only sixty-one years of age. I have been an Automotive Motor Vehicle Engineer since I started my four-year Automotive Motor Vehicle Indentured Apprenticeship as an Automotive Motor Vehicle Motor Mechanic at seventeen years of age from 1976 - 1980. My four-year Automotive Motor Vehicle Indentured Apprenticeship entailed myself servicing & repairing Honda, Fiat and Lancia automotive passenger motor vehicles. In total, I have been an Automotive Motor Vehicle Engineer for forty-four years.

I am an Award-winning very well known popular Independent Distributor within the Direct Sales Industry; The Network Marketing Industry or The Multi-Level Marketing Industry & the society or the general public in general, within Australia, New Zealand & the U.S.A.

I received The 1992 - “Distributor of the Year Award'' in and for Australia and New Zealand for the highest sales volume (out of a count of 2,500 Independent Distributors who were registered as Independent Distributors with this same Company within Australia and New Zealand) for marketing domestic water filtration and water purification devices. This level of success and achievement was achieved by me within only six months to one year of myself joining this Company as an Independent Distributor in 1992. In the two and a half years I was with this Company as an Independent Distributor, I received fifty-two wall plaques and one trophy for the highest monthly sales volume and the monthly highest recruiting efforts within this Company, this trophy was titled The 1992 - "Distributor of the Year Award."

I surpassed the next closest rival Independent Distributor, in terms of the most amount of the highest-ranking and highest qualified Independent Distributors within my Business, by four times or 400%.

I am the exclusive Sole Founder, The Principal Proprietor, The Principal Primary Owner & The Group Chief Executive Officer or (G.C.E.O.), of my own Privately Owned Innovative Invention & Design Business Enterprise throughout the World formed & first established in the year 2007 titled: 'Mr. Craig E. Whittington International - The Mark of Excellence.' This Business Enterprise focuses on inventing & designing innovative Inventions & Designs throughout the World where there is a great demand for these products & services with the objective to increase their supply to meet & fulfil this demand.

I am an exclusive Worldwide Inventor. I personally myself exclusively invent & design all of the innovative Inventions & Designs throughout the World, as contained within my very own Worldwide Business.

I am very exceedingly glad to personally myself currently own the very largest Business Enterprise as found anywhere in the entire World. Do not try to outdo or surpass me in this historic achievement, because if you do, you will ultimately fail 100% guaranteed at your endeavour. You will for sure waste your time, energy & money. Join with me within my Worldwide Business Enterprise for sure if you will, but do not try to beat me.

APPOINTMENTS ONLY: If you would like to meet me in person face to face, this can only be done & arranged by making an appointment to do so, by contacting me here at Contact Me I will decide & determine if these appointments proceed or they do not proceed. Thank you.

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My Best Regards

Mr Craig E. Whittington

(Sydney NSW Australia.)

'It Is In The Air Tonight'

'It Is In The Air Tonight'

To listen to & watch three timely 'Superb Superior Music Song Videos,' that all very strongly relate to me as a person, please tap or click the play button in the middle of the above-mentioned & below-mentioned on-screen video displays. Thoroughly enjoy!

'Heaven Can Be A Place On Earth'

'Heaven Can Be A Place On Earth'

'I Am Always Forever More A Preacher Man. Yes I Am'

'I Am Always Forever More A Preacher Man. Yes I Am'

The above & below unique really good pictures shows you an example of what may be possible of attaining or doing & that is visiting many interesting & scenic locations throughout the World, by owning & driving the yet-to-be-produced and/or manufactured professional new steam cars on the roads, freeways & highways across many of the Countries located throughout the World, as a direct result of the future success of my Worldwide Innovative Invention & Design Business Enterprise Projects throughout the World; for myself, all applicable component & service suppliers & Licensees active within my Worldwide Invention & Design projects.

'Cars Are My Life. My Life Are Cars.'

'Cars Are My Life. My Life Are Cars.'